X22 Report: Official Secrets Ready To Be Revealed! Deep State Moves To Blackout The Information! – Must Video

I hope that everyone reading here had a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving! 🦃🍁❤️🙏🏻

Here is the latest information from Dave at the X22 Report!

Dave wrote:

“The [DS] are now reacting to everything, they are panicking over Twitter. They have lost control of the blocking system and the EM is about to reveal the truth. The people that were banned are now about to come back online. The [DS] in the end will only have one choice, a communication blackout because official secrets are about to be revealed. The [DS] never thought that the secrets would see the light of day. Trump is  pushing freedom.”

P.S. Dear Patriots, If you are not on Truth Social yet, I recommend that you join! There is Information and great conversations not found anywhere else! Twitter is starting to reveal what was once hidden, thanks to Elon Musk’s purchase of the platform and reinstated users coming back! Those who were once banned from the platform are now returning!

5 Responses to “X22 Report: Official Secrets Ready To Be Revealed! Deep State Moves To Blackout The Information! – Must Video”


    Truth social requires you to join them; info can’t be viewed by going to their site, unlike Rumble.

    They also require use of a mobile device to establish an account, they offer no alternative such as a PC connection. This is both restrictive, and controlling.

    AT&T’s posturing, making it abysmally expensive for me to maintain a landline, forced me to obtain a flip phone, and get rid of them. But insisting on a mobile connection by Truth Social is unacceptable.

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    • christinewjc Says:

      So sorry to hear about your phone troubles. I see what you’re saying about needing to join Truth Social with an iPhone. My guess is that most people have that or the Android, so they figured it wouldn’t be a problem.

      I was on Facebook for a brief time 8 years ago. Tried Instagram briefly, but left within less than a year. Never joined Twitter, although I see what you mean about still being able to access posts without joining.

      Truth Social has more protection for its users, and I like that. There are trolls ( probably bots, too) and haters on there, but individuals can choose to either block or mute them from their feed, without banning them from the entire platform.

      My experience there has been quite good. I have met a lot of Christians, nice people, and President Trump supporters (MAGA fans) to connect with.

      Even though Twitter has opened up to more people that they previously banned, I haven’t found a reason to join that platform. But who knows what the future may bring? So far, what I’ve heard and seen about Elon Musk running the show over there has been good. Thanks for stopping by! I hope you liked the X22 Report video. It gives me hope for the future of our beloved America!

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        My flip phone has unlimited talk/text; however, their usual gamut of rules and terms, are little different from other platforms. I am skeptical of their “assurances”.
        I am glad we can connect at WP; WP has its own issues, which almost had me leave, though other hosted sites -like Blogger- leave much to be desired. So I’m left with a rather crude expression: “Better the Devil you know”

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      • christinewjc Says:

        I had my blog at Blogger for several years. Then gOogle changed their platform requirements- forcing people to “sign in via all of g0ogle.” That’s when I abandoned that blog and started this one here at WordPress. I use DuckDuckGo for searches, but recently read that they have become more “woke” and aren’t as “free and fair” in the searches anymore 🙄.

        So many platforms (we are gradually learning) want to control the narrative – like when Twit banned people because they didn’t like their politics. Elon is exposing their huge amount of bias, and people behind their not-so-hidden evil and control now! I’m glad that’s happening!

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    Yes, I read about that issue w/ the duck. Long ago I was using Startpage, but “powered by Google”?…
    HAd you seen this post? GRC’s “shields up” program to test yoyur security stated my PS was totally stealth “unusual for Windows”

    GRC PC security tests


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