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Biden Administration and Democrats Promote New Mask Mandate, Then This Happens

July 30, 2021

The severe hypocrisy of the leftist goons knows no bounds! However, the truth is getting out and being exposed so that more and more Americans are waking up and are not going to take the hype and cruelty being orchestrated by these Marxist traitors to our country! Harsh words? Perhaps. But it’s the truth, and I am seeing day by day that the truth will win out.


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The Biden Administration, Nancy Pelosi, the CDC and scientific establishment along with the Democrat machine writ large, have re-instituted a new indoor national mask mandate that everyone is expected to abide by. However, check out Joe Biden today in Pennsylvania…. notice anything missing?

Not a mask in sight; which highlights the reality – Democrats do not even believe their own message. It’s not really hypocrisy because they know the mask narrative is a fraud. They know their mask narrative is a purposeful ruse. Their actual behavior is a physical representation of the lie they know they are selling.

As Donald Trump Jr rightlysaid, the mask mandate has nothing to do with science, it is “actually all about protecting the political power of left-wing Democrats who want to use COVID as an excuse…

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Want to keep up with the real news?

July 28, 2021

Dave at the X22 Report has put together many excellent videos which should give us all hope and confidence that the cabal will be defeated! These operations take time, and the increase of forensic audits in several states will reveal just how terribly fraudulent the 2020 Election was!

Hopefully, I will find more videos to place here that are designed to inform us about all that is going on behind the scenes, which the media of mass deception will not cover, report, or show! OANN ( One America News Network) is a good one that reveals important information that goes way past the fake news. Newsmax is good, too.

See many of Dave’s videos at the link below!

The Spirit and the Flesh – Romans VIII

July 25, 2021

Look at the word “FLESH.” Remove the H (which stands for Him – meaning God) and spell the rest of the word backwards and you get “SELF.” Please view the video at this link – you’ll be SO glad you did!

“When you get the Holy Spirit in your life, you are saved and can be excited about what God will do next in your life!” – David Jeremiah

Here’s a brief personal story. Yesterday I had a somewhat difficult conversation with someone about the current and ongoing controversy over the vaxed vs. unvaxed decision. After stating my view and what I’ve learned about the vax (i.e. there was no previous animal testing, no human volunteer trial testing, the negative reactions of those jabbed (including deaths), my personal choice in the matter etc.) I got what appeared to be a perplexed look and was told that my good reasons stated were “puzzling” to the person. Made me sad. But then, I went out into my back yard last night with my doggies and it started to drizzle. I looked up and there was one of God’s huge rainbows over my home! Thank you Lord for that sign of encouragement!

My second sign of encouragement was the message in the video link above. I pray 🙏🏻 that it encourages you, dear readers, too!

Have a blessed day!

✝️🙏🏻❤️ Christine

Frontline Doctors…

July 21, 2021

Dear Readers,

This is a must read post and please view the videos!  Dianne has put together important information that should be shared with everyone!

🙏🏻 Christine ✝️

U N B A N N E D … U N B A N N E D!!!

Source: Frontline Doctors…

Good Explanation!

July 17, 2021

Twitter Thread That Explains Why Trump Supporters Feel the Way They Do About the 2020 Election


“ It’s a lengthy thread that summarizes everything. How the FBI lied about the Steele Dossier, how they knew it was Democratic opposition research, how Comey knew the document’s origins—and how everyone lied about it until they couldn’t do so anymore. Then, there’s the media’s pervasive gaslighting on the issue, coupled with their mob-like behavior concerning anything they find disagreeable, like painting Brett Kavanaugh as a gang rapist with zero evidence. To make matters worse, the media doesn’t care that they lie. When cornered, they don’t admit defeat—they double-down. And now with Big Tech censoring news, more gas has been poured on this fire. The thread noted how the media would react if the contents of Donald Trump Jr.’s laptop were revealed. I think you all know what the conclusion would be. The main point is that it’s the liberal media, the Democrats, and our intelligence agencies’ pervasive lying that’s provided the tinder for this firestorm. But the mean tweets, folks. That was the real problem. If anything, we’re reminded with each day how it’s the Left that’s the true rot of America, one that’s eaten our institutions from the inside out. They’ve reached a new, odious level of evolution in that feat.

Build Back Better Vs. Save America? Update 7/7/21!!!

July 1, 2021

Dianne’s blog has moved to a better site and format. Here is the link so that readers here can find her excellent posts.

Update 7/16/21:

For some reason, the link I previously put here isn’t working. Apologies for that, and when I can fix or repost it, I will.


As the world pushes on during the exposure of the fake pandemic, border issues, along with human and child and sex slave trafficking is a shadow buried under fake news, also known as generated propaganda and as Pelosi calls it – the wrap up smear where she is now trying desperately to wrap up the smear for Jan. 6th and her bus loads of paid ANTIFA allowed into the Capitol to blame a breech/riot on Trump Supporters. 

So while the McAffee body suddenly produced a suicide note, and Epstein didn’t kill himself, and Ghislaine Maxwell is singing in her cell. Meanwhile, the Pelosi led congress continues to lie and she is now busy blaming her own treasonous activity of the orchestrated Capitol breech fiasco of January 6, 2021, on Trump supporters. She is having a hay day pushing her coup and trying to pass off her bussed in ANTIFA rioters as Trump supporters. Pelosi is pushing another lie saying Trump supporters committed a terrorist act, when the truth is, they came to hear President Trump speak on the Election Fraud and show support for a fair electoral counting process for states who wanted the chance to have a ballot recount.

We watched 8 years of war on terror starting with 911 and the Patriot Act. This war toppled sovereign nations and killed populations of humanity. That followed 8 years of homeland destruction and more nation toppling based on war on terror and drones. We have been at war for decades and Hillary was going to finish it. She was never supposed to lose.

Trump won and he went right to work to restore and save the Republic. He called out the fake news, waking people up, and set out to drain the swamp. All the while the deep state was sabotaging his every step. Today, people are shouting….when are we going back to normal? When are we going back to a pre-COVID life? I say, hopefully NEVER. May we instead pray to God to deliver us into a free world based on natural laws free from tyranny and a global cabal that creates war and destruction on innocent people by any means they can think of. 

May we press forward to build a world free of greedy evil tyrants who seek to kill, steal and destroy! We are at a fork in the road. Each must choose to go to the left or the right. We either press for sovereignty of nations where people trade with respect and fairness, appreciating the different cultures and people throughout the regions of the world. Or the alternative is to be enslaved by greedy tyrants who want to depopulate humanity and own everything. Their goal is to control your every move in their new transhuman world order. You must decide whether to trust in God or follow evil tyrants. It is each ones choice.

Update/New Information!

See this link!!!

Geller Report: Bombshell Security Breach of Election Registration Servers in Arizona Occurred on Nov. 3 and Sec. of State Hobbs Knew About it But Kept it Hidden!

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