The Difference Between Dark and Light

Both candidates for President are talking about Light and Darkness. Both are talking about our Souls and Uniting. Who has the actions that you want to Unite your Soul with?

1. Riots-Dark-Democrats

Peaceful protests-Light-Republicans


2. Abortions-Dark-Democrats

Right to life-Light-Republicans


3.  Higher taxes-Dark-Democrats

Lower taxes-Light-Republicans


4.  Dismantling 2nd Amendment (personal protection and protection from a tyrannical   government)-Dark-Democrats

Upholding and defending 2nd Amendment-Light-Republicans


5.  Limiting Free Speech-Dark-Democrats

Upholding even Free Speech you don’t like-Light-Republicans


6.  Disrespect for the Police-Dark-Democrats

Respect for the Police-Light-Republicans


7.  Love of Socialism-Dark-Democrats

Hate of Socialism-Light-Republicans


8.  Side with Islamist terrorist countries like Iran-Dark-Democrats

Do not side with Islamist terrorist countries like Iran-Light-Republicans

9.  Attempt to destroy and rewrite all history-Dark-Democrats

Do not destroy or rewrite all history-Light-Republicans


10.  Take God out of our Pledge-Dark-Democrats

Leave God in our Pledge-Light-Republicans


It should be obvious to us that this election is about going to the Dark or staying in the Light.  Where is the Light in the Democratic Party?  It can’t just be words.  It has to be actions.

I don’t love Donald Trump as President, but I do see the difference between what he has done, and what Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have done; as well as what they are proposing for our future.  From what I can see the future with Joe Biden or any Democrat at this time will be very Dark…

Written by L

Guest post writer for Talk Wisdom.

12 Responses to “The Difference Between Dark and Light”

  1. GMpilot Says:

    There’s a world of difference between a philosophy and a bumper sticker, L. Which one do you have?


  2. christinewjc Says:

    I want to comment on #8 – re: siding or not siding with Islamists.

    Yesterday, during President Trump’s speech in response to the Dem Convention, he mentioned that of all the accomplishments through his deals for Israel, a spokesperson for Israel (forgive me for forgetting his name) told him, specifically, that the greatest one of all was eliminating the Iran deal. Doing that, led to the new and latest agreement with the UAE to normalize relations between the two countries – which is a HUGE accomplishment! The additional act where President Trump moved the embassy to Jerusalem was also a huge deal for Israel. Still working on a peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinians (where battles have gone on for decades); but at least a deal was offered.

    Obama/Biden sent billions in cash to the Iranian Mullahs who then sent that money to the ISIS terrorists who wreaked havoc in Iraq, Syria, Libya and elsewhere for years. Now that the money that was previously financing the terrorists (and 2 of the worst & evil battlefield leaders are dead) isn’t there anymore, the fighting has stopped and the terrorists don’t have $ or bombs etc. to wreak havoc in the region.

    Huge Dark to Light accomplishments for peace in the Middle East.


  3. L Says:

    GM Pilot I never use bumper stickers, how about you?

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  4. Adam Kautz Says:

    L and Christine thank you for reminding people like me to vote for Biden and the Democrats. You know at one point I was considering sitting out the election. But you guys deserve to live through eight+ years of what we have had to go through these last four.

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  5. GMpilot Says:

    Just curious, L: given that DJ Trump, by his actions, has become a leading cause of death in the United States…don’t you think that qualifies as “Dark Republicans”?

    Happy Anniversary, Dear Hostess! It’s now 17 years since we first ‘met’. You may have forgotten it, but I haven’t. You’ve been so very quiet this year, I thought I’d see if you were still with us. You weren’t this silent in the other Presidential campaign seasons we’ve known each other! Do let me know what you’ve been up to…and keep your Thanksgiving options open!

    Well…here’s to us.


    • christinewjc Says:

      Hi GM,

      Hopefully L will come here and answer your question.

      It’s been 17 years? Wow! How time flies.

      As for me, I’ve been busy spending weeks at a time visiting my granddaughters and refreshingly did not watch the crazy news broadcasts. However, I do enjoy reading and viewing the videos at this Twitter feed!

      Hilarious! 🤣


  6. GMpilot Says:

    It’s been 17 years? Wow! How time flies.

    As for me, I’ve been busy spending weeks at a time visiting my granddaughters and refreshingly did not watch the crazy news broadcasts. However, I do enjoy reading and viewing the videos at this Twitter feed!

