The Last Refuge Blog: Harvard Media Study Finds Trump Derangement Syndrome is Very Real…

Most thinking and discerning Americans already knew that President Trump has been bombarded (unfairly…I might add!) with harsh, negative coverage by the media of mass deception!  However, when a Harvard Media study is released that shows proof of this propaganda-led deceptive coverage, the unnecessary hatred being spewed by these awful people, masquerading as news reporters,  becomes crystal clear!

Via The Last Refuge blog:

A deep and well researched study from Harvard University finds the media coverage of President Trump is jaw-droppingly negative.

[…]  Trump’s coverage during his first 100 days was negative even by the standards of today’s hyper-critical press. Studies of earlier presidents found nothing comparable to the level of unfavorable coverage afforded Trump. (link)

Hat tip: The Last Refuge blog

Compare that study to this study about negative coverage of President Trump vs. former presidents:

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One Response to “The Last Refuge Blog: Harvard Media Study Finds Trump Derangement Syndrome is Very Real…”

  1. GMpilot Says:

    Originally posted 20 May. I will not censor it: it’s not like you never heard the word before.

    YOU, quoting the media you so despise, to illustrate your point?
    YOU, behaving as if the term ‘derangement syndrome’ began with Trump? It has a MUCH longer history than that. There most certainly was an “Obama Derangement Syndrome”; you had it for most of the past decade, and your previous blogpost showed that you still suffer from its effects.

    Parallels can be found as well. You and many others made innumerable nasty remarks about his ‘otherness’, claiming that he was both a Muslim and foreign-born. Neither of those claims proved to be true. In recent months, Trump has been declared to be a skilled negotiator and dynamic businessman…neither of which, so far, has proven to be true. Perhaps the Trump Road Show will change this perception. Perhaps.
    This is a man you yourself scorned for his not feeling any need to pray…and now you try to cover his back by writing “only Jesus is perfect”. You never gave that kind of slack to Obama…nor to Romney either, now that I think of it.

    So now the Master of Mar-a-Lago is being entertained by Muslim leaders in their land, even though he seeks to keep them out of ours. (He still accepts their money for our weapons, though.) Soon he’ll be in Israel, whose anti-ISIS intelligence he apparently betrayed to the Russian ambassador. One wonders what the Mossad, and Netanhahu, think of this. Will they ever share such info with us again?
    He’ll go to the Vatican during this trip, but I can’t imagine why unless he thinks the Pope can put in a good word for him with the Man Upstairs™.
    Soon he’ll be in Brussels for a NATO conference. NATO, an alliance he’d dismissed as ‘obsolete’ only four months ago. But if he really has accepted Russian money in the past, as some believe, that’s just the sort of thing he would say. It’s never smart to have your banker mad at you.
    He’ll also be discussing climate change, another thing he scorns, even though he’s been very good at changing the climate around himself.

    Tell us, hostess; if this report had been released five years ago, would you have given it any space on your blog? After all, you were deep in O.D.S. back then, and I doubt you’d have wanted to admit how sick you were.
    You considered Obama to be the enemy. You consider Trump to be your standard-bearer. But what sort of standards do you have, if President Pussygrabber exemplifies them?


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