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There Is A Greater Foundation

July 5, 2016

A young man recently told me that he plans to vote for HiLIARy Clinton.  During a previous conversation weeks ago, I briefly mentioned several of the scandals that she has been a part of  (Benghazi, emails, Clinton foundation corruption etc.) and I told him point blank that she belongs in jail!  I didn’t see the need to repeat my concerns about her a second time.  I instinctively knew that they would fall on deaf ears.

Knowing that I’m a conservative Republican, he asked me who I was going to vote for.  I said, “I just can’t vote for Trump.”  He said, “So, you’re abstaining from voting then?”  I replied, “When it comes to voting for president this year?  Most likely, yes.”

I explained to him that living in ultra liberal California (he likes to call himself “progressive”) means that my vote for any Republican candidate (since Reagan, who I think was the last Republican presidential candidate to win in the state of California) won’t count for the final outcome in this state anyway, so why cast a vote for someone in whom I have doubts about for the highest office in the land?

I read a very good and interesting article on another blog this morning. The blog is named “We The People of the United States”(In Support and Defense of the Constitution for the United States of America) and the essay is entitled What Is True Social Justice?

The author is a Trump supporter. “Miri” makes the point that the GOP Illuminati is frightened by Trump. I think I could agree with that. Many bloggers have written about the not-so-secret “one party system” disguised as Democrats vs. RINOS in Congress. The fact that the RINO leadership in both the House and the Senate have done NOTHING to stop 0bammy’s destructive policies is proof enough for me. In fact, there are rumors that there are GOP elitists (elitists…in their own corrupted minds, that is) who would rather vote for HiLIARy than Trump. As I have written before, Trump would be light-years better than HiLIARy (and 82% of people in a new poll taken in Virginia think she should be prosecuted), but I still think that Trump’s “you’re fired” attitude towards others is troubling.  What’s more disturbing is perhaps it would cause him to never take proper advice from anyone in his future presidential cabinet. We already have that with 0bummer, who has consistently ignored what military officers and advisors have been telling him regarding fighting ISIS for 7 1/2 years!

Not to mention the continued harassment of 0bummer admin’s plan for ‘summer of chaos’ and martial law (revealed through Black Live Matter hacked messages).

In the first link above (WTPOTUS), we read the FACT that 0bummer’s presidency in the White House has been a fascist’s dream!


According to one definition, fascism

stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition …

Kagan, who was once a Republican and who is married to Victoria Nuland, must not have been paying attention for the last 7 1/2 years during which Barack Hussein Obama II has placed the U.S. well down the path towards fascism.

We currently have a president who refuses to enforce immigration laws, and other laws as well; who thumbs his nose at Congress, the courts, and the Constitution; whose wife dictates what school children must and must not eat; who uses the power of his office to menace the media; who, as a candidate, formed a “truth squad” that used prosecutors and sheriffs to police what people said about him; who threatens banks and businesses to make them to bend to his will; whose “justice department” warns states that they’d better not try to keep people from using a bathroom (or dormitory, or gym locker room, or shower room) that doesn’t conform with their birth sex, and which threatens citizens that they’d better not say anything on social media that criticizes Islam … Well, you’ve got the picture.

The author goes on and writes:

I do completely agree with Brookings that

distribution based on social justice is the main problem of the world today.

Because through this concept of social justice, communists, socialists, fascists, liberals, and progressives have incrementally instituted our “present system” that features producers from whom wealth is taken and recipients to whom other people’s wealth is given.

There are as many definitions of social justice as there are fish in the sea, but the definition doesn’t really matter. What matters is how progressives use that phrase as code words for Marxist redistribution of wealth.

When Trump met with many evangelical leaders a while back, there was some speculation that Trump may now be “a baby Christian.” Well, I read Marsha West’s recent column over at Renew America (see the links within for explanations of what she is claiming) entitled, “James Dobson reveals who he believes led Donald Trump to Christ,” and I wasn’t really comforted by what I read there.

James Dobson starts off by writing:

Only the Lord knows the condition of a person’s heart. I can only tell you what I’ve heard. First, Trump appears to be tender to things of the Spirit. I also hear that Paula White has known Trump for years and that she personally led him to Christ. Do I know that for sure? No.

So…who is Paula White?

It is no secret that Paula White is a WoF prosperity preacher. Sad to say that any person that rejects the true Gospel of Christ and embraces WoF’s false health & wealth gospel, as she does, is not a regenerate (born again) Christian. In fact, those who have bought into WoF beliefs are caught up in a cult. WoF is not historic orthodox Christianity – not even close! Its teaching on faith is right out of the New Age playbook:

      Faith is a tangible


      . This


      is released through the spoken word, thus name-it-and-claim-it. When we speak words of faith,


      is discharged that will accomplish our desires. Through faith we can have health, wealth, success – anything we want!



Alleged laws of the universe can be manipulated independent of God. Does this mean God is subject to the laws He created? According to word-faith theology, yes. (Source)

The prosperity “gospel.”


Sounds like something that Trump would embrace because he lives in prosperity and “The Art of the Deal” is his gospel! I’m not saying that there is anything wrong with this businessman’s success, but such success is only temporal. “You can’t take it with you” as we all know, and one day he will stand before Jesus Christ either at the Great White Throne Judgment (if not saved)



or the Judgment Seat of Christ (if he is saved and redeemed by the true Gospel of Christ).

The book of Jude warns us of the “prosperity gospel” heresy and all kinds of false “prophets” who would skew individuals away from the true gospel of Jesus Christ!

Ms. West concludes her essay:

And if it’s true that it was Paula White, as Dr. Dobson seems to think, then we can surmise from what we know about this woman, that Donald Trump did not hear the true Gospel of Christ from her. Sadly, what he heard instead was the false prosperity gospel that saves no one.

I’ll close with a warning from the Apostle Paul:

      But the Spirit saith expressly, that in later times some shall fall away from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits and doctrines of devils, through the hypocrisy of men that speak lies, branded in their own conscience as with a hot iron…

1 Tim. 4:1,2

We can hold out hope that one day Trump will be genuinely born again in Christ. Until then, if he is elected this November, we can hope that God will use this secular man (in a similar manner as He used Cyrus in the Bible) to renew and rebuild our currently beleaguered Judeo-Christian nation.


A little history about King Cyrus.

2Ch 36:22

Now in the first year of Cyrus king of Persia, that the word of the LORD by the mouth of Jeremiah might be fulfilled, the LORD stirred up the spirit of Cyrus king of Persia, so that he made a proclamation throughout all his kingdom, and also put it in writing, saying,

Ch 36:23

Thus says Cyrus king of Persia: All the kingdoms of the earth the LORD God of heaven has given me. And He has commanded me to build Him a house at Jerusalem which is in Judah. Who is among you of all His people? May the LORD his God be with him, and let him go up!

