Ben Shapiro Demonstrates How to Confront Antifa

Ben Shapiro is a hero!  Why?  Because no matter the vitriol hurled at him, the lies being told about him, and the antagonistic name-calling spewed at him; he took the time, great effort, possible physical danger to himself, and was unapologetically willing to make the city pay a huge expense ($600,000!!!) in order to speak at Berkeley! Despite the raging, rabid, hate-filled Antifa thugs (a.k.a. the Soros paid anarchists who hate almost everyone but themselves) protesting, throwing bottles, causing mayhem (with 6 flake artists getting arrested outside the event!), we now see what is necessary to not only confront Antifa, but also how to shut them down!

See Ben’s appearance with Martha McCallum on Fox News Channel’s ‘The Story’:

Video:Ben Shapiro: Berkeley police were happy to do their job
Sep. 15, 2017 – 5:31 – Conservative speaker weighs in on ‘The Story’

I went over to Shapiro’s website, The Daily Wire today and noticed an excerpt from Rush Limbaugh’s radio show entitled, Shapiro’s Speech At Berkeley Showed How To Shut Down Antifa.


On his top-rated radio talk show Friday, “the Big Voice on the Right” Rush Limbaugh weighed in on Daily Wire editor-in-chief Ben Shapiro bringing the conservative message into “the belly of the beast” in Berkeley on Thursday night. Shapiro’s experiences there, said Limbaugh, revealed how to handle the violence-embracing Antifa.

Limbaugh’s comments were prompted by a caller who brought up left-leaning media outlets’ attempts to somehow blame Shapiro for the UC Berkeley’s exorbitant costs for security.

“I think it’s really disingenuous for everyone in the media to keep saying that Ben Shapiro ‘cost the University of Berkeley $600,000’ in keeper costs,” said the caller.

Limbaugh corrected the caller, citing a much larger figure that has been reported by multiple outlets: $1.5 million.

“Yeah, but see, but Ben Shapiro didn’t cost them a nickel. Antifa cost them that money,” said the caller.

“Right,” said Limbaugh. The caller went on to stress that the only reason that the university felt it necessary to take such extreme security measures was the pattern of violence and property destruction of Antifa, which Berkeley has already experienced multiple times in response to other right-leaning events. “So why don’t they put the blame where it goes? Like, why can’t they put the blame on the people that are causing trouble instead of on an honest guy trying to give an honest speech about his position?”

“Because they think Antifa is justified,” replied Limbaugh. “They think a conservative showing up at Berkeley needs to be shown his place.” It’s the same attitude, said Limbaugh, that leads the media to cover for other violent radical movements like Occupy Wall Street and Black Lives Matter.

The host then provided some background on Shapiro, who he said deserves to be “applauded” for taking his message directly into the “liberal enclaves,” including “the belly of the beast,” Berkeley, which still prides itself on being the birthplace of the free speech movement despite its increasingly anti-free speech track record.

Limbaugh ended the segment by highlighting a comment Shapiro made in the op-ed he wrote in response to his experience at Berkeley: “When the police are allowed to do their jobs, Antifa is powerless”:

LIMBAUGH: Ben Shapiro got out of Berkeley alive and unharmed. And he’s written a piece about it. He said there’s five things that he learned. And the number one thing that he wrote in his column, number one thing he learned is that when the cops do their job, the Antifa people don’t matter. When the cops do their job, Antifa’s not a problem. Bingo! Bingo.

Read more over at The Daily Wire

Today was my first visit to The Daily Wire.  So far, what I have read there has been very well said and accurate.  I may end up not agreeing with everything written there, but this incident with Ben Shapiro confronting Antifa may possibly turn out to be the key to nullifying the awful influence of Antifa.  As Rush stated, “When the cops do their job, Antifa’s not a problem.  Bingo!”

The Daily Wire: The Complete Transcript: Ben Takes Berkeley.

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