    Ah, I see! You’re living on the holodeck!
    Twitter may be an entertaining way to spend an afternoon, you won’t learn much about your surroundings from it. So, let me acquaint you to some news you may have missed these past few months:

    There’s this rampant illness that’s been rolling across the world since February, called the “novel coronavirus” or more commonly, “COVID-19”, Its killed at least a million people worldwide, and (as of this date) 210,000 Americans. The current president assured us that it would be gone, “just like a miracle” by April; but it has not been so. Advisories to wash hands often, maintain ‘social distancing’ (6′ between people) and the wearing of masks to limit the spread of the virus have been adopted by most of the population, but not all, especially in the US. The president has been chief among the scoffers, and he contracted the virus last week. He is currently trying to pretend that he has ‘beaten’ it. The memory of Herman Cain prevents that.

    Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg died in late September, allowing the president a chance to stuff another conservative into the SCOTUS despite the election being only weeks away. The public remembers how the Republican Senate smothered Obama’s attempt to install a new Justice in 2016, claiming that they had no duty to do so in an election year. The current nominee is on the fast track to the bench—but three of the Republican senators have themselves contracted Covid, and may not be available for a vote.

    Wildfires have raged in CA and other western states. Thousands of acres have burned, eclipsing even the fires of two years ago, guaranteeing that this winter is likely to be the worst in years.
    Racial strife has also become a subject again, beginning with the death by choking of an unarmed Black man by a cop.
    Some of that strife is caused by economics, and some of that is due to Covid: many public spaces (restaurants, schools, movie theaters, sports arenas) were forced to close early in the pandemic, and many remain closed. Obviously, this put a great many people out of work—at its peak, about 40 million people had applied for unemployment. The figure has gone down a bit since then…but only a bit.
    Meanwhile, the president emphasizes his wish to eliminate the ACA—but like the rest of his party, he has not offered, or even proposed, an alternative. In the midst of a pandemic, he wants to destroy healthcare.

    You’ve been lying low for much of the year, and I don’t suppose you’ve seen people in face masks or <a href= teenagers with assault rifles on the holodeck. But that’s just some of what’s been happening while you’ve been away.

    I would not advise you to get out more—not now—but you should keep up with current events.
    For entertainment, I prefer watching all the ‘Karens’ on YouTube. Truly, what goes around, comes around!


    • christinewjc Says:

      If you re-read my comment, you might notice that I didn’t watch the news while visiting and spending time with my family – especially with my granddaughters. While I was there, we played together with toys, danced to music, read books, took 45 min. walks with my athletic daughter (with the girls in a double stroller), watched kids shows and movies etc. It was nice to ignore the news for those weeks spent with them! Of course, I kept up with the news when I was back home.

      I will be glad when the election is over! I predict that COVID-19 will disappear just like that (from the news, at least). Hopefully, gruesome Newsom will stop being a dictator over our state and let us out of his socialist-inflicted “jail” so that we can get back to at least some semblance of normalcy.

      I think (and pray) that Trump/Pence will win.

      Biden/Harris would turn America into another Venezuela- perish the thought!


  7. GMpilot Says:

    I’m pleased you’ve done all that, and I hope you follow the tradition of grandmothers everywhere and dote on the children.
    I was able to largely ignore the news when I traveled abroad; unfortunately, I can’t do that this year.

    Like you, I will also be happy when the election is over! Absolutely nothing gets done during campaign season, especially when the government is divided.
    COVID-19 will not disappear from the news until it’s no longer seen as a health threat. Only 13 people caught Ebola here, and only two of them died. As you may remember, Obama caught a lot of flak for that. Some of those public figures back then have been mostly silent now. Very telling. But no one brings that up now, except for comparison purposes (as I have done here).

    Did you say ‘some semblance of normalcy’?! Lady, you live in the Land of Fruits and Nuts! You know, ‘Hollyweird’, as you often called it. What passes for normalcy there?

    Biden/Harris would turn America into another Venezuela- perish the thought!

    There is only one Venezuela, and we’re not it.
    I recall Dinesh D’Souza wrote some dystopian tale back in ’11 about how the USA would look by 2016, if Obama won a second term; turns out that he, like you, was one president too early.
    Being a soothsayer does not suit you; don’t give up your day job.


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