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So…If I’m Not a Trump Supporter Then I’m a “Phony Conservative?”

April 28, 2016

Well peoples…it appears that I have been thrown into the proverbial phony conservatives barrel by yet another author that stands for Trump and happens to be on my blog list!

You can go to that link and read all the vitriol and name-calling that is being spewed against people like me and others who have many suspicions against Trump’s social, political, and religious ideology.  Why aren’t we allowed to share our thoughts because we do not see him as being the best candidate for the GOP nomination?

Trump’s rudeness and crudeness is apparently being overlooked by many who support him.

But what about his arrogant pressuring of individuals to take their land away from them for one of his “deals” (see link below)  and the “little people” that he has hurt as a result?

The “phony conservative” blog post also contains some information that reveals there may be some hope for the author at that link!  At one point, he writes:


The phonies wouldn’t stand up to Obama and they have the audacity to claim that Trump isn’t conservative enough? There is a lot about Trump that I completely disagree with. But I’m still of the mind-set that if we don’t stop the illegals from flooding the United States and stop the Muslims from coming in, we won’t be worrying about baking cakes for same sex married couples, or late-term abortions, or most of the other stuff so important to conservatives. We’ll be worrying about some terrorist who Obama let in blowing himself up in the mall while we’re shopping. We’ll be afraid to let our wives and kids go to the park … afraid they’ll get raped and murdered by some illegal alien.

So… there IS a “lot about Trump” that the blog author disagrees with!


So why does that that make me a “phony” conservative and him a true one?  Where does wisdom fit into the narrative?

Ugh… I hate all the arguing and bashing and vitriol going on in this Republican primary campaign season!  I hope that the friends I have that think that Trump is “da bomb” do not get together with friends who think he is a leftist, pride filled, boastful billionaire (with a mix of being a carnival barker and sleazy salesman who bashes and crushes the “little people” during his deals and praises them on the stump) so I don’t have to play referee!

I did find a website that discusses a topic that doesn’t even seem to be on the radar with conservatives for Trump.

Conservative Review: Trump’s Crusade Against Farmers and the Working Class


Donald Trump’s mindset is that we all live in a collective. Those with the resources, meaning people who have money and/or clout like him along with the arm of the federal government, are better equipped to allocate those resources than anyone else. In this way, he is not much different than Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders.

While the lunatic Left prefer to demonize the rich in order to turn public sentiment against our wealthiest citizens and harass them with taxation, it is striking that Donald Trump has demonized those with much less property than him, in order to turn public sentiment against ordinary landowners.

In the case of Vera Coking, the woman who refused to sell her home for the expansion of Trump’s casino business, and who had to fight off Trump’s lifetime business partner, big government, in order to stay in her home, Trump proved he has little interest in protecting the property rights of individual Americans. Mrs. Coking had to declare, as if it is some novel idea, that she has a right to own her home and did not have to surrender it to some egotistical bully billionaire because he’s got more money and clout than she. The woman had to fight her local representatives — who clearly picked the will of a billionaire over her, a comparatively poor person — and were actively using the force of government to please the billionaire.

Trump has explained that he believes it is acceptable for business to use government to improve the economy, and if that means taking land from private landowners so he can make the almighty dollar, so be it.

Ironically, Trump has been pro-choice for most of his life, except when it comes to land ownership among the little people.

So it was Trump who decided to build a golf course in Scotland, shoving his thumb in the eye of a local landowner by the name of Michael Forbes.

See more at: Conservative Review

Be sure to go to the link and read the entire article. I can’t choose between these two examples (Mrs. Coking or Mr. Forbes) to state which one made me angrier!

If people want to label me as “a phony conservative,” then so be it!  After reading this article and a few more of the postings at Conservative Review, then I’d rather be disingenuously called that rather than labeled as a sellout.

Hat tips to all links.

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