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There’s No Place Like Utopia – Joel Gilbert [Important Update]

March 5, 2015



This morning, the video posted here (and the YouTube one) have been removed due to “a copyright claim by Highway 61 Entertainment.”

Sorry about that!  😦

You can purchase the video at Highway 61 Entertainment for $14.95.

Perhaps the film is also available for rental or purchase on iTunes.

Found this excellent and outstanding film over at another website/blog and the title intrigued me enough to take the time to watch it.  WOW!  It was definitely worth my time!

The film was published on Youtube on Dec 9, 2014.

I would like to encourage readers here to view it!  Then, if you are led to comment (positive, negative, and any views in-between) please do so.  I would love to read your opinion(s) on the content of the film!


~ Christine


Apologies…Youtube video taken down due to copyright issues.

If video doesn’t play here (which, unfortunately, often happens) then please go to the Youtube site to view it:

There’s No Place Like Utopia – Joel Gilbert

Apologies…Youtube video taken down due to copyright issues.


There is a good review over at American Thinker, including a video of the movie trailer (2:23 minutes) and a video of Joel Gilbert discussing the film (11:33 minutes)

American Thinker: There’s No Place Like Utopia


July 19, 2014

Joel Gilbert’s There’s No Place like Utopia

By Thomas Lifson

Last night saw the premier in Denver of Joel Gilbert’s There’s No Place Like Utopia, a film that gets to the heart of the progressive/communist project for America and where it is leading us. Joel uses the Wizard of Oz as an extended metaphor for the trickery and fraud that underlies the quest to perfect human nature and bring about heaven on earth that Marx promised.

The film is disarming in many ways, for it tackles great intellectual themes, usually the province of dense prose, and uses images and personality to tell the story in a highly accessible way. Readers of American Thinker will be familiar with such topics as the Cloward-Piven strategy, but in There’s No Place Like Utopia, it comes alive, leaping from the pages of The Nation magazine into cartoon characters bearing a certain resemblance to Lego figures. Political philosophy has never been handled quite this way.

It is also a road trip, guided by Joel himself, as he is swept up in a tornado, like Dorothy, and finds himself on a literal yellow brick road, which leads him to explore what happens when politics tries to create utopias. Along the way, he travels to Detroit, Newark, Miami, Washington, DC, Hollywood, Dearborn, Los Angeles Chicago’s South Side and Hyde Park, and Denver, as well as Joel’s hometown of Oak Ridge, Tennessee. We visit the house where Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn live, talk to Michelle Obama’s mother through her closed door at the house where Michelle grew up, and attempt to walk down the street where the Obamas lived in Hyde Park. We speak with Jack Cashill, Jerome Corsi, David Horowitz, and former KGB agent Konstantin Preobrazhensky, who provide background and context. And we meet all kinds of ordinary and extraordinary Americans coping with what Obama has wrought.

Joel is an engaging traveling companion, with his goatee, shirt tail frequently hanging out, and his deadpan expression as he chats with denizens of the progressive version of Utopia in various languages (with subtitles), including French, Spanish, and Arabic.  He’s the thinking man’s conservative Michael Moore when he questions a black Democrat politician on Chicago’s South Side, eventually getting himself prevented from any more filming at the community event.

As someone who uses words to tackle the very same subject matter Joel takes up, I was very impressed with the visual qualities of the film. Joel is an artist who has obviously thought long and hard about communicating to people’s subconscious  minds directly, using the dreamlike state of mind that film can produce, and employing the metaphor of the Wizard of Oz that is such a prominent part of our collective consciousness. I cannot ever forget the image of Barack Obama speaking as Oz.


Also see: Joel

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How To Know God Personally [Click on link to discover the principles!]

What does it take to begin a relationship with God? Devote yourself to unselfish religious deeds? Become a better person so that God will accept you?

You may be surprised that none of those things will work. But God has made it very clear in the Bible how we can know Him.

The following principles will explain how you can personally begin a relationship with God, right now, through Jesus Christ…

4-Star US Navy Admiral SLAMS Obama While Sending DIRE Warning To ALL Of America!

February 11, 2015

This is a must see – must LISTEN TO video of a 4-Star Admiral who slams Obama and how he let the Muslim brotherhood infiltrate all of our National Security agencies across the country, including all of our intelligence agencies.


