Looking For a Scholarly Voice of Reason?

My answer?  Yes!  I know that I have been looking for someone to rise above all the rancor currently being spewed via the media of mass deception!  I think I have found such a person!

Victor Davis Hanson


The Republican Party establishment is caught in an existential paradox.

Without Donald Trump’s populist and nationalist 2016 campaign, the GOP likely would not have won the presidency. Nor would Republicans now enjoy such lopsided control of state legislatures and governorships, as well as majorities in the House and Senate, and likely control of the Supreme Court for a generation.

So are conservatives angry at or indebted to the apostate Trump for helping them politically in a way they previously could not help themselves?

For a similar sense of the paradox, imagine if a novice outsider such as billionaire entrepreneur Mark Cuban had captured the Democratic nomination and then won the presidency — but did not run on either Bernie Sanders’ progressive redistributionism, Barack Obama’s identity politics or Hillary Clinton’s high taxes and increased regulation. Would liberals be happy, conflicted or seething?

For now, most Republicans are overlooking Trump’s bothersome character excesses — without conceding that his impulsiveness and bluntness may well have contributed to his success after Republican sobriety and traditionalism failed.


I saw this man on Tucker Carlson Tonight, where he systematically and precisely dissected the ‘boogeyman of Russian collusion’ that Democrats and the media cling to in quest to get President Trump out of office.

It is such a shame that people are falling for the propaganda being spewed against President Trump and his administration. Personally, I have found that people who either voted for Hillary, or just hated Donald Trump from the start, absolutely REFUSE to engage in any decent type of dialogue over any and all controversies being whipped up by the deceptive leftists and all their cohorts. With people like that, it is best to just avoid the issue altogether. I rarely get into any discussions with any family members, friends, or acquaintances who are known Trump haters.  Why?  Because nothing I could say, send to them to read, or share via this blog would ever change their minds! 

Looney liberal progressivism is like a religion to the people entrenched in such ideology.  In fact, one of my former posts helps to explain that it’s a type of  “new age” cultism.  It is very difficult to break through such an ideology when you have a victim who doesn’t know (or refuses to see) that he or she has been duped.*

At least I have this blog to share my thoughts.  I am even more delighted to share some of the scholarly voices of reason who have risen above all the noise of deception nowadays, which is masquerading as “news.”

A commenter over at the Patriot Post (first link above to an article entitled “Can Trump Successfully Remodel the Republican Party?” by Hanson) summed it up quite well:

Lepantzeus • 7 days ago

Dear Prof. Hanson,

Excellent column, Sir, but as a point of digression I would say that the people you identify as ‘ Doctrinaire Republicans ‘ are, in fact, ‘ Doctrinaire Libertarians ‘. Trump represents the classic Republican Party platform. His policies are far more like those of Reagan, Eisenhower & Nixon than those of Pres(s). GH Bush and GW Bush.

Pres. Trump is correcting 27 years of policy failures by both Democrats and Republicans and reasserting the bi-partisan consensus that existed in the U.S. since Pres. Theodore Roosevelt.

It’s the far left Progressives in the Democrat Party and the far right Libertarians in the Republican Party that dislike this as it doesn’t allow for their ‘ transformational ‘ and ‘ internationalist ‘ world views and agendas. They’ve managed to drive policy making in the U.S. for the past 27 years by dominating the media. Thanks to the Patriot Post and other venues, that dominance is being challenged as is their policy preferences.

And, they’re not taking it very well. 😉 😉

Yep… what he wrote!

Hat tips to both links and commenter “Lepantzeus.”

* For those who might desire to learn the way to break free from any deceptive cult (political, religious, moral relativism or otherwise), please read this post.

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3 Responses to “Looking For a Scholarly Voice of Reason?”

  1. insanitybytes22 Says:

    Really well said. I wish I could disagree with you in someway, but I’m afraid you are right.

    As to establishment Republicans,they have been rather disappointing. They have a populist president, one who resonated with the people. The wise thing to do would be to study why, to ask what the appeal there is. Also, to count your blessings, you have won the election,your party has been lifted from the ashes. Don’t be lunkheads and just start complaining about Trump. Trump is a populist, to say we don’t like Trump, is to say we don’t like the American people. “We don’t like the American people,” is exactly the narrative that causes Republicans to loose so many elections.

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    • christinewjc Says:

      IB wrote:

      The wise thing to do would be to study why, to ask what the appeal there is. Also, to count your blessings, you have won the election, your party has been lifted from the ashes.

      Excellent and very accurate points! Trouble is, many of the “establishment” Republicans are members of the Uniparty (often discussed at The Last Refuge blog) and I suspect that many either voted for, or wanted HiLIARy to win. Why? Possibly because the Uniparty group is part of the D.C. “deep state” Swamp?

      I haven’t been proud of my vote since Ronald Reagan. Some of the things that I found out about both Bushes, and loser McCain make me ill. The fix was in against Romney. Been reading elsewhere that 10 million illegal votes were cast for obummer in the 2012 election.

      Trump isn’t perfect. No human being is or ever will be here on this earth. I really like that he’s not a typical politician…some of which are the types of people who “smile in our faces in order to get votes, but dislike us in their hearts.” Now, the Dems absolutely hate us! HRC called us all a basket of “deplorables.” I love how some have embraced the title and wear it as a badge of honor! Ha!

      Nonetheless, no president could, or would ever be perfect. However, seeing Trump stopping the free-fall into the horrible leftist agenda is a breath of fresh air!

      Only Jesus Christ led a perfect life and showed us The Way back to God the Father. He alone is the Truth and the Life. That is why I point to Him as often as I can here at this blog.

      Meanwhile, we must make decisions about imperfect people leading us in our nation. I like a lot of what I’m seeing being done by President Trump. Even though the media of mass deception and Dem minnions try to destroy his work as president,

      God saw fit to place him there for such a time as this. His speech at Liberty University emphasized shunning criticism and never quitting to reach your goal.

      Like so many in the military, border patrol, flyover country etc.; I breathed a sigh of relief when he won. HilLIARy would have been a disastrous continuation…and perhaps even worse…than BHO’s horrible 8 years as the puppet of George Sorosatan and ValeriEVIL Jarrett!

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  2. GMpilot Says:

    I say again: looked in the mirror lately?


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