“Evil is powerless when good men are unafraid.”

See the powerful speech from Jim Caviezel during the TPV Patriot Double Down in Las Vegas!

Jim Caviezel Historic Speech

3 Responses to ““Evil is powerless when good men are unafraid.””

  1. Cry and Howl Says:

    Hey Christine. I was going to send a email to you and for some reason I don’t have your email address. If you can, send it to me at cryandhowl@yahoo.com
    Thanks! Steve

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  2. Cry and Howl Says:

    What a great speech!! Thanks your posting that Christine!

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    • christinewjc Says:

      Yes! I have always been very impressed with Jim Caviezel. He’s the real deal in his love for Jesus. He is in an upcoming movie about child trafficking- I think it’s called “The Sound of Freedom.” Such a very sad and horrible reality… but I’ve heard that the movie is well done.

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