Professor accusing Kavanaugh is radical SJW with some damning student reviews – American Thinker

Sometimes doing more in-depth research can reveal A LOT about an accuser like radical leftist ‘Professor’ Christine Blasey Ford!

Excerpt from American Thinker post:

[Since] Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation hopes are being influenced by accusations that may speak to his character, it’s only fair to examine the character of his accuser.  This woman, Palo Alto University psychology professor Christine Blasey Ford, is a radical social justice warrior with some damning student reviews – including one from a person who wrote, “I am honestly scared of her.”

Ford’s accusation goes back to her high school days, in approximately 1982, when she would have been 15 and Kavanaugh 17.  She claims that Kavanaugh lay on top of her and groped her while heavily intoxicated and that the incident ended when a friend of his, Mark Judge, jumped on both of them, sending them all tumbling (you can read a more thorough account here).

Whatever the truth of the matter, however, certainly true is that Ford is a radical leftist who’d be inclined to zealously oppose a Kavanaugh nomination.  For example, Breitbart reports that she not only has attended anti-Trump events, but actually donned a pink “brain p‑‑‑‑ hat” for a 2017 anti-Trump march.

Just as telling may be her student reviews.  Consider the following screen grab of one of her reviews (now scrubbed) from the popular site Rate My Professors:


[NOTE:  There is a question inside the comment section as to whether or not the above “rate my professors”  reviews are for Christine Blasey-Ford or another Christine Ford at a different university.  Since I do not have access to the site, I will follow-up with any new information about this “rate my professors” controversy when it is available.]

Rebecca Diserio @rebeccadiserio

Both of my sons had her at CSF….my son who just became a Deputy Sheriff (LA County) said “She’s crazy.” Harped & attacked kids who argued for conservative values…both my sons withdrew from her class after two weeks…her bias was way worse than most SJW professors

Readers can also find out even more information in the comment section!
For instance, could Ms. Ford have made these accusations (considered FALSE ones by most!) because of her intent to get revenge on Brett Kavanaugh’s mother because of a foreclosure decision she made against Ford’s parents?

Tom W

Christine Blasey-Ford’s parents, Ralph G. & Paula K. Blasey, were defendants in a foreclosure case in Maryland in 1996 in which they lost their home. The judge in the case was Martha G. Kavanaugh, mother of Brett Kavanaugh.

Ben Dover

Kavanaugh’s mother was the judge who presided over a foreclosure case of Fords parents. This stinks of vendetta.


Copied from a post on
Martha G. Kavanaugh, the mother of Brett Kavanaugh was a Maryland district judge in 1996. Martha Kavanaugh was the judge in a foreclosure case in which Christine Blasey-Ford’s parents were the defendants. Martha Kavanaugh, was Montgomery County Circuit Court judge from 1993 until she retired in 2001. During a 1996 foreclosure case, Martha Kavanaugh ruled against the parents of Christine Blasey-Ford in a foreclosure case. The foreclosure case against Paula K. Blasey and Ralph G. Blasey was opened on August 8, 1996. The case number is 156006V

AboveMyPayGrade messup

As I just posted, accuser ALSO happens to work in a profession – academia – where it is almost totally likely she will pay NO price of consequence, especially with her employment, even if it proven beyond ANY reasonable doubt that she is a complete and total LIAR.


Read more: American Thinker: Professor accusing Kavanaugh is radical SJW with some damning student reviews.

More importantly, I think that the possible motive (besides her left-wing ideology against any President Trump nominee) is that this woman would stoop so low as to derail Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court was also likely due to revenge against his mother’s ruling against her parent’s in their 1996 foreclosure case.

Also see:

The Last Refuge: Transparent Political Hit Job – Kavanaugh Accuser, Christine Ford-Blasey, Activated To Advance 35-year-old Accusations…

Hat tips to all links.

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  1. christinewjc Says:

    Hi everyone who came here to read this post. I’m pressed for time right now but wanted to share this link to an eye opening post about the accuser’s yearbook. Read it (and comments too)! and see what you think?


  2. christinewjc Says:

    Here’s another important blog post to see and read!


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