Cyrus made this proclamation 48 years after the temple was destroyed (2 Chronicles 36:18,19), the year after he conquered Babylon. The book of Ezra tells the story of this proclamation and the return of the exiles to Judah.

Second Chronicles focuses on the rise and fall of the worship of God as symbolized by the Jerusalem temple. David planned the temple, Solomon built it and then put on the greatest dedication service the world had ever seen. Worship in the temple was superbly organized.

But several evil kings defiled the temple and degraded worship so that the people revered idols more highly than God. (Sound A LOT like today…doesn’t it?) Finally, King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon destroyed the temple (36:19). The kings were gone, the temple was destroyed, and the people were removed. The nation was stripped to its very foundation. But fortunately there was a greater foundation – God himself. When everything in life seems stripped away from us, we too still have God- his Word, his presence, and his promises.

Hat tips to all links.

Question: Has the Lord chosen Mr. Trump to bring America back from the brink of destruction?

May 21, 2016

The question asked in my previous post –  Is America Under Judgment? – brought forth more than 60 comments of conversation.

Well, I have another type of post to share today that may very well generate another heated debate.

As with any topic, the concept of truth vs. error is involved.

The utilization of discernment and wisdom from God (via His Word – the Bible) will become quite evident!

Watch and listen to the following video (below on this page) that was found in the comment section of a post at Now The End Begins: The Real Reason Why Donald Trump Was Chosen To Be The Republican Candidate For President.

Be sure to read the post, too!

[Note:  Watch and listen to at least 41 minutes into the video (below), but it would be best to listen to the entire video.]

Then, if you are led to do so, please share your thoughts, questions, opinions, and Bible-based commentary about what has been shared in the video in the comment section!

~ Christine


P.S. Update and clarification. I grabbed the provocative title of this post from a paragraph at the link shared (Now The End Begins – NTEB) to make a point. But in order to see my point, readers must also view the video (below).

My goal was to provide a possible explanation as to why and how Christians (who currently disagree about why God would instill Trump into the presidency… some are very “pro-Trump,” while others are “anti-Trump”) see the rise of Trump at this particular time in history.



Published on Apr 21, 2016

Rick Wiles interviews retired firefighter Mark Taylor who was given this prophetic revelation in 2011. The Lord has chosen Mr. Trump to bring America back from the brink of destruction. Mr. Taylor wrote this amazing prophecy in 2011 giving us a glimpse of what’s to come and why all who attack Mr. Trump will fall by the wayside. What’s amazing is that this revelation has gone forth to thousands. The wrath of God has come not for the people of America but for the leaders of the establishment. The hour of judgment is upon them. The light has begun to shine and the darkness of evil will prevail no more.

Hat tip: Now The End Begins: The Real Reason Why Donald Trump Was Chosen To Be The Republican Candidate For President.


I know that Donald Trump is not a Christian, nor has he run a “Christ-like” campaign. But in case you haven’t noticed, America is not a God-honoring nation, in fact we are the opposite. As a nation we murder unborn citizens, we glorify and promote the wickedness of the LGBT agenda, and we defend evil. I believe with all my heart that the judgment of God began to fall with the election of Barack Obama, and this election will not alter that course in any way. For those of you who were Ted Cruz supporters thinking you were going to elect a “Christian president”, his ties with Mormonism and the Dominionist cult movement disqualified him from that. – Geoffrey Grider at NTEB

Some comments from the NTEB site are re-posted below.

Anti-Trump comments:


4 May 2016 at 4:37 pm
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Could HE be THE ANTICHRIST? When individuals have said that b4 about Presidents/Popes/etc. I just rolled my eyes but this guy . . . his arrogance is so over the top, for some reason he is charismatic (I don’t know why), even tho’ he ‘claims’ to be a Christian, he does just the opposite of what God would want/he lies so easily and people BELIEVE HIM! People blindly trust him, YET he taught his own children not to trust anyone ‘NOT EVEN HIM’! I cannot explain it but when he speaks especially “when America is great again” statements he seems, I don’t know, plastic if you understand me. I had the “opportunity” to meet him back in the 90’s when I worked for a bank that he was dealing with. He was no different then, then now. All the girls were swooning over him. I could not figure out why. I had to walk away. Anyway, I’ve got this strng feeling about him/Antichrist because of his waaaaay over the top arrogance, pride, lies, nastiness and yet people love him. Sigh . . . I hope that I am wrong . . .


4 May 2016 at 1:47 pm
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I appreciate the more rational tone of this article, but the logic of Christians actively supporting Trump fails. Jews did not “vote” or give their seal of approval over Cyrus; they were conquered by a brutal nation because of a leadership failure. You say you were worried about “King Cruz” yet you are okay with comparing Trump to King Cyrus? Wow. And when did a man become responsible for his father’s words or beliefs? Last time I checked, each of us is responsible for our own conduct, including every idle word. You impugned Ted Cruz over nasty media articles – many from liberal sites such as Slate – that tried to paint Cruz as a Dominionist based on his father’s preaching. I believe evangelicals have been played. The media used the term like the way they paint evangelicals as radical fundamentalists.

Many of us who supported Cruz did not support him for being a Christian – who knows the salvation of any one person (and how can you judge the state of Cruz’s salvation? How can you say that Cruz is disqualified for “ties” when Trump has much, much worse associations?) – but we supported Cruz because he is the only one of the candidates with a viable shot who is a Constitutional Conservative and one who supports religious freedom. Cruz was hated more by the establishment than Trump – called “Lucifer in the flesh”. Those who support Trump have turned on the Constitution. Trump is a big government progressive. He will not build the wall – especially when he sees the price tag and the debt we are in. And what good is a wall when people can tunnel under, go over, go around, or go through?

The reality is we are facing financial collapse. We are facing nuclear attack. We are facing unprecedented natural catastrophe. The bible states that only a fool longs for the Day of the Lord. Who longs for sinners to be judged, when we should be praying for their redemption? The bible is clear that we will see the abomination of desolation standing were it ought not, and so we must be prepared for some hard times.

We will see churches lose there tax exempt status. We will see churches sued, closed, and pastors put in jail before long. We will see bibles removed from homes – a famine for the word is coming, so hide the Word in your heart.


