Where Do We Go From Here?

Today, Dr. David Jeremiah’s original discussion about his latest end times prophecy book was rebroadcast. The discussion is fascinating and if you haven’t seen it, here’s the link!


Dr. Jeremiah said, ”We cannot live in lies.  We need to live in the truth.  We need to discern it.

We as Christians need to be set free by the truth. We are not meant to be globalists, we are meant to be nationalists.

God is a nationalist. He created the nations.  Read in Acts.  Read in the Bible.  So many nations!  God created that.  He wants it to stay that way.”

So much more can be learned by viewing the entire series!

The past 2 years while dealing with this ”pandemic” has caused much fear in the lives of millions. But remember this…fear is a liar!

Zach Williams: Fear is a liar!

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