A Recipe for Cultural Suicide

This post is as real as it gets describing the cultural divide that exists in our country. In my own way, I could describe the divide as the “woke” individuals and groups vs. those who have been awakened to the truth. That’s it! What’s more is the need to know why people in certain groups need to silence those who disagree with their narratives. I’ve met “woke” people who literally put their fingers in their ears and absolutely refuse to hear another perspective that challenges their current beliefs! Why? Because not only do they not want to hear certain truths that would counter their own beliefs, but they also want to silence you from even speaking about them!

This post by Mel explains it all so well and will give you the reasons why communication these days is such a battle – like I’ve never seen before in my life!

In My Father's House

As a supplement to my post, “Waking up from Wokeness,” I want to share a very interesting American Thought Leaders video interview with Peter Boghossian, Assistant Professor at Portland State University, a lifelong liberal and atheist who shares our concern about the current cultural landscape. (See my post, “Conservatives and Liberals Unite!“)

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