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Paris Under Seige

January 9, 2015

Second Update at 8:57 a.m. PT: Fox News is now reporting that 4 of the hostages may have been killed. Ambulances have been heard coming up to the location of the building where the hostages were being held and threatened by the terrorists. Video and/or photos of hostages being carried and/or walking away from the building. Six hostages reported freed. Four hostages reported killed. The three male terrorists were killed.

BREAKING NEWS UPDATE! FOX NEWS has just reported that the two terrorists brothers are dead and the hostages are alive and have been released!

This morning, I had planned to write about NewsWEAK’s (Note: not a misspelling of the name of the rag because the author’s writing was very weak regarding the truth!) lies about Christianity and the Bible. Such lies were handily refuted by Daniel B. Wallace in his excellent piece entitled Predictable Christmas fare: Newsweek’s Tirade against the Bible.

Instead of sharing thoughts about that right now, I felt that the ongoing Islamic terrorist attack and continuing siege of hostages in Paris needs our attention today.

Several blogs have excellent reports on what has been happening over the past few days, and I have listed them below.  Reading them all will catch you “up to speed” regarding the terrorist attack and killings at a satirical newspaper office in Paris; as well as the current, ongoing hostage siege happening right now.

One of the most amazing interviews was between Sean Hannity of Fox News Channel with the radical Imam Anjem Choudary. The next day, Sean spoke with Democrat Bob Beckel about that interview, and amazingly, they agreed about how awful and dangerous people like this radical Islamic Imam is and how and why such dangerous ideology is spreading and recruiting disenchanted, angry, and vulnerable-to-radicalism young people into this horrible form of evil raising its ugly head throughout the world. Heck – even far leftist and atheist Bill Maher agrees with Hannity on this issue!

“Living under Sharia” is the goal of Imams like Choudary, and millions of radicalized Muslims throughout the world who have taken advantage (unfortunately) of the soft-on-immigration socialist countries in Europe [i.e. France, Britain (who has learned its lesson and is now pulling back on unfettered Muslim immigration), Sweden, and other E.U. countries] have given in to the fight against Muslim Sharia law and have areas in their countries that have been subjected to “no-go” zones. Think it won’t happen here? It already has!

The Clarion Project: Dearborn No-Go Zone: Where Islam Rules and Christians Are Stoned Notice the date on that article? It was written back in 2012! Have you heard much about this on the media of mass deception?

Truth Uncensored: There Are Muslim No-Go Zones in the USA.

Two comments there:

Furor Teutonicus

xx It starts off innocently enough with them wanting to share a neighborhood with like-minded, religious thinking community dwellers.xx

Aye, like Warsaw, 1940. THEN they blame US for “ghettoising” them!!


This is different … these people are threat to all around them as is evidenced all over the world. They need to stay in their country where their religious laws are commonplace and accepted; there is no place for them in the USA.

Lots of additional information in the blog posts below.

BREAKING NEWS! FOX NEWS has just reported that the two terrorists brothers are dead and the hostages are alive and have been released.

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