Kavanaugh Protestors are Being Paid

via Kavanaugh Protestors are Being Paid

Many of us who are paying attention knew that the protesters were being paid by Georgevil Sorosatan! Nice to see photos revealing it as true!

Thanks to Pastor Ward Clinton for posting the photos at his blog!

4 Responses to “Kavanaugh Protestors are Being Paid”

  1. GMpilot Says:

    CJW: Many of us knew that the protestors were being paid by Georgevil Sorosatan! Nice to see photos proving it.

    And that automatically makes all the accusations against Kavanaugh false…right?

    “Georgevil Sorosatan”?! Sounds as if someone is still in eighth grade at age 62!


  2. GMpilot Says:

    Hey, look who else has been known to pay people to show up at events: Donald Tr*mp.
    And he’s been known to stiff contractors before. One wonders if they weren’t among the protestors.


    • christinewjc Says:

      Umm…that’s way back when Trump announced that he was running for president. Is that all you’ve got?

      I guess that you have been ignoring the huge crowds at his rallies.


      • GMpilot Says:

        Way back then, you expressed astonishment and outrage that anyone would hire bodies for such events, let alone Trump. Now you’re using that same false outrage and attributing it to Soros or some other person you don’t like.

        Yes I have been ignoring the crowds, because they haven’t been ‘huge’. If they were, Der Furor would be boasting about the numbers–ratings are important to him. As it stands, even FOX News isn’t hanging on to every word he says anymore.

        Glad to hear you’re better.


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