President Trump’s Announcement 11/15/22

I watched President Trump’s announcement that he will be running for President again in 2024 on Newsmax. It was a great and uplifting speech, after all the turmoil that America has been suffering under the fake Bidan Admin. Some trolls on Truth Social tried to downplay the significance of Trump’s announcement. Just goes to show that there are some people who are, and always will be, shills for the Dem party, no matter how bad their policies have been for two disastrous years! But, this post isn’t going to be about all of that. The cheating in both elections- 2020 and also in 2022 – are more obvious to more Americans than ever before! More and more Americans have been awakened to that fact, and that’s a good thing!

I read on Truth Social that Fox News cut away from Trump’s speech before he was finished speaking. Isn’t that rich? I’m glad that I dumped that network over two years ago! I watched it on Newsmax, and they did a good job broadcasting it all without rude interruptions, and their commentary from guests before and afterwards was spot on.

Early this morning, I viewed a great 19 min. video put out by Michael Jaco. In fact, I listened to it twice! Posting it here so readers can now view and listen to what he has to say! Important Intel!!!

“Trump biggest reveal in history today? Space force plane in space before 2020 election & just landed”

Many Patriots are wondering, “what is taking so long!” regarding the Big Reveal. If you listen carefully to what Michael shares in this video, you will know why.

As I read and find more information, I will post it here!

I truly believe and understand that God is guiding our true Leader, his assistants, and our Military in this brilliant operation! Recall Kim Clement’s prophecy about this time in history!? Recall that Kim stated (about God) that, “ this plan is so brilliant, that it could only have come from Me.”


5 Responses to “President Trump’s Announcement 11/15/22”

  1. John Says:

    So you’re going to win “Bigly?” Ha!ha!Ha! Slimmest margin in history.


  2. bunkerville Says:

    Thanks for the follow…. I will return the favor.. Great post.


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