Help For Hurricane Harvey

How To Help

Guest post written by L.

If you want to help the people of Texas, and others affected by hurricane Harvey,  you and any of your friends that are looking for a charity to give to can give to

I have been contributing to them for a few years. They give 100% of the donations they receive to the charity of your choice that is on their website. They can do this because they have a gala once a year to raise money just for administration costs.

Mercury One is already set up in Texas, and is partnering with several groups helping with rescue, feeding, and shelter.  Some of the groups that you might hear about on TV are Operation Barbeque, Team Rubicon (Vets), City Impact (Faith Partners), Somebody Cares, Gleaning the World, and Provisions Project (Sheriffs).

It is easy to sign up and the great thing is that they will give you regular updates if you are interested in knowing what your money has done.  You can also choose to give to other worthy causes or their general fund at any time; and feel comfortable in the knowledge that you aren’t lining the pockets of someone that doesn’t need help.

Please tell a friend because we all want to help, but sometimes we just don’t know which relief organizations are trustworthy.


Many thanks to L for sharing this important information (and link to Mercury One) about how to help our fellow Americans who are in desperate need due to the devastation of hurricane Harvey!

~ Christine


About Mercury One:

Mercury One is a Humanitarian Aid and Education organization focused on restoring the human spirit. Mercury One’s initiatives include providing programs to individuals to advance the skills, knowledge and attitudes necessary for communities to help themselves as well as assisting our nation’s veterans, providing aid to those in crisis, and rebuilding and restoring the lives of Christians and other persecuted religious minorities in the Middle East.

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