Here’s The Reason Valerie Jarrett Is Scared Of Benjamin Netanyahu

Photo of Benjamin Netanyahu at U.N. demonstrating how close Iran is to creating a nuclear bomb.  HT:

Have you been hearing that many Democrats, including VP Joe Biden, have planned to not attend the speech in front of the joint session of Congress that will be given by Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu in March?  Are you wondering why they don’t want to attend and hear what Netanyahu has to say?

Western Journalism explains the reason why the WH [and, especially, Valerie Jarrett – “Obama’s Rasputin”] is so scared of what Benjamin Netanyahu will share with Congress and the American People.


Now, the Jerusalem Post is reporting that the Obama administration has already given Iran eighty percent of what it has demanded in the negotiations.  The “deal” to be reached will leave Iran within months of going nuclear if they decide to move forward. All of the centrifuges will remain under their control.

This “deal” is not a deal, but an appeasement.

The Post reports: “Jerusalem officials appear alarmed at the prospect that the United States will soon strike a deal with the Iranian regime that will leave it with a ‘breakout capacity’ of months during which it can gallop toward a nuclear bomb.”  

This is what Valerie Jarrett is so scared of–that her secret deals with Iran to allow them to go nuclear will become public knowledge. She is scared Netanyahu will tell Congress and the American people what is really going on. We can’t have that, can we?

Why else would the White House be so scared that one of our closest and reliable allies is speaking to a co-equal branch of government?

Read more at Western Journalism

A lot of great and informative comments over there, including these two:

Frank Giustiniani · Top Commenter · Kailua-Kona, Hawaii

What is beyond scary is the fact that Obama is doing so many horrible things and committing acts of treason against the US and creating so many problems world wide that will lead us into WWIII and all the rest of our government has not stopped him and so what does that tell us about the rest of our government ?

Reply · · 30 · February 4 at 6:40am

Ray Ramirez · Top Commenter · American Honda

Frank Giustiniani you hit the nail on the head. The fact that congress hasn’t done anything to stop Obama, jarret and soros tells us exactly who is in charge. Boehner has already stated that there will be no impeachment for Obama in the next two years. That in itself tells us they are on obama’s side. Obama has done enough treasonous actions to have been convicted of treason many times over, yet congress does nothing to him. It shows George Soros is actually in charge to destroy America and Jarret gets her orders from him and then runs the puppet Obama around like a dog. They are out to convert America to a muslim nation and congress doesn’t even attempt to stop them. I believe it will take a revolution to stop this conversion. I just wish our military would uphold their oath to defend the constitution against this domestic enemy, Obama, holder, jarret and soros. Also, I sure hope they don’t approve of this traitor lynch as well for Ag, but I know it is just a formality before she is sworn in. That also shows congress has no balls. Lynch has openly stated she will go against the constitution to help Obama to his evil illegal work.

[Note from Christine: Please read
AG nominee eyed in massive Obama cover-up

Loretta Lynch tied to world’s biggest banking scandal.]


Reply · · 11 · February 4 at 8:55am

Even though that commenter above is worried that Congress won’t do anything to stop these treasonous actions, I’m still holding out some hope that this move by Boehner will allow the truth to come out to the American people as well as people all around the world!

Remember, the network news outlets (and even some cable stations) like to block out negative press about pResident Zero and his ilk. However, the networks will be forced to cover this speech because it will be a world-wide news event!

HT for graphic:

Are you one of the uninformed see-no-evil, hear-no-evil, speak-no-evil, TV zombies who thinks that the blocking out of this BADministration’s negative activities (more like treasonous and traitorous deeds!) and the blocked press coverage about it all can’t possibly be true?

Well then I suggest that you read my friend Steve’s latest blog post over at Cry and Howl! for some very recent and pertinent examples!

