Important and informative post at Dianne’s blog! It’s been great to see huge banners unfurled at the baseball games that read, “Trump Won.” Also, the huge Trump boat parade in Florida on Memorial Day. Millions of Americans have been awakened to the truth about the stolen election, and millions more will be added. Despite the riots, media of mass deception, online censoring…you name it…the truth will ultimately be exposed!


Americans across the nation are tired of watching the theives act like they won an election they stole in the light of day and they want the President they elected to take office and that President is Donald J. Trump!

War Room” cohost Raheem Kassam traveled to Arizona and reported back that there was an amazing grassroots phenomenon unfolding in the state. Kassam said what’s happening is big – and he can’t believe that conservative media isn’t reporting on it.

We The People are pushing hard against the thieves who stole the election and squatted in the White House. Everything points to an overthrow of the government like a third world country! The left wing puppets have awakened a giant and they are about to see what justice looks like in their fake globalist RESET, Lockstep democracy!

Read more here: [VIDEO] The War Room Went to AZ and Look What Happened……

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  1. christinewjc Says:

    Right out of Biden’s own mouth !


  2. GMpilot Says:

    Is THAT how we get our political news now, by semaphore? Displaying banners at baseball games is not especially fast, nor accurate, nor detailed. I thought you knew better, hostess!

    …and you’re still refusing to publish my posts, including (probably) this one. Well, we’ll discuss it later.


  3. christinewjc Says:

    Ha! People in Guatemala also know the truth about the US 2020 election!


  4. GMpilot Says:

    Ha! Why would they tell us, when Tr*mp tried so hard to keep them from coming here?
    If you really believe they’d endorse the guy who denied sanctuary to their families, you’d better stay home.

    Oh, BTW, it’s been two weeks. The War Room when to Arizona and look what happened…nothing! The re-re-re-audit still isn’t completed, and Nero Sr. still hasn’t been reinstated. Now, that pathetic man gets to watch other people talk to Putin, without having to kiss his butt first. Also, Obama is still alive and free. All Tr*mp can do now is try to stay out of jail.
    He’ll be too busy doing that to run for president again.


  5. GMpilot Says:

    Everyone remember the Great Recount in Maricopa County, Arizona?

    The one that would show actual evidence of ballot tampering there, which would at least hint that the same thing had happened elsewhere last November?

    The clown show that’s nearing its fourth month, even though it took only days to confirm the original results? (It’s now the 11th of July, and we still haven’t heard any results announced.)

    The re-re-recount that’s been so screwed up that several of the original voting machines have now been corrupted by the very firm that was hired to do the recounting?

    Of course you do. So it’s important that you know that The AZ State Senate will prolong the uncertainty—and the agony–by
    recounting the ballots themselves after the circus is over…whenever that is.

    It won’t put Tr*mp back in the White House; that matter was decided eight months ago. But it’ll sure restore faith in the electoral process, won’t it?


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