4 May 2016 at 3:31 pm
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What you believe about Trump and what you know are two VERY different things. Trump may very well be what God has in mind to rule America in the last days, (May God’s will be done.) but you have presumed to know the mind of God in this matter, and furthermore, you have supported a known ungodly man for president in the process. I just don’t think you can reconcile voting for him if we had other choices, and we did. The heathen and the ungodly at least have an excuse. You KNOW better. My mother, and quite possibly yours, always said, “Two wrongs don’t make a right.” That is the principle I see in play here. We have tried to reverse one wrong with another. In the grand scheme of things, it could be everyone gets a pass on who they support in elections, but I don’t think so. How do you suppose God will deal with the priests and the pastors that supported Hitler’s rise to power in WWII? Many Christians went to their death for how they handled that election because they refused to go along. We don’t know what Trump will do if he is elected. Some predict he will become a dictator worse than Obama or that he is a Trojan horse. Whatever you may think about Cruz, his track record was one of standing up for the Constitution as well as getting in the face of the RINOS in Congress. Prayer is what is needed now. We have sown our crop and are getting ready to the reap whirlwind.

Geoffrey Grider

4 May 2016 at 3:55 pm
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You look at Donald Trump in terms of politics, but I look at him in terms of fulfillment of Bible prophecy. When I read my Bible, I see that revival is not coming, and that the end times are upon us.


4 May 2016 at 6:01 pm
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Agreed, but that does not mean you desert your ethics in anticipation of what you THINK Christ intends.


4 May 2016 at 10:51 pm
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Agreed. Well said KY. Deserting ethics is common among Trump supporters…


Christine writes:  ***Ultimately, no matter what happens we have the promises of Jesus who will never leave nor forsake His Own!***


Christine writes:  ***Some additional comments from NTEB to consider***:


Fights (from NTEB)

4 May 2016 at 1:39 pm
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Geoffrey, thank you for clarifying your position about Trump. I do believe God will be placing him in power and I do believe we’re in end times. I am so thankful I know who is on the throne!!




Dorsey Lightner (from NTEB)

4 May 2016 at 3:37 pm
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Very informative. The Bible in correct context Geoffrey. Most Christians are not Bible Scholars and many with great knowledge are way off . I like the pro and Con Question format and your Biblical responses . I do believe The Lords purpose will prevail . Watch and pray , walk in the spirit of truth and love as Jesus walked . So shall we who trust obey and follow Jesus Christ . Titus 2 ; The Grace of God that brings salvation ! The blessed hope and glorious appearing of our great God and Savior ! Thanks! I will share this because . The world will be shaken in these last days . Many will follow Jesus Christ and many will fall away following lying spirits .




Irene (from NTEB)

4 May 2016 at 8:37 pm
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So true, Dorsey. This world is getting ready for the greatest shaking this world has ever seen.




Tracy (from NTEB)

4 May 2016 at 3:43 pm
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Geoffrey, You have written a great article here, and more than likely, if we knew the future, you’ve hit the nail on the head with it. We all know that God uses people in ways that only He sees fit.
Even though critics were going at him in every direction, Trump just kept gaining in the polls. Like some would say, “he’s unstoppable.” God is in control of this.
I have to say again, Hillary is totally evil, to the very bone. Watch her!!




Christine writes:  ***Note the contrast between the two writers (Geri Ungurean and Geoff from NTEB) in comments below!***




Geri Ungurean (from NTEB)

5 May 2016 at 1:00 am
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Geoff – you said:


I say:





An opinion comment from pam (from NTEB ):

5 May 2016 at 11:08 am
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We have accepted homosexuality as an alternative lifestyle and this was the final nail in the coffin of the USA. It is being pushed hard through mass media, which Donald Trump is a master manipulator of. We were never going to vote a person that’s not degenerate into the highest office in the land. The media can make the masses believe anything they want, that’s why saturating our souls with Gods Word and growing in His grace and knowledge is the only thing we as a country can do to arm ourselves agains the god of this world. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are both agents of Satan. This is God’s permissive will, He is allowing this rebellion to take place it should cause Christians mature in the faith to bow in humility NOT to get excited about the divine discipline that’s about to ravage this nation. That’s what is so disturbing for me to see. No humility, just a bunch of I TOLD YOU SO’S. But then this is where we are.



Christine writes:  ***One final comment below where readers can consider whether or not the “prophecy” of the retired fire-fighter is Bible-based OR not; and therefore, whether what he has said in the video is legitimate or not.***




Gigi (from NTEB)

5 May 2016 at 5:14 pm
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This morning while reading my Devotional and doing my study, my spirit led me to Jeremiah 23. I am going to write some of the scriptures here which is directed to “Prophets” and encourage you to read the entire chapter.

Thus says the Lord of hosts:

“Do not listen to the words of the prophets who prophesy to you.
They make you worthless;
They speak a vision of their own heart,
Not from the mouth of the Lord.

I have not sent these prophets, yet they ran.
I have not spoken to them, yet they prophesied.
But if they had stood in My counsel,
And had caused My people to hear My words,
Then they would have turned them from their evil way
And from the evil of their doings.

God Bless You!

The Trump Wars

May 11, 2016


John McNaughton artist:  One Nation Under God

Lately, this blog has turned into a forum that might be renamed, “how to lose friends and not influence people.”

The battles going on between the pro-Trump and anti-Trump groups are often vicious.

At this blog, I have tried to keep blogging friends that may disagree with my personal position regarding Trump, but it appears that some will not accept such a position, so they choose to just tell me that they are “outta here.”

Well…that’s OK I guess.

It saddens me, but that’s life.

During election season, blogging friends may come and go so I just have to accept that fact.

Since this blog is a “little fish in a big pond,” I don’t seem to suffer the same amount of consequence as those bloggers who have a huge audience and large following.

Ran across the following post this morning, and the author shared her heart-felt opinions about Trump and why she could no longer stay with two sites that she was once involved with.  I haven’t even visited such sites, but I do understand the sentiment that she shares regarding those who viciously attacked her for her beliefs regarding Trump,  as well as her disdain for the pro-Trumpeteers who choose to turn into vicious animals and denigrate a famous conservative like Trevor Loudon.

Well, I’ll offer her post in order to let readers see how the Trump wars affect those who do not wish to support him for president.

~ Christine


Many of my readers have noticed that suddenly I am no longer with the USA Transnational Report and that I have departed the Watcher’s Council. I felt I should let you know what is going on and to assure you that I am going nowhere and am in the fight for the long haul.

I’ve spent much of the last couple of weeks mulling over events related to my stance on Donald Trump.

I am appalled at the rancor and abusive tenor of some of the remarks that have come my way, as well as what amounts to slander of the character of a good and decent man, a fighter who has, quite literally, given up everything to save the country he has adopted as his new home – Trevor Loudon. I find this unconscionable.