In a final note here, I wanted to state something that I believed from the start when Zero was placed into office by deception, hiding his past and his records, and the blatant voter fraud (especially in 2012) that ushered in the most corrupt administration in U.S. history.    I think that God had appointed Prime Minister Netanyahu to be the leader in Israel during Obama’s wretched and treasonous pro-Marxist/Islamic wanna-be dictatorship years in order to help keep America, as well as Israel, from total destruction via Iran finally getting a nuclear bomb.  God is still holding onto both of our nations; despite the terrible and horrible influences of these evil traitors who currently occupy The People’s House in Washington D.C.

I continue to pray that we will get through this awful time in our nation’s history and  gain a God-fearing, conservative, sensible, and pro-patriotic American leader who will help America to be restored, once again, through adherence to the wisdom, knowledge, and morality of God’s Word.  May Christ’s  mercy, grace and love continue to sustain us.  Amen.

Also see:


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7 Responses to “Here’s The Reason Valerie Jarrett Is Scared Of Benjamin Netanyahu”

  1. GMpilot Says:

    NetanYahoo may not get to make his speech, seeing as how he was invited to speak to Congress behind the president’s back. For the past several days both Speaker Boehner and Bibi have been scrambling to lay the blame on each other for that diplomatic blunder.

    Bibi, just as he did three years ago, wants to pick a war with Iran—and wants the US to hold his hand while he does it. To achieve this, he hoped to turn a few more members of Congress to challenge the sanctions.
    Netanyahu’s got an election coming up at home, and Likud doesn’t have an advantage, so a blood-and-thunder speech before the US Congress would make Bibi look more dynamic to the voters in Israel.

    Iran doesn’t have nuclear weapons. Israel has had them for thirty years. If Israel is so concerned that Iran is getting ready to blow them off the map, they have a right to defend themselves. They know where the reactor is. They have the capability to destroy it, thanks to those juicy GBU-28 “bunker busters” they bought from Obama (who some people tell me is an enemy of Israel).

    Boehner wanted to give Obama the finger in regard to sanctions on Iran, and divide the Democrats. That has failed, and he’s now seeking Democratic support by asking them to warm the seats when Netanyahu is there. It’s gonna look bad for both of them if Bibi speaks to a half-empty chamber. This didn’t have to happen at all; if Ambassador Dermer and Boehner hadn’t tried to make foreign policy on their own, they wouldn’t be trying to backstab each other now. Even worse, the point of the speech—Iran’s nuclear capability—will be lost in the background.

    As for Valerie Jarrett…she’s probably rolling on the floor in laughter.


  2. christinewjc Says:

    You can try and spread your liberal ideology and propaganda, but I’d rather listen to someone who is definitely in the know – like Lt. General Michael Flynn (retired). He discusses what the Obama Administration is NOT doing and reveals how Obama’s ISIS strategy is falling short.

    This honorable man and patriot is my new hero!!

    And, here’s my other hero! Netanyahu Warns US, World Powers Israel Will Block Iran Nuclear Threat

    Also, get your “facts” straight.

    The Last Refuge is reporting: More Evidence Surfaces that the White House is Trying to Interfere with and Manipulate Israel Elections.

    Also see: Obama’s foreign policy (including Iran) under fire.

    Which links to:

    Israel Today: Biden, Kerry Boycott Netanyahu, Meet Israeli Opposition Leader

    IMO, these issues are no laughing matter.


    • GMpilot Says:

      If Bibi wants to bomb Iran, he will, and he doesn’t need us to hold his hand while he does it. But he tried that three years ago too, and it didn’t work then, either.

      If the US is trying to interfere with Israel’s elections, why is Netanyahu sneaking over here–to tell Obama to stop it? Bibi is answerable to his people, not to us, and Israelis will have their say in the matter in just a few weeks.

      Each to his own, hostess.


      • christinewjc Says:

        Yes… to each his own.

        Including the fact that It appears that the White House engineered a controversy over the invitation from Speaker Boehner to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu by claiming the invite violated “protocol” because the Israeli PM didn’t inform the White House he was coming.


        At issue is the timing of the invite. Boehner notified the White House he was going to invite Bibi and a few hours later Netanyahu accepted – without first telling Washington. The administration twisted this admittedly questionable sequence by first claiming that Boehner never informed them of the invite, and the when that was exposed as a lie, came down on Bibi for his not following diplomatic procedures.

