This is another terrific post that will inform readers about what, and who, are the cabal that needs to be taken down!


Remember everything that was in place to take down President Trump and all of the little people were also the same things that were needed to take down the Cabal, should White hats decide to turn the tables. All the SUPER SPY STUFF from the NSA, CIA, FBI, fake propaganda media, infiltrated Pentagon, all the Departments from Defense to Homeland Security. All was in place from Big Pharma, Big Food, the FDA, the EPA, down to the dumbed down sheeple, to the thugs on the street. The senate was doing their RINO job of not vetting the Trump administration’s new heads of anything and good old Jeff Sessions recused himself of his Attorney General duties. The war was on and how each side reacted and countered was based on what the other side used first. So, this escalated into this type of throw the sphaghetti on the wall and see…

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  1. christinewjc Says:

    Sidney Powell is a warrior for truth! This link will expose a murder, and the likelihood of why it was done. .. to silence the obvious election fraud! The following link has the story as well as hundreds of comments. Very dangerous and sad news during this time of election fraud and the fight against the enemies of our nation!


    • GMpilot Says:

      She can allege as much as she wants. The question is: What can she prove? She had her chance three months ago, when it really mattered, and she failed. As Tr*mp learned, there is no “do-over” in matters like this.


      • christinewjc Says:

        There is PLENTY of evidence of fraud, and despite all of the efforts of the cabal and media of mass deception to squelch it all, one by one the states in question are doing their due diligence to see which types of fraudulent activity was done, and how each made the illegal buyden votes replace the Trump votes. These things take time…and meanwhile, the disasterous buyden criminals are showing thinking Americans WHY socialism/communism doesn’t work and when the truth of the fraud is ultimately revealed, we shall see what happens. Remember Space Force? They have all of the evidence! This plan is taking time, but working quite well to wake up the American people as to why this demoncrat fraud must be reversed and NEVER happen ever again in the USA.


  2. christinewjc Says:



  3. christinewjc Says:

    As always, a great X22 video report!


  4. christinewjc Says:

    What’s true about this photo and what’s impossible about Biden’s so-called “win” of 2020 Election?


  5. christinewjc Says:

    I found this link today. It’s a new podcast (to me) and thought I’d share it here.
    President Trump cares about these migrant children, where evil biden and his ilk want to use them for political, monetary, and egregious child trafficking purposes! These court “traps” are brilliant!


    • GMpilot Says:

      Former Trump attorney Sidney Powell got thrashed by CNN legal analyst Elie Honig on Tuesday after she argued in court filings that “reasonable people” should not have believed her false claims about voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election.

      Wow. Imagine that.
      She made claims that were false, she knew they were false, and she made them anyway, because Der Furor told her to. We all know lawyers are bad (at least until we really need one), but this is a new low, because it got so many people fired up with fear and loathing that they were prepared to die for a lie—and some made it clear that they were also willing to kill for that lie.

      Guess that means there’s not many ‘reasonable people’ on her side of the dispute. And nobody but you actively supporting this thread.

      “Sidney Powell is a warrior for truth!”
      Yeah, sure. Pull the other one.


  6. GMpilot Says:

    Whassamatta, no one comments on your blog any more? Even the Paladin hasn’t posted.
    As for Ms. Powell…well, I suppose she has are other krakens to unleash, but she has to catch them first. That last one, four months ago, was eaten alive. Don’t place bets on this one, either.


  7. GMpilot Says:

    Funny, I don’t see ‘Biden and his ilk’ using migrant children for political, monetary, and egregious child-trafficking purposes’. I do seem to recall his predecessor doing that, though; forcibly separating those children from their families at the border, and confining them to warehouses and former shopping centers>. Locking children in cages don’t Make America Great Again.
    I also seem to recall constant reports from Loser’s own mouth about how a great wave of South American immigrants> were surging toward our southern border. He emphasized that as the reason why we needed more troops and a “big, beautiful wall” along that border. He pushed hard for it because the midterm elections were imminent. It wasn’t that long ago, so don’t say you don’t remember.

    But, of course, you don’t.
    So, in my role as your “favorite nemesis”, I’m here to remind you.


  8. GMpilot Says:

    It’s been a week, and there’s been no update on this ‘news’. Nothing.
    MarshallReport, BeforeItsNews, TheGatewayPundit: all of them, as silent as the Sphinx.

    Did you bother to look up my links, as I did with yours, or did you simply erase the post as soon as you realized it was from me? I thought you’d welcome the attention, since no one else has commented on this thread. Maybe no one else is allowed to comment…in which case you’re talking to yourself.
    Your twice-impeached, one-term President cared about migrant children only insofar as he could exploit them for political leverage. It didn’t work well in ’18, and it won’t work well now.

    The Master of Mar-a-Lago had better watch out for the traps he faces; New York’s AG has his eyes on him. Unfortunately, brilliance is something the Master lacks.
    And with each passing day, we get more and more of nothing from these “sources”. I applaud your capacity for nonsense, but eventually even you will tire of it.


  9. GMpilot Says:


    The Kraken Lady kracks again!
    Brilliant court ‘traps’, huh?


  10. christinewjc Says:


    Where’s Presidentish Joe Biden when you need him most?

    Scratch that. Poor wording on Insanity Wrap’s part. No one has ever needed Biden, except as the occasional hatchet-man for bad Democratic projects like the 1994 crime bill and poisoning the well for judicial confirmations.

    But you know what we mean: The country, we’re obliged to at least stipulate, needs a president. And Biden is AWOL.

    Welcome, one and all, to a special “One of Our Presidents Is Missing” special edition of Insanity Wrap.

    Shall we begin?

    Something’s Not Right!