I really cannot stand idly by as capricious accusations impugn the foremost researcher and subject matter expert on topics relating to communist and socialist subversion and corruption of our system of government, while a vile, unprincipled, arrogant, ego-maniacal narcissist is held up as the nation’s “last best hope” after a campaign devoid of any ethical foundation, fraught with pandering and ironic contradictory promises, espousing positions exactly opposite those he has spent decades and hundreds of thousands of dollars supporting, offering not so much as a pivot point or epiphany to account for his positional gymnastics.

In the beginning, I really wanted to like Trump. I was willing to accept a Trump nomination if it afforded us an opportunity to finally rid ourselves of the brazen, unindicted felon running on a platform largely constructed of “it’s my turn” and promises to eliminate at least two amendments from the Bill of Rights. As much as I wanted a man such as Ted Cruz, whose loyalty was pledged to the Constitution, a man whose vision was a reduction of the D.C. leviathan, a man — the only one in the field — with an actual track record of standing before the Supreme Court and defending that same Bill of Rights, I was willing to accept the Reality TV Ego if he could deliver a victory which did minimal damage to Constitutional principles.

As the campaign wore on and the veneer of civility peeled away, as incitements to violence, along with slander and outright lies became a staple of the bully rhetoric, I found myself struggling increasingly with the compromises needed to accept the man whose ego was as “HUGE!” as his promises to make the “smartest” deals and compel people and nations to comply with his wishes.

Finally, as the mask fell away completely, he chose not just slander, but suborned false witness to be parlayed into outright character assassination of his opponent’s family. And in that moment the amoral monster emerged, and my ability to justify supporting him, at all, was at an end. Winning was all that mattered, and if wrecking a few reputations and leaving a few metaphorical corpses by the wayside was what it took, then the means was justified if it obtained the desired ends.

I cannot, in any conscience at all, support a man who conducts himself in this way. All decency has fled, all civility has crumbled, and all that’s left is the grinning façade of the godfather-in-waiting as he “apologizes” that it was nothing personal, just business, you understand.

And yet, when one of the world’s foremost researchers of the vectors of communist/socialist/fascist corruption and subversion in our government dares make mention of the presumptive nominee’s ties to a hostile regime, the response is open hostility, bordering on threats.

It has become clear that dissenting opinions are also unwelcome in many “conservative” forums and that, in matters of Trump, it is best to fall in line.

I have spent much of the last several days dealing with all manner of logically fallacious arguments why I should abandon my principles and join the Trump Train, ranging from red herrings and straw men to ad hominem and veiled threats. It seems that many have mistaken my allegiance as belonging to the GOP. Let me put that to rest. My allegiance is not to a man, neither to a party. My allegiance is to the Constitution. My allegiance is to Liberty. My allegiance is to what is right and morally/ethically sound.

I do not owe my allegiance to a man or to a party, nor to the victor of a contest fought without honor. Do not presume to tell me what I must do or what I shall do. Do not tell me I am not “conservative” because I do not follow a man who is anything but conservative. One of the fallacious arguments I’ve seen is that I “must help present a unified front” to meet the threat of the Femme Felon in November. Really? I must, must I? Alright, persuade me. Convince me. Make a clear and principled argument. Show me the money.

To date, all I receive are demands, assertions, insults and threats. What utter tripe! Appeal denied. I reject your demands, your assertions, your insults, your threats — veiled or not.

Further, I reject the slander of a man with whom I’ve worked — literally thousands of hours over most of a decade — to expose the external and internal threats to our nation. Trevor Loudon is one of the most honorable and brilliant men I have ever had the honor of knowing.

I find this comportment beyond the pale. I am saddened and angered that I must now decide to endure this travesty so that I might continue to enjoy the company of people for whom I have great fondness and respect, or to sever myself from various groups, risking thereby the loss of such valued associations.

I was therefore compelled to take my leave of both the USA Transnational Report and the Watcher’s Council. For those of you who have provided friendship and camaraderie, reasoned discourse and balanced discussion, opinion and counterpoint with civility, I wish you the best and hope for your prosperity. I would be pleased to continue our association. Above all, I remain a Constitutional Conservative and the Constitution and our founding principles are what I fight for… not the Reality TV of the presidency.

In that spirit, I remain faithfully yours,

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

Next, I would like to share two insightful comments posted in the previous thread by Black3Actual:


1. Trump IS drawing heavily from Democrats. No one is paying attention to the numbers, but they are there. In fact, exit polling shows that, had the early primaries been closed, Trump would have lost and we would most likely have Cruz. This is because the open primaries pushed Trump over the top with Democrat cross-over votes. The polls indicated it was a sizeable number, too.

Now Trump is openly courting Democrats — just like he said he would during the campaign. Again, no one bothered to listen. If they had, they would have heard Trump tell people he was playing a role and, once he had the nomination, he would change. He has also said he looks forward to “making deals” with the Democrats and that he will probably even have Democrats in his cabinet — maybe even as his VP.

No one is listening!

Here is where Beck has — once again — demonstrated that he has his finger on the pulse of WORLDLY matters. Beck expressed a concern for all of this months before, and now we see it coming to pass. Beck is no prophet, he just knows to watch the numbers and take people at their word. This is why Beck — just today even — said that the ‘Conservative/Christian” vote has now been pushed into the same corner in the GOP as black voters have been pushed in the Democrat party. We are both being told to sit down, shut up and vote as we’re told because we have nowhere else to go and, if we do not obey, the other side will win.

Well, last time I looked, when two bad choices are running, no matter what you pick, bad wins. This is all I have been telling people — this, and there IS another choice. We have a pen and a write-in blank on our ballots. USE THEM!

2.  Let me try to sum up why people are afraid of Trump with the words of Cicero:

“A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear. The traitor is the plague.”

Now, it is not that Trump is a traitor, but a Democrat inside a Party that MISTAKENLY believed it was ‘Conservative.’ With Trump — a self-admitted liberal — with Trump as the presumptive Republican nominee, the enemy is inside the gates.

Now, what patriot that loves his nation (beliefs) would NOT sound an alarm when he noticed the enemy is inside the gate? Better yet, what patriot would see the enemy inside the gate and, rather than warn them, tell their fellow countrymen to ignore him and focus on the enemy still outside the walls?

Tough as it may be, we are faced with having to defend in TWO directions. But then, the Lord likes to put you in impossible situations. If you turn to your own efforts to save yourself, you are doomed. But, no matter how bad it looks, if you turn to and trust in him, He will save you. It’s just that He likes to save us at the last possible second and in the most unlikely ways. But this is so, when he does save us, no one can question that it was God Who saved them!

So, as for me and my house, we will trust in and rely on the Lord, knowing that, no matter what happens, He has a plan and that His will shall be done!


