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Now Comes The Truth!

September 28, 2021

You know the globalists have gone too far when Russell Brand, who is loved by the left, comes out and says…”Hey Trump was RIGHT about Clinton and Russia

Source: Now Comes The Truth!

Arizona Maricopa County Election Audit Results Today!

September 24, 2021

Arizona Maricopa County election audit results presentation, Watch live Friday September 24, 2021 4:00 PM EDT

It’s about time!!!

Tucker Carlson: Joe Biden revealed why he supports illegal immigration in 2015, he wants to change the country 

September 23, 2021

You’ve got to ask yourself, as you watch the historic tragedy that is Joe Biden’s immigration policy, what’s the point of this? Nothing about it is an accident, obviously. It is intentional. Biden did it on purpose. But why? Why would a president do this to his own country? No sane, first-world nation opens its borders to the world. Promising the poorest people on the planet that they can have endless free, taxpayer-funded services if they show up and break your laws isn’t just stupid. It’s suicidal. For generations, middle-class Americans had access to the best health care in the world. But not anymore. That’s over for good. Our system can’t handle this many destitute newcomers. Imagine what hospitals are going to look like a year from now? How about the schools? What Joe Biden is doing now will change this country forever. So, again, why’s he doing it?

There’s only one plausible answer. You’re not allowed to say it out loud. CNN will attack you if you do. The social media companies will shut you down. The Southern Poverty Law Center will call you dangerous. You could lose your bank account. The left will become completely unhinged and hysterical, and that’s how you know it’s true. They only censor the true things. No one gets in trouble for claiming the earth is flat. So it would be risky for us to explain what’s actually happening here. But for once we don’t need to do that. Joe Biden himself has already done it. Biden explained the entire point of mass immigration back in 2015, when he was Vice President:

JOE BIDEN: An unrelenting stream of immigration. Nonstop, nonstop. Folks like me who are Caucasian, of European descent, for the first time in 2017 we’ll be an absolute minority in the United States of America. Absolute minority. Fewer than 50% of the people in America from then and on will be white European stock. That’s not a bad thing. That’s a source of our strength.

“An unrelenting stream of immigration.” Why? Joe Biden said it. To change the racial mix of the country. That’s the reason. To reduce the political power of people whose ancestors lived here, and dramatically increase the proportion of Americans newly arrived from the third world. And then Biden went further and said that non-white DNA is the source of our strength. Imagine saying that. This is the language of eugenics. It’s horrifying. But there’s a reason Biden said it. In political terms, this policy is sometimes called the great replacement — the replacement of legacy Americans, with more obedient people from far away countries.
They brag about it all the time, but if you dare to say this is happening they’ll scream at you with maximum hysteria. And yet here you have Joe Biden confirming his motive, on tape, with a smile on his face. No one who talks like this should ever be the President of the United States. The president has a moral obligation to represent all Americans equally, not just those of a specific color. For four years, remember, they told you Donald Trump was a racist. But has anyone shown that Trump ever in his life said anything half as disgusting as Joe Biden said on that tape? No. No one has.

Now, you’re not supposed to notice this, of course. And to keep you from noticing what Joe Biden is doing and why they are as always accusing you of their sins. Two sitting members of Congress told you it’s “racist” to enforce immigration law.

AYANNA PRESSLEY: Congress must do the work of investigating and ensuring accountability of the egregious and white supremacist behavior of border patrol agents in Del Rio Texas.

MAXINE WATERS: What we witnessed takes us back hundreds of years. What we witnessed was worse than what we witnessed in slavery. Cowboys with their reigns again whipping Black people, Haitians into the water, where they’re scrambling and falling down. When all they’re trying to do is escape from violence in their country.

“It’s worse than slavery,” enforcing our own laws. That was Maxine Waters. Everything she just said is a lie. The Haitians now in Texas aren’t trying to escape violence in their own country. They haven’t been in Haiti in years. They’ve been living in South America. Many even had refugee status in South America, in countries like Chile and Brazil. But that wasn’t good enough. They waited until Joe Biden became president and came here, for the free health care and housing Biden promised them. So now they’ve arrived. Why wouldn’t they? You would. Who wouldn’t? Here’s what it is like in South Texas:

BILL MELUGIN: A stunning scene more reminiscent of a third-world country than the United States. Over 10,000 migrants are crammed underneath the international bridge here after crossing illegally into the United States. Many using sticks, plants, and whatever they can find to build shelter, as they wait to be processed by border patrol. From above, a Fox News drone reveals the size and scope of the crisis showing a camp that reached a population of 15,000 at its climax. Because of this, over the weekend we gained exclusive access to a boat on the Rio Grande. We watched as a constant stream of hundreds of migrants crossed the river from Mexico entering the United States illegally, hundreds at a time gathering on the shoreline before walking on the bridge.

Sound like the country you grew up in? No. We don’t have to put up with this, we could solve it in a day. The administration could send these people back immediately. Haitians aren’t bad people, a lot of them are great people. But we have no obligation to let them into our country. American citizens owe no debt to Haiti. Haiti was never an American colony. It’s been an independent country for more than 200 years, since 1804. For much of that time, we’ve sent Haiti a whole lot of aid. So however sad and dysfunctional Haiti might be, it’s not our fault. That’s for sure. Yet Joe Biden is now punishing Border Patrol officers who tried to enforce the law, who dared to deter Haitians from entering this country illegally. They had reins, not whips, reins. But it doesn’t matter to the Biden administration. The officers’ real crime was trying to do their job, to stop illegal migration into this country. They have now been suspended and likely will be fired. Can you imagine punishing law enforcement for enforcing the law? This is insane. Why do American citizens have a duty to follow the law at this point? That’s an honest question. People are going to start asking this question.

