It was Antifa!

Geri Ungurean has a post up at her blog that reveals who the perps were rioting, firebombing and breaking into the Capitol building today – and they were NOT Trump supporters! Please see this post ( includes photos) and share it with others!


10 Responses to “It was Antifa!”

  1. christinewjc Says:

    So very sad and tragic that a woman was shot and killed. 🙏🏻 Go out to her family and loved ones.


    • GMpilot Says:

      But nothing about the Capitol policeman who was fatally injured by being hit with a fire extinguisher, right? He had a family, too. No prayers for him? Or was that just another ‘false flag’ operation?


  2. christinewjc Says:

    Yeah. These people look like Trump supporters! (Sarc off)


  3. christinewjc Says:

    “What kind of nation are we bequeathing to our children? Unless we wake up soon, it won’t be pretty. Perhaps Aldous Huxley, author of Brave New World, was correct when he predicted “a dictatorship without tears … a kind of painless concentration camp so that people will have their liberties taken away from them, but will rather enjoy it, because they will be distracted from any desire to rebel by propaganda or brainwashing.”

    Read more:
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  4. christinewjc Says:

    Well… look at this!

    Via The Geller Report


  5. christinewjc Says:


  6. christinewjc Says:

    Unfortunately, I don’t know how to imbed a Twitter video here, so please go to the Geller Report at link below, and scroll down to Beverly’s comment, click on the red “view “ icon, and view the video taken by Steven Diana who was there. He witnessed and took video of the typical chartered white vans that bring Antifa to riots, and they apparently had DC police escort!


  7. christinewjc Says:

    More evidence:


  8. christinewjc Says:

    Ugh… just heard Chris Salcedo on his Newsmax show deny that the man with the horns is Antifa. Well, here’s the same guy at a past Antifa riot.



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