Tucker Carlson: Report That Podesta Group Central Figures in Russia Probe, Not Trump

The years, even decades worth of corruption that surrounds the Clinton crime family, Obummer, the DNC, and the Podestas is truly sickening.  I hope and pray that more information gets out there (despite the refusal of the media of mass deception to report it) via Fox News, conservative websites, and blogs so that the evil of these people FINALLY sees the light of day.

The truth will set us free!

~ Christine


The Gateway Pundit: “It’s Out There” Wikileaks Shows Clintons Knew Uranium One Was Major Scandal in 2015


Hillary Clinton likes to laugh off the Uranium One scandal as a ‘debunked’ right-wing conspiracy, however; internal emails show the Clinton camp was panicking as the conservative media revealed the dirty details of pay-to-play.

Wikileaks leaked a Podesta email dated 4/29/2015 with the subject line “It’s out there”. (screenshot below) The original email from Tony Carrk (Hillary’s research director) to Jennifer Palmieri (Hillary’s director of communications) and Brian Fallon (CNN hack and Hillary’s press secretary) linked to a Daily Caller article titled, “Firm Co-Founded By Hillary’s Campaign Chair Lobbies For Russia’s Uranium One”.

The Daily Caller article was then forwarded to then-campaign chairman John Podesta with an “FYI”.

Senate records show that The Podesta Group has lobbied the State Department on behalf of Uranium One — once in 2012, when Hillary Clinton was secretary of state, and once in 2015.

Much more at the link!

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Many more could be listed here, but I’m pressed for time today.

Hat tips to all links!

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