And We Know Video Link!

Emotional Overload on all Levels! We must pray, people!

Excerpt from Natural News link:

(Natural News) As the United States continues its descent into tyranny – due in large part to widespread complacency, sad to say – the time has never been more urgent for patriotic Americans to take a formidable stand against it.

Sharing articles and videos on social media is no longer cutting it as governments, large corporations and school districts continue to tighten the noose with Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) vaccine mandates – which, by the way, are completely unconstitutional.

Appearing on a recent episode of “Brighteon Conversations” with Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. of Children’s Health Defense (CHD) issued a call to everyone in America who still cares about freedom, our Constitution and everything this country was built upon to do something while we still can to stop this nightmare from advancing any further.

“They are so close to completely enveloping us with this totalitarianism that we all need to resist,” Kennedy told Adams and viewers. “And one of the ways that we can resist is that if you refuse and get fired, then you sue. And we want thousands and thousands of people to do this and get the Supreme Court on this.”

Kennedy went on to explain, while visibly trying to hold back tears, that everything our forefathers fought to give us is just about completely eroded away, thanks to the Chinese Virus “Trojan Horse,” which has become the world’s biggest excuse to usher in absolute authoritarianism.”

“This is a battle for our country,” Kennedy maintains.

“It’s a battle for our Constitution. We had people who gave us our constitutional rights who were willing to die for it, who believed that there were things worse than death, including living like a slave. And we all have a duty to put our livelihoods on the line, and whatever we need on the line, and say ‘We are going to resist.’”

(Continue reading at link above.)

Also, be sure to watch this video from OAN about how well Ivermectin has worked in Australia and many other countries!

Notice the date of the broadcast? It is from a year ago!!!

Why is this information being hidden from much of the public here in the USA???

Thanks to my friend L for sharing the link to the OAN broadcast!

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