I saw the movie “Unplanned” on Monday afternoon.  My good friend Donna went with me.

I have been thinking about writing a post about the movie, but my best advice is to go see this important, true life, eye-opening film before reading any detailed reviews.  I watched the trailer, and that convinced me to buy a ticket to see (and financially support) this film.

Today, I read a blog post written by Elizabeth Prata (a Christian blogger that I greatly admire) and left a comment.

The End Time: A few thoughts about the abortion movie

[Note: Some movie spoilers at the link]

My comment (may still be awaiting moderation):

Elizabeth, I read your post and thought you made some good, important points.  I think you should go see the movie.

I didn’t want to see it at first because I knew I would cry and be deeply grieved seeing those two types of abortion.  But I wanted to support the movie’s effort to open the eyes of people re: the evil, pain, and regret that is involved for women who make such an egregious choice.

The movie does show how repentance can heal any woman who realizes (especially, later in life) what a terrible sin it is; then faces that fact, confronts it head on and asks for forgiveness for such a sin and is led towards redemption in Christ Jesus.

Also, think about all of the babies in the womb who will be given the chance of life rather than death in the womb.



More good news as a result of the viewing of this movie!

Western Journalism: Unplsnned director reveals large number of abortion workers wanting to leave their jobs after seeing film.


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