This is a must read for everyone who has been following what’s going on, wondering about what is needed to bring the situation to the best possible conclusion.

Here’s a great quote:

“ So the best is yet to come, but there is a lot of miry swamp yet to cross over. ”


For all who are having a difficult time trying to figure out what is meant by those who are saying “The Military is not on board”, or saying “The military is (25%?) not on board with Trump.” and asking about how many are on board with Trump and what does this mean? For those who are not in the military, and no inside sources, what we have to go by when understanding the dilemma with the military is what we have watched.

Over the last five years I have watched quite a lot of things that show the cabal has a lot of inside players positioned. Since 911 there has been lots of proof of inside infiltration. That false flag event could never have been pulled off and kept shut up without a lot of infiltration. Those who know history know that inside infiltration is not new and it has…

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