Hat tips:

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton at Noisy Room
Black3Actual at Oil For Your Lamp

Trump May Want to Rethink Snubbing the Base

May 10, 2016

I’m not quite sure just whom David Limbaugh is referring to (or considers) to be the Republican base.  Is it the GOPe (establishment) or  Christians and  conservatives?

Anyway, this is an interesting article. Trump Might Want to Rethink Snubbing the Base


[quote]Trump said on ABC’s “This Week” that he’s very different from everyone else who’s ever run for office, so perhaps the party doesn’t need to be unified in the traditional sense. He thinks he’s going to get millions of Democrat voters.

“I’m going to get Bernie people to vote because they like me on trade. I have to stay true to my principles, also, and I’m a conservative, but don’t forget this is called the Republican Party. It’s not called the Conservative Party.”

None of this bothers Trump’s supporters, who say he’s electable despite his negative approval ratings because he’ll put blue states in play.

But if true, which I doubt, at what price — being liberal on many issues, including trade?

And what does Trump mean that he’ll have to be true to his principles? How can we possibly know what those principles are, as they don’t appear to be moored in any coherent philosophy of governance?

Is Trump firm on any position, other than the wall and tariffs? Those may be all that matters to some voters, but forgive me for not being so narrow in focus.

Putting aside his secret interview with The New York Times in which he allegedly confessed that even his positions on immigration would be negotiable, he’s already hinted that he supports “touchback” amnesty.

Plus, last week he also said he was going to tax the rich — not just hedge funders, but all high-income earners. Never mind that he put out a written tax plan promising to reduce the highest income tax rate from 39.6 percent to 25 percent. That was just his opening gambit, you see. To him, everything is a negotiation. He shamelessly admitted on “This Week” that his plan shows those taxes going down, “but by the time it’s negotiated, they’ll go up.”

I pointed this out to Trump supporters on Twitter and they cynically said he had to say what he needed to say to win. Just like they defended him as a buyer of political influence because he had to protect his empire. Just as they’ll doubtlessly defend his ludicrous statement that he’ll reduce the national debt by negotiating with our creditors, full faith and credit of the United States be damned.

I then asked them how they know he isn’t just saying what he needs to say now to win the general. Ah, but who cares? A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little Lyin’ Ted Cruzers.

Trump has also reneged on his pledge not to raise the minimum wage, and he’s rationalizing his flip like he did his transgender bathroom support — it’s a states’ rights issue. Oh, yes, he’s now a 10th Amendment crusader.

Trump’s boast that he would finance his own campaign to be free of political influence has also gone by the wayside, but don’t expect his supporters to object, though it was one of their main stated reasons for supporting him.

Though it is the Trump supporters’ prerogative to be blindly forgiving on his brazen flip-flops and his behavior, how can they be surprised that the rest of us won’t fall in line?

His campaign manager, Paul Manafort, arrogantly proclaimed that the people have endorsed Trump’s agenda, so the onus is on Republicans to move toward Trump and not the other way around. May we at least ask, “Just what is that agenda? What Trump statements can we rely on? Are any non-negotiable?”

Conservatives are more nervous than they’ve ever been about a GOP presidential nominee. We’ve always understood the threat Obama represents to the nation, but we could fight him like blazes because he’s on the other team. Now we have a guy, ostensibly on our own team, who is problematic in too many ways to count, and is all over the board and mostly moving left — as we predicted.

Despite his supporters’ blithe dismissal of Trump’s unlikability, FiveThirtyEight reports, “Trump’s average ‘strongly unfavorable’ rating, 53 percent, is 20 percentage points higher than every candidate’s rating besides Clinton’s.” Even if Trump continues moving left, it’s doubtful Democrats will trust him any more than conservatives do.

As such, Team Trump better reconsider its apparent decision to continue to snub and insult the conservative base. Constitutional conservatives are not about to go down without a fight — not because of sour grapes or ego, but because they know the country can’t survive the destruction of the conservative movement, as the nation can’t turn itself around without reaffirming its founding principles. To win their support, Trump will have to prove to them he’ll mostly govern like a conservative, not like a liberal or a guy who constantly flips a coin.[unquote]

Hat tips:  Freedom is Just Another Word and


D. Limbaugh raises many of the questions that I have had on my mind regarding Trump.




Ultimately, What Is The Truth About Trump?

May 6, 2016

H/T for graphic:

So…just who are you Donald?

There is a blog called “The Last Refuge” (a.k.a. “The Conservative Treehouse”).  Late last night before signing off of this blog and closing down my browser, I noticed this post:

The Last Refuge: Donald Trump Creates Widespread Confusion Telling West Virginia Voters to “Stay Home”..

Jeepers creepers, apoplectic freepers! There are now over 800 comments in that thread! People there were absolutely frantic and wigging out over a not-so-smart comment that Trump made at a West Virginia rally yesterday. Basically he stated:

“Now what I want you to do is save your vote,” Trump told the crowd in Charleston, West Virginia. “You know, you don’t have to vote anymore. Save your vote for the general election, OK? Forget this one, the primary is gone.”  (link)

That blog is one of the most pro-Trump blogs on my reader list. Of course, little ole’ Talk Wisdom isn’t on theirs. I sincerely doubt that anyone  over there would want to read any of my posts that share my strong reasons for reservations about a Trump presidency. It will be interesting to see whether or not a link (that usually automatically appears on Word Press blogs) [Update:  link was either blocked or needs approval] stays up at that blog and/or if anyone would venture over here to read this or any other post. I think that the commenters over there typically scare away any blog commenters who disagree with their enthusiasm about Trump.

Well, I’m not afraid to share positive points about Trump and his family. My friend Steve over at Cry and Howl has a private blog now. But I must give credit where credit is due because that is where I found the link to Western Journalism where a brave black female employee and supporter for Trump shared her heartfelt views in a YouTube video. It has over 2 million views so far and perhaps it will be featured in future general election ads.

I would like to make one correction to what Ms. Patton stated on the video. The comparison of Trump to Hitler (at least in my neck of the woods) was NOT to the Holocaust era (1939-1945) of Hitler’s horrible killing spree and dictator rein in Germany. It was a comparison to the 1929 – 1938 era Hitler – who used his grandiose speeches and his verbal and literary skills in order to win over the German people.

Excerpt from Oil For Your Lamp blog:

OK, now, whether you love him or hate him, the best story on the comparison of Trump to Hitler is probably the Glenn Beck piece. That is because Beck explains why the comparison is legitimate by pointing out that the people making these comparisons know history better than the average person. By that, Beck means they know who Hitler was before he became known for starting the Holocaust and WW II. The people comparing Trump to Hitler are not saying Trump is the 1939-45 Hitler, but the 1929-1938 Hitler. Hitler was a different person before 1939, and it is that person to whom people are comparing Trump — and as you will soon see, they are correct to do so. [Read it all HERE].