        The bottom line, as Bernstein notes and as AT’s Ed Lasky pointed out in his article on January 31,what happened with the invitation was not dissimilar to circumstances surrounding the 2011 invite from Boehner to Netanyahu to speak before a joint session of Congress. And that invitation was not challenged by the White House at all.

        All this raises the issue of why the Obama Administration chose to turn this incident into a diplomatic brouhaha. On the one hand, a foreign leader planning a visit without prior coordination with the State Department is surely unusual. On the other hand, over at American Thinker, Ed Lasky notes that a visit like this is not exactly unprecedented: “In 2011, Boehner sent a notice to the WH stating his intention to invite Netanyahu to speak before a joint session of Congress. The White House never responded (spite? incompetence?) and Boehner proceeded to extend the invitation to Netanyahu. Netanyahu accepted the invitation and spoke. The White House did not express any outrage in 2011.” The invitation letter, meanwhile, said the invitation was “on behalf of the bipartisan leadership of the US House and US Senate”, suggesting that the Israelis may have been misinformed regarding the extent to which the Democratic Congressional leadership was on board (and if they were on board, surely the White House would have known about it).

        When informed of Boehner’s invitation, the White House publicly took a “wait and see” attitude, rather than announcing its opposition. According to Israeli Ambassador Ron Dermer, once the White House knew about the invitation, the Israeli government (contra Cohen and others) was in contact with U.S. government officials, in both Washington and Jerusalem. It doesn’t appear that the White House conveyed to Netanyahu that the president expected him to decline the invitation.

        So we have two different narratives here. The Israeli narrative is that Boehner, on behalf of a bipartisan Congress (as the Israelis claim they sincerely believed), invited Netanyahu to address a joint session of Congress. Netanyahu had done so before under similar circumstances, without White House objection. The invitation had been conveyed informally to Netanyahu weeks before it was publicly announced, and the Israelis figured, based on what Boehner himself told them, that it was Boehner’s job to decide when and how inform the White House that a formal invitation was pending. Once Boehner did so, Netanyahu having heard no objection from the White House beyond concern that the invitation had breached diplomatic protocol (which would seem to be primarily Boehner’s sin), went ahead and accepted it.

        The White House is making no secret of its contempt for Netanyahu or their desire to see him defeated in the elections next month. Bibi refuses to worship at the altar of Obama and has consistently rejected the president’s pro-Palestinian views on the peace process. Obama believes that Bibi has rubbed his nose in the settlement issue and undermined his negotiations with Iran.

        But it is on Iran that Netanyahu is apparently willing to risk his political career and relations with Washington. The Israeli prime minister sincerely believes that Obama’s naiveté about Iranian nuclear intentions is threatening the existence of Israel and is coming to Washington to make a final appeal to prevent the US from making a huge strategic error by signing an agreement with Tehran.

        [Note: Go to American Thinker link to read the additional links within the text of the post.]

        Read more: American Thinker
        Follow us: @AmericanThinker on Twitter | AmericanThinker on Facebook

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  3. Cry and Howl Says:

    I think Mr. Pilot should do just a little research before saying (writing in this case) ridiculous stuff … basically parroting standard liberal drivel. I genuinely thought he was more intelligent than that.

    Liked by 1 person

    • christinewjc Says:

      Steve, we both know that his liberal, prog – regressive, atheistic ideology trumps any truth in the matter.

      Recall the post about how liberalism is intellectually bankrupt? Check out the lies GM spewed in the comment thread. He’s a liar – just like his “hero” OZero. Liars can’t be reasoned with! That’s what the term “bankrupt” behind the words “liberalism” and “intellectually” in the link tells us about the liberal mindset:



      a person who is lacking in a particular thing or quality:
      “a moral bankrupt.”


  4. GMpilot Says:

    Just calling my words ‘lies’ isn’t enough. If they are lies, you are free to disprove them. You haven’t, and you probably can’t.
    You can go back to your Mutual Appreciation Society meeting with Mr. Howl now.


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