Prophecy of the Two Presidents

  1. This video is an amazing analysis of Kim Clement’s prophecies, presented by TreySmith  reposted in comment section!

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  1. christinewjc Says:

    Just found a video (with written commentary) at the Before It’s News site.

    Some of it is new information (to me) and some I already was aware of.

    There are people who have their negative feelings about this topic, and there are others who believe it and have been following the information for a long time.

    I suggest pausing the video in order to read the paragraphs within it, because they aren’t displayed long enough to read before it disappears.

    There are several comments after the video. Just scroll down to read. Some positive, others negative.

    One thing I do agree with is the admonition NOT to take the vaccine! But that is, of course, one’s personal choice. For me, if I ever got the virus I would use the therapeutics recommended ( like HCQ + erythromycin + zinc) or, the ones that President Trump took ( look up the regimen).

    Anyway, here’s the link to the post and video that I saw today. Each of us have the free will right to believe what is shared… or not.


    • christinewjc Says:

      Here is a copy of the written information at the Before It’s News site:


      The BERTRAND Report

      The War For Your Mind and Soul Continues

      News That Matters

      By Capt. Dave Bertrand, Ret.
      First and foremost….why is Pelosi et al scared to death [literally] over “Q-Anon” followers allegedly storming the Capitol under, “an act of domestic terrorism and insurrection” when the NUMBER ONE person(s) referred to as [Q] has NOT been identified, apprehended, or electronically intercepted by the most sophisticated military / law enforcement specialists in the world??

      But…..hold your breath !

      Alex Jones (himself) recently gave the world a tidbit of info on [Q] in that…..”Yes, [Q] was originally a military intelligence operation in the beginning, but later….(READY???) “But later, was hijacked by the globalist elites, spreading lies and dis-information, etc, etc” [paraphrasing].

      Today on Infowars (Sunday) the host says they “know who the main [Q] guy is.”

      Sorry…but no you don’t Infowars, your job is to follow the dire straights of the narrative to stay on air and to avoid being compromised as participants in the January 6th “insurgency of the Capitol by Q-Anon,” the narrative conveniently created by the Communist Agents in Congress.

      “TRUST THE PLAN” could fall apart, if the Biden Administration stay on-their-game and coerce the military leaders, the FBI and CIA, to (maybe include) a foreign government by maintaining Martial Law conditions under medical tyranny of a fake (modified) flu-pandemic.

      However…..people are waking-up and the masks are coming off. Staying home and off the streets, and the inability to access truth on the internet, the population is likely going to be pleasantly surprised….(IF) “The Plan” begins to unfold and certain types are arrested for TREASON.

      But in the meanwhile….super dis-information campaigns are underway to SCARE YOU from any association with the [Q] movement for fear of being designated a “Domestic Terrorist.”

      ONE BIG ONE sweeping the net is a fake story about Hillary Clinton being arrested recently by the Navy Seals. There will be more fake stories soon, and guess what movement or types will be targeted?? [Trump and Q Supporters].

      Therefore…..with the world’s most sophisticated military and law enforcement specialists, DOES THE ENEMY KNOW WHO OR WHAT Q IS??? YES !!

      The simple fact for knowing the answer is YES….THEY ARE SCARED and hiding Biden behind razor wire fencing, not giving press conferences and adding National Guard troops to D.C. (requested by Congress) is a clear and defining reason for what MIGHT NOT be a “Q Conspiracy Theory,” but a [Revolution] like no other since 1776.

      You be the judge and watch the (Bitchute) banned video and YOU DECIDE. ‘Psychological Warfare’ is underway and the public cannot know the truth…..or there would be a massive uprising overnight.

      – David Bertrand


    • christinewjc Says:

      About vaccines. I saw this video recently and it’s quite alarming information.

      For me, personally, I only had the childhood vaccines in the mid-1950’s – 60’s; plus a booster of the DPT vaccine before my first grandchild was born. Never had a flu vaccine. Maybe had the flu once in my life ( or maybe it was a bad virus).

      50- 60 years ago, the vaccine regimen wasn’t anywhere near what is given today. WAY too many! But to each his/her own.

      This video of warning from a woman who may have been murdered is recommended to be seen by all so that you can make your own decisions about vaccines.


  2. christinewjc Says:

    About the virus vaccines, and vaccines in general, here’s a link to a treasure trove of information!

    Personally? I will NEVER get the covid vaccine!!!


  3. christinewjc Says:

    Many people may be thinking, and asking, what’s next?

    Well, the video at the link below will describe what happened, how we got here, who were the nefarious, treasonous people involved in this theft of the American people’s true 2020 vote; as well as the foreign actors and their accomplices here in America that did this digital act of war against US!

    The video will tell you what’s next – and it’s (hopefully) coming soon!


  4. christinewjc Says:


  5. christinewjc Says:

    Just noticed that the video analysis by Trey Smith of Kim Clement’s prophecies has been taken down and his account deleted by youtube. What the heck? There wasn’t anything in the video that could be labeled as inappropriate, in any way! Afraid of the truth… youtube cabal?

    The announcement has been made that President Trump will have his own social media forum up and running by August. Good! Hope yuck tube and all the others who suspend and delete Christian and conservative content end up going into the trash heap of history just like my space did!


  6. christinewjc Says:



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