Everything Is About to Change!


“ Trump and the patriots have all the leverage, they have the [DS] exactly where they want them. The entire plan is now coming into focus, truth social, taking back the house and senate, Durham and crimes against humanity, its all about to come out. What we are witnessing is a birth of a new nation, the world is now seeing this and the people are coming together, the cure is literally spreading world wide. “

I loved the song at the end of the Trump rally!

Hold on…I’m comin! Hold on, I’m comin!

2 Responses to “Everything Is About to Change!”

  1. christinewjc Says:

    Also see The Geller Report! Great photos of the huge Save America crowd and tweets from supporters!



  2. christinewjc Says:

    Excerpt from Geller Report:

    “ During his speech, Trump said president Joe Biden is creating a “Real risk of world war three.”

    Trump blasted president Biden, Blaming him for foreign and domestic problems, and said America’s withdrawal from Afghanistan was image changing and demonstrated weakness to the rest of the world.

    “What Joe Biden and Pelosi-Schumer Congress have done to our country in just one year is a travesty of the highest order. Inflation is skyrocketing. Gas prices are soaring. Supply chains are crumbling. Can you believe what’s happening? You can’t get anything.”

    He says North Korea is now testing missiles like never before, China is threatening Taiwan, Russia may take over Ukraine, and Iran is close to getting a nuclear weapon.

    Trump also blamed Biden for problems at home, high inflation, supply chain problems, and a surge of migrants at the southern border.

    “Joe Biden’s weakness and incompetence is creating a very real risk of World War Three. Look at what’s going on. This would have never happened with us. It was never even a thought. Would have never happened. If you care about your future and your family and your country, you have no choice. This November you have to throw these raving lunatics the hell out of power and elect strong, smart, tough Republicans who can restore your borders, protect your safety, defend your jobs and put America first.”


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