Biden’s Thunderdome! A Coherent Observation


“Thunderdome” is defined: Turbulent, utter mayhem, a state of violent confusion or commotion. The Biden presidency!


“From the nanosecond they were sworn in to protect and serve the citizens of the United States of America, and having taken power in Washington, DementiaJoeBama and his most unqualified and incompetent “Vice President,” Kamala”The Giggler”Harris, have made the most dangerous woke policies part of their own radical, extremist, progressive socialist agenda. In other words, these two are continuing the agenda of the shadow president as they attempt to “fundamentally change” the country. And as for the “shadow president,” it doesn’t take a Sherlock Holmes to determine who that is. They want the Cuba, Venezuela, USSR and the draconian Communist Chinese Republic forms of government…all big, all encompassing, an all controlling socialist government. And let’s not forget the national crisis’ “Brandon” is responsible for…it’s a long list and keeps growing.”

The following link is a must read post, people! Sums up the horrible fake ”presidency” of Joebama quite well! Unfortunately, our beloved nation is suffering greatly as a result of this stolen, fraudulent residency.

It’s quite the mess…to say the least! But I still have hope that the truth will come out and our country will ultimately be saved from disaster!

Hat tip: A Coherent Observation – Courageous Perspectives blog

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