Derek Johnson Bombshell 10/30/22

“This is a video everyone needs to hear! Epic‼️ Derek Johnson is my REAL HERO for educating so many of us to this welcomed and fantastic news!!! Derek, you are genuinely a GIFT to those of us who WERE blind, but, NOW see!!”

The above is a quote from the website where I found this video interview. I have seen other Derek Johnson videos, but this is the best! You will get an excellent interview/conversation that will inform you about what is actually going on, particularly in our nation, but also in areas around the world.

Here is the link to the 1776- The Documents where Derek’s conversation and commentary is backed up with crucial information:

Readers who take the time to watch and listen will get a great education re: military codes and operations, our political history, law and order, and exactly why this huge operation was needed for such a time as this in our beloved United States of America!

P.S. The title on the video appeared to be inaccurate to me because President Trump is working with the Military; but perhaps it’s written that way for a particular purpose. My guess is that there are the “White Hats” in the military (as Derek mentions several hundred Generals and all the divisions under them), vs. the “Black Hats” which oppose this operation. Again, that’s just my guess based on many video podcasts where such things are mentioned.

Feel free to comment! Would love to hear your thoughts on this epic and historic time in the history of our nation!

Most of all, keep everyone involved in your prayers!

~ Christine


One Response to “Derek Johnson Bombshell 10/30/22”

  1. christinewjc Says:

    In a related issue, here’s the link at WND (World Net Daily) about the jailing of True The Vote defendants Gregg Phillips and Catherine Engelbreht because they wouldn’t give up an informant’s name( for fear his life would be in danger). This is all related to the 2020 stolen election. Space force has it all – meaning the proof of the election fraud – and hopefully soon, all will be revealed and the perps will all be arrested, tried in Military tribunals, and discover their fate for election crimes…and worse! Stay tuned…


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