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My husband and I both like Tucker Carlson’s show on the Fox News Channel. Tucker often interviews individuals who disagree with him on an issue, then he unleashes a question that often makes his guests squirm. The guest will then resort to his/her own talking points while ignoring the question that Tucker just asked them. The guest may think that he or she is “home free” through bloviating about their particular “cause,” but then Tucker brings them right back to the original question. It is often funny to see the guest try, once again, to drift away from the original question, but Tucker keeps on at it until he runs out of time during the segment.

Last night, Tucker interviewed a woman named Julissa Arce who admitted coming to the U.S. illegally at the young age of 13. Years later, in order to get a job, she made up a “fake” social security number.

WATCH: Tucker Battles Ex-Goldman Sachs Exec Who Came to US Illegally.


Carlson asked if Arce committed identity theft to get her job, but she said she simply made up the numbers. He noted that falsifying social security documentation is a felony.

Did you read that?  Falsifying social security documentation is a felony!  Why wasn’t this woman held accountable for that?


She said she did not want to use a fake social security number but said it was one of the only ways for her to get ahead in the business world.

Notice that she completely ignored the fact that she had committed a felony!

Hmmm…I wonder what would have happened to me, a natural-born citizen of the United States of America, if I had “faked a social security number in order to get ahead in the business world?”

Now on to Tucker’s original question that she tried to ignore during  most of the interview.


Arce said she was fortunate to marry an American and become a citizen, but said Trump’s border wall is a “symbol of hate” toward immigrants and Mexican-Americans.

She said that as a citizen she has the right to speak out against her government’s actions.

Carlson asked if she meant America has no right to protect its borders: “I think I have a right to ask you what you’re talking about,” he said.

He repeatedly asked Arce to what extent the country should secure its borders if the wall is such a ‘hateful’ idea.

Oh yes!  The ole’ “hate card” rears its ugly head once again!  The use of that term is for the purpose of disarming the target of the so-called “hate,” stopping the conversation, and thus side-stepping the real issue.

Here’s another good one.

‘Practice What You Preach’: Tucker Battles Prof Who Wants Higher Taxes For Rich

This one is rich! (no pun intended!) It seems that this so-called professor wants a “true for thee but not for me” scenario when it comes to high income individuals paying 80% of their earnings in taxes!

That is lunacy!


She said that returning to these high tax rates would ensure a proper social safety net and education system. Tucker Carlson countered that Americans already pay more than most other countries in the world for social programs and schooling.

“Rich people aren’t held to the same standards,” Heldman said. “Taxes are the price we pay for civilization.”

Carlson asked whether the San Diego professor voluntarily paid more in taxes to reach the goal she set for the rich.

When she responded that she instead donates to charities and Planned Parenthood, Carlson asked why she didn’t “practice what you preach.”

Heldman repeated that she was not in the “one-percent” and just an “upper-income” American.

Ah!  I see!  She’s just an “upper-income” American so since she isn’t in the “one-percent” she doesn’t have to give up 80% of her income to taxes!


People who advocate for higher taxes upon others, but refuse to pay higher taxes themselves are HYPOCRITES!

I highly recommend Tucker’s show. He ends each episode saying, “we are the show that is the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness and groupthink.”

Love that!


Watch past video clips HERE

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