The White House spent most of today calling those officers’ actions “horrific.” Horrific how, exactly? The White House never told us. That’s because no one ever really cared about the “whip” was real or not.

Joe Biden’s press secretary is an accomplished liar, so she understands that principle well. Here she is, in one of the great clips of all time, claiming that unlike you, Haitians don’t need to show vaccination cards:

DOOCY: If somebody walks into the country right across the river, does somebody ask them to see their vaccination card?

PSAKI: Well, let me explain to you again, Peter, how our process works as individuals, as individuals come across the border and they are both assessed for whether they have any symptoms. If they have symptoms, they are the intention is for them to be quarantined. That is our process. They’re not intending to stay here for a lengthy period of time.

Oh, so Haitians entering our country illegally from God knows where are not required to show vaccination cards because “They’re not intending to stay here for a lengthy period of time.”


Really? So let’s say you go out to a restaurant in midtown Manhattan, do you intend to stay in that restaurant for a lengthy period of time, for years? No. You just want to have dinner. But in order to get inside, you still need to show a vaccination card. That’s because you were born here. You’re not Haitian. You don’t get a pass.

Let’s be honest: none of these people are ever going home. That’s just true. According to the Associated Press, “Many Haitian migrants camped in a small Texas border town are being released in the United States.” Haitians, one official told the AP, have been freed on a quote “very, very large scale.” Well, of course. In recent days, Fox News has confirmed that many of these Haitians aren’t even being given court dates. They’re given advisory notices requesting that they show up at some point in the future. Any woman claiming to be pregnant is immediately being waved into the country, no proof necessary. Her child would be instantly an American citizen.

Who are these people, exactly? These new Americans. The administration has no idea. None. They don’t care. Today, Jen Psaki again admitted she’s not even sure how many Haitians have been admitted into the United States, or how many have been deported. All we know is that several of the Haitians trying to gain access to this country appear to be violent. This was the scene at the airport in Port-au-Prince yesterday:

REPORTER: The scene at Port au Prince airport in Haiti is volatile. Angry Haitians dropped off here by the Biden administration threw rocks and shoes at the plane that carried them home. Three US ICE officers were reported injured during incidents on the tarmac.

Throwing rocks at ICE officers. The Biden administration has made it clear it’s not going to do anything about this. The governor of Texas isn’t doing much about it either. That would be Greg Abbott, a Republican. In a matter of moments, Greg Abbott could deploy the Texas National Guard to shut off the southern border completely, protect his state and the rest of the country completely. He has refused to do that. Instead, Greg Abbott has deployed just over 1,000 of the 19,000 troops he controls. Why is that? Why not save the country if you have the power to do that? Why not save your own state? We don’t know, Greg Abbott refuses to come on the show and tell us.

This article is adapted from Tucker Carlson’s opening commentary on the September 22, 2021 edition of “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

Note: I found two sites that had the video of Tucker’s commentary, but both videos kept being muted! Huh…I wonder why?

About the ”vaccine.” 2nd Important update!!! See the 4 min video added!!!

September 13, 2021

Each person makes their own (hopefully informed!) decision about whether or not they should take “the jab.” I’ve made mine NOT TO get it, and it’s my choice!

*****More recent update!*****


I pains me to have to do this additional update!  ☹️☹️☹️*********

PLEASE DO NOT vaccinate your children!!!  Read this essay at the link below!

At least the good news is that the vaccine mandates have been halted by the courts!  Always remember that a mandate is not a law!!!  Do NOT comply!  It’s better to get a job elsewhere than to take an experimental vaccine that is injuring and killing people!!!

!!! Important update-9/26/21 !!!

Please view the short video at the link below!

Why Do Some Vaccinated People Have Horrible Side Effects But Others Do Not?

Good question! Note: I cannot be certain how accurate this woman’s commentary is, but it makes sense for any vaccine trial! I have been praying for months that people have gotten the placebo or one of the lesser damaging versions of the jab!
*******End of update*******

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This is how a genuine President speaks and spends time with heroes.

September 11, 2021

Statement by Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America 

For the great people of our Country, this is a very sad day. September 11th represents great sorrow for our Country. Many things were displayed that day, including most importantly the bravery of our police, fire, and first responders of every kind. The job they did was truly unbelievable. We love them, and we thank them. 

It is also a sad time for the way our war on those that did such harm to our Country ended last week. The loss of 13 great warriors and the many more who were wounded should never have happened. Overall, 250 people were killed in Afghanistan last week and so many more were seriously injured. We had $85 billion of the finest and most sophisticated military equipment taken from us without even a shot being fired. The leader of our Country was made to look like a fool and that can never be allowed to happen. It was caused by bad planning, incredible weakness, and leaders who truly didn’t understand what was happening. This is the 20th year of this war and should have been a year of victory, honor, and strength. Instead, Joe Biden and his inept administration surrendered in defeat. 

We will live on, but sadly our Country will be wounded for a long period of time. We will struggle to recover from the embarrassment this incompetence has caused. Do not fear, however. America will be made great again! 

Note: Be sure to watch the videos at the link above; especially the one with the police and first responders.

President Donald J. Trump instinctively knows what to say and do in response to those around him. He is a genuine person, unlike the cheater in ”chief” Buyden. What an absolute disgrace Buyden is!

The 2020 Election needs to be decertified and the rightful winner – Donald J. Trump – should take his rightful place as the President of the United States of America!

TRUMP Live@ National Mall

Here’s an inspiring short film entitled Boatlift that showed hundreds of thousands of people trapped in Manhattan on 9/11/01 and how they were rescued! Thanks to my friend L for sharing this link!

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