Once he earned their trust, the Holocaust Hitler came years later.  The “Holocaust Hitler” was not the Hitler that my friend Joe over at Oil For Your Lamp was describing.  Could Trump follow in such evil footsteps as those of the 1939-1945 Holocaust Hitler?  I hope and pray the answer would be NO!

People can read my legitimate concerns about Trump from this list.

I sincerely hope that Ms. Patton is right about Trump. But I have worried about Trump’s true character for some time now.

Ironically, the following video [link below] came up right after I was listening to Ms. Patton’s video over at YouTube. If I had not been so busy writing the rest of this blog, I wouldn’t have heard it!

The Scary TRUTH About Donald Trump.

That video, this post and this post are what I have found, so far, to be most troublesome and concerning about the man.

So…what is the truth about Trump?

Each of us must decide that very important question!

Hat tips to all links.

So…If I’m Not a Trump Supporter Then I’m a “Phony Conservative?”

April 28, 2016

Well peoples…it appears that I have been thrown into the proverbial phony conservatives barrel by yet another author that stands for Trump and happens to be on my blog list!

You can go to that link and read all the vitriol and name-calling that is being spewed against people like me and others who have many suspicions against Trump’s social, political, and religious ideology.  Why aren’t we allowed to share our thoughts because we do not see him as being the best candidate for the GOP nomination?

Trump’s rudeness and crudeness is apparently being overlooked by many who support him.

But what about his arrogant pressuring of individuals to take their land away from them for one of his “deals” (see link below)  and the “little people” that he has hurt as a result?

The “phony conservative” blog post also contains some information that reveals there may be some hope for the author at that link!  At one point, he writes:


The phonies wouldn’t stand up to Obama and they have the audacity to claim that Trump isn’t conservative enough? There is a lot about Trump that I completely disagree with. But I’m still of the mind-set that if we don’t stop the illegals from flooding the United States and stop the Muslims from coming in, we won’t be worrying about baking cakes for same sex married couples, or late-term abortions, or most of the other stuff so important to conservatives. We’ll be worrying about some terrorist who Obama let in blowing himself up in the mall while we’re shopping. We’ll be afraid to let our wives and kids go to the park … afraid they’ll get raped and murdered by some illegal alien.

So… there IS a “lot about Trump” that the blog author disagrees with!


So why does that that make me a “phony” conservative and him a true one?  Where does wisdom fit into the narrative?

Ugh… I hate all the arguing and bashing and vitriol going on in this Republican primary campaign season!  I hope that the friends I have that think that Trump is “da bomb” do not get together with friends who think he is a leftist, pride filled, boastful billionaire (with a mix of being a carnival barker and sleazy salesman who bashes and crushes the “little people” during his deals and praises them on the stump) so I don’t have to play referee!

I did find a website that discusses a topic that doesn’t even seem to be on the radar with conservatives for Trump.

Conservative Review: Trump’s Crusade Against Farmers and the Working Class


Donald Trump’s mindset is that we all live in a collective. Those with the resources, meaning people who have money and/or clout like him along with the arm of the federal government, are better equipped to allocate those resources than anyone else. In this way, he is not much different than Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders.

While the lunatic Left prefer to demonize the rich in order to turn public sentiment against our wealthiest citizens and harass them with taxation, it is striking that Donald Trump has demonized those with much less property than him, in order to turn public sentiment against ordinary landowners.

In the case of Vera Coking, the woman who refused to sell her home for the expansion of Trump’s casino business, and who had to fight off Trump’s lifetime business partner, big government, in order to stay in her home, Trump proved he has little interest in protecting the property rights of individual Americans. Mrs. Coking had to declare, as if it is some novel idea, that she has a right to own her home and did not have to surrender it to some egotistical bully billionaire because he’s got more money and clout than she. The woman had to fight her local representatives — who clearly picked the will of a billionaire over her, a comparatively poor person — and were actively using the force of government to please the billionaire.

Trump has explained that he believes it is acceptable for business to use government to improve the economy, and if that means taking land from private landowners so he can make the almighty dollar, so be it.

Ironically, Trump has been pro-choice for most of his life, except when it comes to land ownership among the little people.

So it was Trump who decided to build a golf course in Scotland, shoving his thumb in the eye of a local landowner by the name of Michael Forbes.

See more at: Conservative Review

Be sure to go to the link and read the entire article. I can’t choose between these two examples (Mrs. Coking or Mr. Forbes) to state which one made me angrier!

If people want to label me as “a phony conservative,” then so be it!  After reading this article and a few more of the postings at Conservative Review, then I’d rather be disingenuously called that rather than labeled as a sellout.

Hat tips to all links.

Where’s The Courage?

April 13, 2016

During an ongoing discussion in the Disqus comment section at Matt Walsh’s blog, I ran across a post on my Disqus home page that came from my former Talk Wisdom blog.  It was written during the Carrie Prejean “Miss California” controversy. [Note: scroll down past the Facebook comments at Walsh’s blog to reach the blog comments via Disqus.]

Please read my Talk Wisdom blog post:

What The World Can’t Take Away From Carrie Prejean.

This young woman had the courage of her convictions and stood strong in the Lord through a horrible barrage of attacks and controversy.

People who take the time to read about all the controversy that swirled around Carrie back in 2009 will notice that Prejean is not a ‘perfect Christian’.   But the truth is, none of us are!  That is precisely why we ALL need to repent and accept THE one who is perfect –  Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior!

I had forgotten that it was Donald Trump who ultimately gave the “OK” to have one of his underlings announce the decision to strip Prejean of her Miss California crown because she stood up for her Christian faith in the question and answer portion at the pageant and answered a question where she replied that she believes that marriage is the union of one man and one woman.

Hmmm…so is Trump really on the side of traditional, biblically based marriage as created by God? Or is he pro-homosexual faux ‘marriage’ today? Appears that he was siding with the latter ideology back in 2009.

So far, I found this blog post over at the National Organization for Marriage which describes that when asked at a news conference, Trump was noncommittal either way because he refused to answer the question!

I find it disturbing that he refused to answer the question.  If he doesn’t have the courage to answer a simple question, how will he have the courage of conviction in the face of the problems he would face as president?


WND: TRUMP’S WAR – Voter rebellion against the ‘ruling class’ dominates Election 2016

April 12, 2016

Years ago, I subscribed to WND’s Whistleblower magazine.  The authors included in each issue often presented a more conservative view of the world.  What I liked about the magazine is that I would get information that the media of mass deception usually refused to cover.  Back then, many authors at WND were supportive of the values and tenets of the Bible and the Christian faith.

