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Twitter Thread That Explains Why Trump Supporters Feel the Way They Do About the 2020 Election


“ It’s a lengthy thread that summarizes everything. How the FBI lied about the Steele Dossier, how they knew it was Democratic opposition research, how Comey knew the document’s origins—and how everyone lied about it until they couldn’t do so anymore. Then, there’s the media’s pervasive gaslighting on the issue, coupled with their mob-like behavior concerning anything they find disagreeable, like painting Brett Kavanaugh as a gang rapist with zero evidence. To make matters worse, the media doesn’t care that they lie. When cornered, they don’t admit defeat—they double-down. And now with Big Tech censoring news, more gas has been poured on this fire. The thread noted how the media would react if the contents of Donald Trump Jr.’s laptop were revealed. I think you all know what the conclusion would be. The main point is that it’s the liberal media, the Democrats, and our intelligence agencies’ pervasive lying that’s provided the tinder for this firestorm. But the mean tweets, folks. That was the real problem. If anything, we’re reminded with each day how it’s the Left that’s the true rot of America, one that’s eaten our institutions from the inside out. They’ve reached a new, odious level of evolution in that feat.

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