A Love Without End, Amen

Happy Father’s Day to my wonderful husband!

Happy Father’s Day to my great son-in-law!

Thinking of my own Dad who passed away 23 years ago. Your presence may no longer be here on this earth; however, you will always remain in my heart and mind with love and fond memories! One day, because of the promises of God in Scripture, I know that we will be joyfully reunited in eternity with Jesus!

Our eternal Father is Love, and His love is without end! Many dads reflect that kind of love towards their children on earth. George Strait’s song, “A Love Without End, Amen” is the perfect song to share today!

Here’s a tribute to those special dads in my life! May they continue to be blessed by God and experience the love and joy of family!

Happy Father’s Day to the dads on my reader list, and all dads who may come across this post today on Father’s Day.


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