A new issue has just come out which is entitled, TRUMP’S WAR
Voter rebellion against the ‘ruling class’ dominates Election 2016

It can be difficult to determine which side of the political debate some of the authors listed below are on (pro-Trump or anti-Trump) without reading each of the articles.  However, we might be able to catch a glimpse of which authors in the magazine support Trump vs. those that admittedly do not by reading the “highlight” sentences within the article.

Highlights of “TRUMP’S WAR” include:

  • “Understanding the Trump phenomenon: How voter rebellion against the ‘ruling class’ is dominating Election 2016” by David Kupelian

Perhaps Kupelian is a supporter?  Difficult to tell in that sentence but I do know from past articles that Kupelian is a Christian conservative who has written books against the “ruling class” domination that has been going on for years now.  [See Kupelian’s new book “The Snapping Of The American Mind” as well as his classic, “The Marketing of Evil”]. Also, see several articles written about “The Snapping Of The American Mind”***  This book reveals why Americans have had enough!

“The thesis of the book is that for most Americans the long assault on our culture, morals, families, religion and principles has finally reached a breaking point. When the political figures from President Obama on down to the local city council completely ignore the Constitution, laws and people from whom they derive their power and assault our good sense and insult us constantly, there comes a point where we have finally had enough. We have reached that point.”
Back to the Whistleblower list.
  • “Buchanan to GOP: I told you so! ‘What we warned against in the 1990s has come to pass in the 21st century’”

Not too sure about where Buchanan stands with that sentence.  But I have my own list of warnings from the 1990s that have now egregiously come to pass; and it is a really sad cycle of events.

  • “Trump can’t beat Hillary? Really?” by Joseph Farah, who deflates the media argument that Clinton will crush the GOP frontrunner

Farah appears to support Trump here because he is making the case that we can’t trust the media of mass deception regarding Trump’s ability to beat Hillary in the general election.

  • “It takes a bully” by Laura Hollis, who observes that, whatever his faults, Trump is ‘willing to do what elected Republicans have not done’”

At this moment I’m not familiar with this author, but will do a search to see what she has written previously.  This sentence only indicates that she believes that Trump will do what elected Republicans have not done.  Well, IMHO, I would have to say that if The Donald is being used as Trojan Horse of Democrats, he might be the “second big a** mistake America” right after the current:

O ne

B ig

A **

M istake

A merica

  • “Donald Trump: Warrior male extraordinaire” by Kent G. Bailey, Ph.D., in which the psychology pioneer says men like Trump have long “sustained the human race”

This Bailey guy appears to believe that Trump would be like men in the past who have “sustained the human race.”  Chalk this one up as a supporter.

  • “Springtime for pundits” by Ann Coulter, who hilariously drafts a Hitler-comparison column for use by “hate Trump” media pundits

Coulter has come off the rails of conservatism for years now.  I don’t see her as a trustworthy person when it comes to choosing presidential candidates.  Perhaps she is just being “funny” enough here to blast the media pundits; but she is obviously a supporter of Trump in the first place.

  • “Media compare Donald Trump to Hitler”

We don’t see who the author is of this article in the magazine.  But a blogging friend of mine did a great post sharing how Trump’s rhetorical style mimics the Hitler of pre-Holocaust Germany.  For anyone interested in reading it, here’s the link:

Oil For Your Lamp: HISTORIC COMPARISONS: Is The Comparison Of Trump To Hitler ‘Legitimate?’


“Will GOP bosses ‘steal’ the election from Trump?” by Art Moore, on the current delegate mantra that “political parties, not voters, choose their presidential nominees”

This happens to be a big fear for those who support Trump.  Is there any basis for that fear?  These days, anything is possible!  Mr. Moore appears to be a supporter of Trump.

  • “The audacity of Trump” by Jesse Lee Peterson, who argues that the GOP frontrunner’s “boldness is setting people free”

NO doubt that Peterson supports Trump!

  • “Blacklisting conservatives who support Trump smacks of the Left’s thought police” by Don Feder, who, though a Trump critic, says those intent on blacklisting Trump supporters have lost their minds

Well, at least there is ONE Trump critic in the mix!

  • “Another video pushes Trump assassination: ‘F— Donald’ anthem brags of AK-47 ready to kill billionaire” by Douglas Ernst

This is just awful on the face of it.  Even though I was staunchly against 0bama and am currently steadfastly against either Hillary or Bernie, pushing for an assassination is NEVER the answer!  Ernst appears to be a supporter of Trump.

  • “GOP convention is ‘gonna be 1968 on steroids’” by Greg Corombos, in which Democrat pollster Pat Caddell tells Whistleblower America’s political landscape is taking a permanent lurch

Caddell is right about the “lurch of the political landscape,” but I can’t tell which side of the Trump war he is on from that sentence.

  • “Huckabee: Trump leading ‘peaceful overthrow’ of government”

I think I heard that Huckabee isn’t on Trump’s bandwagon, but the ‘peaceful overthrow’ of government statement could be taken either way.

  • “Voters: U.S. government corrupt, and elites serve only themselves” by Curtis Ellis, in which Sen. Jeff Sessions discusses a new survey showing “growing hostility” to international trade deals that hurt Americans

Trump supporter.

  • “Trump, Cruz awakening sleeping giant of evangelicals” by Cheryl K. Chumley, who says: “Christians care about more than abortion – and like a sleeping giant have awoken from a years-long slumber”

I have read and shared articles by Chumley here at this blog.  Since she mentions both men, perhaps she would support either one of them?  I need to re-read her past articles to make such a determination.

  • “2016 presidential race is nation’s last breath for liberty” by Gina Loudon, Ph.D., who warns that America faces a feudal future of lords and serfs under continued leftist rule

Loudon appears to be saying “anyone but Hillary or Bernie” so she would most likely support Trump.

  • “Suicide of the GOP – or its rebirth?” by Patrick J. Buchanan, on how 2016 may well result in a 1964-like renewal of the Republican Party – without the hysterical elites

Buchanan presents a valid question here, and his comment of renewal “without the hysterical elites” hints at Trump support.

  • “GOP elite: Get your heads out!” by Ted Nugent, in which the legendary rock star excoriates Republicans for trying to derail Trump and Cruz

Nugent is quite the firebrand and appears to be willing to accept either Trump or Cruz as the Republican nominee.  He definitely doesn’t trust the GOP elitists!


Let’s add up the score.  Eleven Trump supporters, Three – five undetermined (by me here), one mystery author, and one noticeable Trump critic.

I need to do more research on those I listed as “undetermined.”  Getting a copy of the magazine would certainly help!

Please feel free to share links in the comment section if you know more about where the article authors listed above stand regarding Trump.

