“White Supremacy Central Command?”

I have noticed that President Trump unites Americans of all races and had done so quite well because he is for the People, not the Cabal of leftist Marxism, racial division, and hatred against anyone who doesn’t agree with their cancel culture, Marxist evil that the Dems support and spew constantly to rev up even more division and hatred. It’s really very sad and dangerous – just what the evil one wants to happen in our beloved nation and the world.
I applaud John McArthur and other Christian pastors who speak out against these lies and liars, so that the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ can shine through, over, and above the darkness.

See, there's this thing called biology...

I totally snagged that title from Pastor Wilson’s post to be found here.

Quite some time ago I wanted to talk about radicalization and hate speech, specifically the origins and roots of cultian behavior, and the radicalization of who I call the “Lost Boys.” Those are broken and confused men, often suffering from addiction and looking for ways to feel powerful in the world. Tragically for some, that just tends to end in violence.

Long story short, the entire left wing of the world went bananas, suddenly everything became hate speech and allegedly there is some kind of “white supremist command center” that sends out dog whistles. This delusion or distortion of reality has now worked it’s way into the highest parts of our government. A good chunk of this country is now looking for racists hiding under the bed.

By the way, if you have to look under the…

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2 Responses to ““White Supremacy Central Command?””

  1. Adam Kautz Says:

    You sound like my grandma when she got dementia a few years before she died. Crazier by the day.


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