Calling on all Military leaders and the new GOP controlled Congress to STAND UP to the Obama administration and UPHOLD their oaths, Admiral Lyons tells us we “have a hell of a job” ahead of us in warning that the Muslim Brotherhood has now completely infiltrated the National Security agencies across the country, including all of our intelligence agencies.

This video is a must watch and completely confirms our military being disarmed by Obama and should send a strong warning to all Christians, 2nd Amendment supporters, gun owners, freedom lovers, those who still follow the US Constitution and everyone else who loves America: time is running out.

Interview with Lt. General Michael Flynn

February 9, 2015

HT for photo:


If you missed Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace today [Sunday, February 8, 2015], please do yourself a favor and view the 16 minute video clip at the Fox News website:

Fox News Sunday – Insight from retired Army Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, former director of the Defense Intelligence Agency

Army Lt. General Michael Flynn (retired) is asked, and answers, many of the questions (and confusion being put forth) about what the Obama Administration is NOT doing and reveals how Obama’s ISIS strategy is falling short.

This honorable man and patriot is my new hero!!

And, here’s my other hero! Netanyahu Warns US, World Powers Israel Will Block Iran Nuclear Threat.

The Last Refuge is reporting: More Evidence Surfaces that the White House is Trying to Interfere with and Manipulate Israel Elections.

Also see: Obama’s foreign policy (including Iran) under fire.

Which links to:

Israel Today: Biden, Kerry Boycott Netanyahu, Meet Israeli Opposition Leader

IMO, these issues are no laughing matter.

Hat tips to all links.

It Begins…

November 5, 2014

First, I would like to say that it has been a long time since I felt happy about the political direction last night’s GOP victories gained for America!  To have captured the Senate, 52- (whatever) was a great victory!  Booting Harry (who has blocked most House bills from coming up for a vote) Reid out of the Senate will be the first important step in helping the middle class in this nation to be brought back up to the status that they deserve regarding job creation, pay, and hopefully the replacement of Zerocare – which has devastated millions across our beloved nation.

With that said, I want to continue to focus on what my last two posts discussed:

1. I Stand Sunday.
2. ADF: Protecting Your Ministry From Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Lawsuits

When the “HOUSTON! WE HAVE A PROBLEM” debacle occurred, it FINALLY WOKE UP Christian Pastors not only in the state of Texas, but also across this nation to take a stand and fight for their Christian and biblical values. It has been a LONG TIME COMING for this, but I’m so glad to see pastors across the nation taking action and not allowing the continued outrageous political-landscape suppression and  trampling of our God-given and Constitution-affirming rights; namely, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and freedom of association!

I received an email this morning about another pastor who previously took a stand for our freedoms back in July.  The email came from the Family Research Council (which led the I Stand Sunday rally) and I’d like to share it here at my blog today.


Pastor Robert Dekker of New Covenant Presbyterian Church in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware took a stand after city officials denied him a permit to hold church services on the public beach, largely due to their misinterpretation of separation of church and state. What is ironic is that there is a plaque on the beach commemorating the fact that the Rehoboth Beach community was established as a permanent Christian camp.

On July 4th, Pastor Dekker didn’t take “No” for an answer. He went forward with a “Freedom Rally” at the beach featuring music, prayer, and a sermon he preached titled: “Drawing a Line in the Sand,” based on John 8. The celebration also honored our Founding Fathers and the men and women in uniform that know firsthand that freedom is not free.

Pastor Robert Dekkers Line in the Sand July 4 Service Draws Overflow Crowd

HT for photo:  The

Although they normally would expect to have 20 or 30 people at a beach service, they had several hundred. “Freedom is to be cherished,” Dekker told the crowd. “We are exercising the liberties that happened 237 years ago.”

We honor the courage of Pastor Dekker for exercising his First Amendment freedom. He is indeed a Watchman Pastor. In fact, Pastor Dekker made a commitment to 1) Pray for the nation, 2) Preach the whole counsel of God, and 3) Partner with other like-minded pastors. This simple “P3” commitment by pastors to pray, preach, and partner has the potential to impact our nation in a profound way. Would you draw a line in the sand and stand with Pastor Dekker and thousands like him?

PRAY, PREACH, AND PARTNER in order to impact our nation in a profound way?


This blog has always been dedicated to this goal as you can see from what is written in the header of my title page:

Talk Wisdom

Talk Wisdom’s goal is to defend the tenets and values of Biblical Christian faith. We defend our Constitutional Republic and Charters of Freedom, especially when speaking out against destructive social and political issues. As followers of our Savior and Lord, we should boldly stand up for Jesus Christ in our present circumstances. He is our Savior, Lord, and King, and His love needs to be shed abroad in our hearts and in our world – now.

