Mark Taylor Warning to Trump – The Marshall Report

Really good read, videos to view and listen to, and all around great post!


After a year of being silenced and silent, Mark Taylor has spoken out to warn the people and especially President Trump!



The time is pressing forward to come out from her my people. Mark Taylor spoke out just before Thanksgiving about false prophets leading the President wrongly. He spoke out about the false prophets leading the people wrongly and to come out of her my people. 

Mark Taylor tells of his prophecy given to him on January 7, 2021. “The betrayer sits at the kings table.” Today we are seeing this prophecy manifest itself and many are wondering what to make of it. In Mark’s prophecy, he states that God is addressing the false prophets. The false spiritual advisors who are advising Trump.”

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My comment there:

Excellent post Dianne! Likely one of the best that I’ve read from you! 

Years ago, I had no idea how huge the human & child trafficking “industry” was, nor how prevalent pedophilia is in our nation and around the world. It sickened me so bad! But now I realize why the lgbtqi + etc. “movement” wants to add the “p” onto the letters of sexual sin. They almost accomplished lowering the age of consent in crazy Ca. years ago from 18 to 14 or 15? The evil of all of this is enormous – especially for the little children! We know why Jesus said that “ it would be better if (these perps) have a millstone hung on their necks and thrown into the sea, than to hurt these little ones who believe in Me.”

Who on this earth was brave enough to confront and try to attack to expose and end such evil? President Donald J. Trump. That, as well as all the other issues that he took on, had purpose to eradicate so much evil on this earth. He took on the huge challenge against the 16 yr. plan of the so-called “Great Reset” to bring about The Great Awakening (so people around the world would see the evil and rise up against it) and do the difficult work to destroy the evildoers plan to ruin our nation and the world!

I do agree, to a certain point, that Trump may have listened to some people who were not truly of God or true Jesus followers, but ultimately maybe for the purpose of “using” them to awaken the sheep who have gone astray?

In the past, I have shared here why, what I believe, is the military operation of Devolution which had to be done to expose all of this while he was seen as being “in the background” and to hopefully and prayerfully take them all down! It’s a monumental sting operation, to say the least! The more that is exposed, the more I realize why it’s taking so long to achieve.

I can certainly appreciate why Mark Taylor points out how certain people advising Trump may not be true Christians (or, just spiritually not discerning) and why he can’t understand why Trump mentions the jabs. I have written about that here in the past. But this new explanation should be shared far and wide (IMHO).

“Wed. 5 Jan. Q, The Storm Rider: Why does TRUMP push vaccines? That answer is connected to Military Tribunals, War Crime Courts and Crimes Against Humanity Nuremberg Code Trials. Trump will expose the world to the corrupt system through producing evidence that will bring down the World Cabal. He will show why Fauci, NIH, CDC, NIAIH, WHO Health Boards, World Banks, Big Pharma, Big Tech, the CIA and UN all colluded to give out false evidence and information of a Pandemic and illicit vaccines. He will show how the first batches of vaccines released through Operation Warp Speed were mainly fake placebos and why infiltration into the Deep State vaccine world was necessary. Trump’s early release of the vaccines threw the Deep State plan into chaos. The World Banks, investors, brokers and share holders of pharmaceutical companies went into panic mode. Half of trillions of dollars were lost in the unsure Stock Markets in the first days of Jan. 2020. Trump will answer to Military Courts and show that the false data, false evidence and other falsified information that the Deep State put out on Covid-19 and the vaccines will bring them down.”

Now, we see We the People waking up by the millions – protesting across the world against these jab mandates!

Thanks again, Dianne, for always keeping us informed via your excellent blog!
🙏🏻✝️❤️ Christine

2 Responses to “Mark Taylor Warning to Trump – The Marshall Report”

  1. christinewjc Says:

    P.S. This is a good link that helps explain the Devolution series by Patel Patriot, and also contains links to the series of posts ( there are now 16?, I think) explaining what Devolution is all about.

    Sallie Borrink: Understanding the Devolution Series by Patel Patriot


  2. christinewjc Says:

    Be sure to see this excellent interview of Patel Patriot ( creator of the Devolution series) and Seth Holehouse of Man In America videos!

    As Sally points out, much has happened and added since that video.

    “Part III: Is There REALLY a Plan? (Devolution)
    This is an interesting interview from early September. Part 9 was very convincing for me as well. Part 13 is incredibly important, but came after this interview.”

    If, for some reason, the video doesn’t play here, just go to Sally’s link ( in previous comment box), scroll down and you will find it.

    A simple explanation:


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