No matter what, it certainly appears that we are in for a wild ride this election season!

H/T:  WND and Oil For Your Lamp


*** Book reviews:
“Robert W.” writes: “Reading ‘The Snapping of the American Mind’ snaps one’s mind into a clear and precise understanding of the insanity we are now experiencing within our country. David Kupelian gives wise insight into what is, and has been going on, to destroy America and her people.”We have been systematically and intentionally molded into the nation we now live in daily. A nation that is filled with blatantly wicked leaders, lawless people, and mindless citizens unable to wake up to the reality of truth. A country so far from God our Creator and far from anything that would place us in a position of actually living as our founding fathers had intended.

“Thankfully David does not leave us without thoughts and words of hope. Our hope as a people, individually and nationally, will not be found by looking to ‘man’ for help. A Godless culture only changes when a great God and Savior is called upon for mercy. This book is one that should do more than just receive 5 stars. It should awaken and kick all of us into gear to pray, to think, and to live with a view towards that hope.”

* “Elwood D. Baas” writes:”The author shows clearly how words are changed so that evil concepts are turned into ideas that are readily accepted by society. In a later chapter, the author focuses on the growing war for the American mind, and surveys the extraordinary battlefields now shaping up between the forces of sanity and madness, the outcome of which will determine who ultimately runs the American asylum – the sane people or the lunatics. This book has added substantially to my knowledge of what is happening in our country. I highly recommend it.”

In This Highly Contentious Political Season, Seek Out the Truth

March 12, 2016

There are several bloggers who are covering the thugs who, unfortunately, shut down the free speech rights of Donald Trump to speak in Chicago. How is it fair for these agitators to prevent his supporters (or those who just wanted to see what he had to say) to threaten violence in order to keep Trump from exercising his free speech rights to speak at the rally? I have chosen just to link to them so that you can see for yourselves what transpired.

1. The Last Refuge: Eyewitness Account From Chicago Trump Rally

2. The Last Refuge: Far-Left Anarchists With MoveOn.Org and Bernie Sanders Take Credit For Chicago Political Mayhem…

Because I believe in our nation’s First Amendment free speech rights, I DO think that these paid George Soros thugs have the right to protest. But I also think that the Trump rally should have also been given the right to have his voice heard. After all, if Bernie Sanders (a Socialist who would wreak even more havoc here in the U.S. than 0bama already has over the past 8 years) has the right to spew his far leftist, Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals rhetoric and techniques (a book that was dedicated to Lucifer!), totalitarian, anti-Capitalism, and anti-Israel beliefs; then someone like Donald Trump should be able to speak at rallies, too.  Plus, I can’t even get started on the liar Hillary, who continues to campaign despite the fact that she deserves to be indicted for her crimes!

With that said, I must say that I continue to believe that Trump is not the best choice to run on the Republican ticket. Of course, this entire scenario will play itself out and we will see what happens in the future. But I happen to think that the MORE people who hear Trump’s empty rhetoric, the better it will be for the other candidates. Case in point, the last Republican debate (which was the best IMHO) revealed the stark differences between Trump and the remaining candidates. The following post shares a few of my thoughts regarding why any of the other Republican candidates would be better than Trump.

Which One of These Is Not Like the Others?

Anyone who has been watching the news on the media of mass deception already knows about the comparisons of Trump to Hitler. Are such comparisons legitimate? Or, are they far-fetched fantasies within the anti-Trump groups of people who oppose him as a candidate for president?

Well, my Christian blogging friend over at Oil For Your Lamp has a well thought out post which discusses this very issue! Readers may or may not agree with what he wrote, but I thought that the comparison of Hitler’s style of rhetoric prior to 1939 which mesmerized the German people and Trump’s current style was absolutely chilling and definitely thought-provoking!

HISTORIC COMPARISONS: Is The Comparison Of Trump To Hitler ‘Legitimate?’

I like the fact that the author asks the question for readers to decide for themselves if such a comparison is true (or perhaps similar).


OK, now, whether you love him or hate him, the best story on the comparison of Trump to Hitler is probably the Glenn Beck piece.  That is because Beck explains why the comparison is legitimate by pointing out that the people making these comparisons know history better than the average person.  By that, Beck means they know who Hitler was before he became known for starting the Holocaust and WW II.  The people comparing Trump to Hitler are not saying Trump is the 1939-45 Hitler, but the 1929-1938 Hitler.  Hitler was a different person before 1939, and it is that person to whom people are comparing Trump — and as you will soon see, they are correct to do so.

Now, before we begin looking at the similarities, let me suggest that you not look for exact matches.  Trump does not need to be repeating, word-for-word, the same things as Hitler to be using the same tactics.  Nor does Trump have to advocate the exact same program to be pushing the same agenda.  What we have to do is look for things that are similar between the two and then see if they both point to the same underlying agenda and tactics.  So, with this in mind, let me share a few useful links and highlight a few key points in them and let you determine whether or not they bear any resemblance to the things Trump has been doing and saying on the campaign trail.

I would encourage all to read the entire post:

HISTORIC COMPARISON: Is The Comparison of Trump to Hitler Legitimate?

Now, some readers may think that I might be siding with the thugs that prevented Trump from appearing at the Chicago rally.  Well, you would be COMPLETELY wrong about that and I can prove it!

Those thugs were all for another Hitler type liar, propagandist and America-destroying thug back in 2009!

Canada Free Press: Is Obama Studying the Hitler Handbook?

Just a little excerpt which, in hindsight speaks of 0bama:

The transformation of youth………how does this happen? How does one focus these young minds?

Hitler had it nailed down. He knew that youth were the future, more teachable and moldable. The adults of Germany remembered living under democracy and might not be so easily fooled by Hitler’s slams against democracy. Remember, Hitler was a socialist voted into power by a democracy! Does this sound familiar anyone? Can you think of any other country that as a republic or democracy voted in a socialist who wants control and power? Gee………

The Historic comparison post links to several other must read posts, including a post at Business Insider which revealed (back in Aug. 2015) that Donald Trump’s Ex-wife Once Said He Kept a Book of Hitler’s Speeches by His Bed.

Now, everyone can decide for themselves whether or not the ex-wife was bitterly gossiping against her ex or telling the truth.  However, if you read that link you will find out even more chilling information from individuals who apparently discussed the issue with Trump.

In my own mind, the two previous posts that I blogged about first stood out for reasons not to trust Trump. Many other reasons have been added since then and I thank my blogging friend Joe for his timely post on the current contentious issues surrounding the Trump campaign!

Previous posts:

Trump And The Message of the Cross

Is It Important To Ask God For Forgiveness?


Hat Tip:

Oil For Your Lamp

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