    Ronny Jackson
    I served as White House physician under THREE Presidents. I’ve seen what it takes physically AND mentally to do the job. I can tell you right now that the way Biden is hiding from the public is a MAJOR red flag. Something’s not right!
    10:58 AM · Mar 21, 2021

    Insanity Wrap has been detailing Biden’s apparent decline for over a year, once it became undeniable during the Democratic primaries that the then 77-year-old had lost a step or two.

    And it isn’t just us.

    That tweet is from former White House physician (and retired US Navy Rear Admiral and current Texas Congresscritter) Ronny Jackson.

    Much more to read at link above!


  11. christinewjc Says:

    In office, Biden has been no model of action beyond photo-op signings. While a masked Kamala Harris stands stoically behind him, the oldest man to become POTUS sits at an empty impromptu desk with an immense presidential seal and his notes. On one Zoom conference with Democrats Biden offered to take questions. Boom! The video feed was instantly terminated. At another event the president couldn’t remember his defense secretary’s name, standing right next to him. While memory losses can occur ordinarily, they are also early signs of dementia, according to medical studies.


  12. christinewjc Says:

    So… I found this essay at a blog called “Lame Cherry.” The link says “not secure,” so instead of linking it I’ve decide to copy and paste it here in comments. If true, it shows us what a setup the so-called “riot on Jan. 6th” was!

    Why am I not surprised?

    Here is the post in full:

    Tuesday, March 23, 2021
    What did the Government know and when did it Know it?

    As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

    There is a disconcerting hour plus interview of Jeremy North, a former Green Beret, combat leader and successful business man in Florida, who one morning in December, had the “shit scared out of his girlfriend” when the AC repairmen who appeared were Homeland Security.

    What follows in the recording is North conversing with them, Homeland stating they had 19 people they were marking off a list they had, and there were 50 Homeland agents in that area alone. So you understand this, this was DECEMBER 9th, and January 6th had not appeared yet, and President Donald Trump had not issued his “wild” proclamation about DC.

    Yet North who was a Congressional candidate was woken up, and the typical “We are Trump supporters just like you, golly gee willikers” lies were dispensed.

    What needs to be focused on in this though is Homeland eluding to things not going right in January, and their real purpose of appearing, as it was not about April tweets that North had made which were benign. It had to do with, “You know if you need money, you report people to us, and we can help you out……..but we’re not promising you anything”. North states that the interview as about recruiting him to spy on Patriots, namely the fixation which would develop later on Oath Keepers.

    It was that mention though January which has puzzled people who have heard it, in not one person in America, was thinking about January.

    Federal Agents Secretly Recorded on Dec 9th, Allude To Jan 6th Riots
    FBI/DHS Attempt To Recruit Green Beret… He Tricks Them And Exposes Operation

    This was 10 days before Donald Trump made the epic tweet about wild in DC. The question in this is now, Trump had a game plan which was evolving, and that means that Homeland was not clairvoyant. It means that Homeland and the FBI had a mole or moles inside the Trump campaign inner circle. That is spying on a sitting President and the same illegal acts which set off the Crossfire Hurricane in the FBI.

    Donald Trump was being spied on, and was being set up, as the entire focus of this Qanon operation against Americans, is just who whispered into Donald Trump’s Twitter account the WILD statement, because in this projection, that word came from Homeland and the FBI and was planted by the person or group who posts things. This was cleared by the inner circle and those giving Donald Trump advice were setting him up, in order to frame his voters on January 6th.

    Decades ago, the FBI set up Congressmen on a sting called Abscam to bribe them. Larry Pressler, the Obama lover from South Dakota made an entire career out of that video of him saying NO. It was all illegal as it was entrapment, and in this Homeland admission by Jeremy North, there is enough for defense attorneys wot work with, to demand discovery from these Homeland agents under oath in what they heard, when they heard it, to the Trump campaign being summoned under oath to explain the source of the WILD comment, to find the evidence that January 6th was illegal entrapment, and it was coming with the full knowledge of Homeland Security.

    ….and if Homeland knew, then Attorney General Bill Barr knew and Director Christopher Wray of the FBI knew. This is a criminal conspiracy, and falls into place in how the narrative exploded in the “assistance” of the pipe bomber who looks military trained, and the US attorneys with Congress producing false narratives of Republicans in Congress were providing information to the rioters and how the FBI states they can find no evidence of ANTIFA and BLM at the Capitol, just like they can find no racism in the mass murder of Asians in Georgia and no terrorism in the mass murder in Boulder Colorado.

    Homeland was targeting Oath Keepers already on December

    9th. Pedo Joe smeared law enforcement and military members with stating they were White Supremacists with Oath Keepers. Roger Stone was “provided” security from Oath Keepers in what appears a framing of him to get Stone for being pardoned out of jail. An entire super highway of bread crumbs leads to this and the statement by Homeland in Florida, proves this was widespread knowledge, and those directives came from Washington DC.
    The glow worms of the police state were sowing violence in social media. This entire operation from Qanon on down was being driven forward. I believer Jeremy North states that of the last 17 major violence events in America, the FBI was the generating source of the operation.

    And one more thing as Homeland was most informative in Florida, as they thought they had set the hook, and that was that Facebook and Twitter were pumping all user’s info directly to the FBI and Homeland. No warrants.

    You are witnessing how the law is being subverted in Citibank, ATT, Verizon, being funded by Obama, just as the NSA created Google, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube, are all without warrant sharing all of your information with the federals without the feds having to ask.

    Facebook & Twitter Reporting Conservatives Directly To DHS Joint Terrorism Task Force
    6 hours




  13. christinewjc Says:

    I just discovered this post at another blog. Even though it was written back in 2019, it shows why the deep state criminals all hate Trump, and how he helped the FBI (when it was a good organization – not led by criminal Comey) capture criminals in the past. It’s an interesting read!


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