BHO and Obots in Panic Mode?

February 10, 2014

past tense of panic


Pastor Emeritus Nathan Bickel has a very revealing post up at his Moral blog!  I am sharing it here at Talk Wisdom because I think that it needs to go viral!  Therefore, if you have a blog, I encourage you to get the truth out there regarding the g()()gle  ()bots schemes to shut down sites which are disseminating important information about this criminal enterprise that surrounds the horribly evil BHO BADministration!

Can it be that aka Obama is in apparent panic mode? Is he now terrified of  the carnival barkers?

Remember the one (of many occasions) when aka Barack Hussein Obama molested the presidential podium and called out those who desired “eligibility”accountability on his part? Remember how he ridiculed “them” as “carnival barkers?”

Two days ago the website was taken down. The site had been previously called, is a website highly (and rightly so) critical of aka Obama’s actions against traditional, patriotic and Constitutional America. For the most part it allows free access for viewers to register their comments. Those who stand by aka Obama’s molestation abominations committed against America, are given space to defend their criminally scandal-ridden ID fraud.

Yet, for some reason, – and, apparently so, it wasn’t enough that aka Obama be defended by his enablers on Instead, the website was mysteriously taken out of the Internet loop. Fortunately, the Birtherreport handlers are working on transferring their website content to another server and they can be done with the one Internet entity, that for no logical reason apparently decided to suspend their website.

Many Americans take for granted their First Amendment rights; and many of them probably don’t know aka Obama’s recent assault upon that (once) free speech right. Aka Obama signed into law, devilish legislation which severely limits that right and makes big government the capricious arbiter – Obama Secretly Signs No Free Speech Bill –

Why wouldn’t scandal-ridden, criminal ID fraud aka Obama, not care to “lean on” Internet entities such as Google, to further his limitation of American First Amendment rights – especially when those “carnival barkers” are fast chasing at his felony ID fraud terrified and fleeing heels?

My comment there (in moderation as of 2/10/14 at 7:58 a.m.):

Oh my gosh!!!  When I first heard about the Birther Report hacking, I suspected that g00gle HAD to be the culprit!  I went through another type of harassment with my bl0gger Talk Wisdom blog – continual virus attacks.   Ever since I stopped signing into my former blog through g00gle and re-opened my 2008 Word Press blog back in Oct. 2013, I have had ZERO virus attacks!  I now use Start Page for all searches and never sign into Y0uTube anymore.

You are absolutely right that Mr. Zero and his Obots are terrified about the truth finally coming out about this obviously criminal BADministration and  lying usurper!  Previously, the Obotslaves just laughed off websites like the Birther Report and others.  Now, they are trying to do all they can to shut them down!  Just like Mr. Zero illegally utilized the IRS to shut down TEA Party and Conservative groups from getting tax exempt status in order to control the 2012 election.

GREAT work here Pastor Nathan!!  I must now go back and finish your post.  When I got to the point where you identified the hacker – g00gle – I had to comment.

This information needs to go viral so I am sharing this post on my blog today!

~  Christine

P.S.  My old blog is still up and I have access to all my former posts (without signing in) via the search button at the top of the page.  Hi Stats is still linked to it and it  reveals that 100 – 200 views are still occurring there; plus, it shows how people got there via their search criteria.  When the Soebarkah information resurfaced online, many came to that blog to read what I had previously written.  As long as I no longer sign into g00gle and just “visit” my old blog, I do not have any virus attacks.  Therefore, what those evil g00gle boogey-men tried to suppress (at my former blog – which includes a lot of Christian content) is still being read by hundreds of new visitors each week.  Praise God!

I’m so glad that we “met” online Pastor Bickel and am so blessed to be able to read your excellent work here at Moral Matters!

No matter what happens here on this earth, we know that Jesus Christ is victorious through it all!

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Talk Wisdom's goal is to defend the tenets and values of Biblical Christian faith. We defend our Constitutional Republic and Charters of Freedom, especially when speaking out against destructive social and political issues. As followers of our Savior and Lord, we should boldly stand up for Jesus Christ in our present circumstances. He is our Savior, Lord, and King, and His love needs to be shed abroad in our hearts and in our world - now.

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