X22Report – The Deep State Woke the Sleeping Giant! Evil Is Embedded Globally! US Is the First Domino! – Video 

The [DS]/fake news is pushing everything they have, but there is no war in Ukraine, Putin is removing the [DS] players. Globalism, marxism, communism is coming to an end. The [DS] woke the sleeping giant.  Evil is not just here in the US, it is embedded globally. The [DS] players are panicking, they know if Ukraine falls their funding dries up and its the end for them. The US is the first domino to fall, the storm is coming.

Also, here’s a must see video! That is, if you really want to know the truth about what has been going on in Ukraine; including years ago, which involved a certain VP. (Note: it’s long and contains subtitles, but its important information.)

Today, the Marshall Report has information that you won’t get from the media of mass deception! The background information in the above two videos would help the readers understanding, but if pressed for time, see this post!

Excerpts from The Marshall Report:

Those nasty biolabs have been dangerous and perhaps when we dig a bit deeper we just may find they never should have been built. Why did the U.S. need so many in Ukraine?

FROM – STORM RIDER on Telegram who reported the following information on PUTIN and the BIOLABS:

Why did the DEEP STATE, SOROS , OBAMA, DAVOS GROUP, UNITED NATIONS, NATO ECT., invest hundreds of BILLIONS into level 4  Biolabs across UKRAINE? And was only accessible to the U.S. and ELITES? 

Why did PUTIN and WHITE HATS clear these BIOLABS out weeks ago in special Operations military raids to contain the VIRUS’S and other biological weapons. The STRIKES you’re seeing now is the AFTERMATH. Do you think white hats would risk just destroying the biolabs and risking leaks of the bioweapons without first securing the pathogens/bioweapons? And why did PUTIN bomb these level 4 Labs across UKRAINE>>> in PRECISION STRIKES?

Here’s the answer:

UKRAINE biolabs, Bioweapons areGENETICALLY MODIFIED VIRUS / DNA SEQUENCING ENGINEERED TO TARGET THE SLAVIC PEOPLE/ NATIONS UP TO RUSSIA. In 2008 MILITARY INTEL sources (white hats) leaked information to PUTIN that the UN backed GATES (MOSSAD) foundation / OBAMA was funneling money into Russia/ UKRAINE and were in the midst of creating Biolabs and figuring out the sequence genes of the SLAVIC people. The reasons were for future biological engineered Weapons that would Attack the SLAVIC population (Klaus Schwab German Bilderberger group/ NASA/ CIA /UK Majesty / Mossad ECT., all PLANNED to exterminate the SLAVIC regions from POLAND to RUSSIA to Southern EU Slavic countries.

PUTIN HAD BECOME A HUGE PROBLEM- GETTING RID/WAGING WAR ON [Deep State] MSM / KAZARIAN MAFIA CONTROLLED BANKS IN RUSSIA CONNECTED TO CABAL/ MOSSAD/ KAZARIAN OLIGARCHS. Many inside the CABAL/CIA > Klaus Schwab wanted Revenge for RUSSIA killing millions of Germans in WW2 and for RUSSIA Aligning with the ALLIES to bring down the 3rd Reich and for RUSSIA’S control over the SOVIET UNION ERA.

In 2012 Soros, Schwab, BILDERBERGER/ ROCKEFELLERS, (UN/ NATO) made their move and began building underground biolabs and eventually after the COLOUR REVOLUTION installed by SOROS Deep State, Schwab in 2014, they began building the labs throughout UKRAINE and used local population/ trafficked (Slavic) humans in their experiments to figure out the best way to KILL them through engineered VIRUS’S (GAIN OF FUNCTION) BIOLOGICAL ENGINEERED WEAPONS!!!

Now you know why the biolabs were targeted first and destroyed… With precision STRIKES. If PUTIN just wanted to KILL Ukrainians, he could have used other high-grade weapons, and missiles to flatten the cities.

Only later WILL you learn the HUNDREDS of MILLIONS of lives that were SAVED by PUTIN through DESTROYING THE LABS. End of Storm Rider’s post. / end of excerpts

SO much more to read and learn at The Marshall Report link below!

Hat tips to all links and videos.

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  1. GMpilot Says:

    Odd that one of your favorite sources doesn’t agree with you.


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