Hollyweird Flub Last Night

I haven’t watched the Sad-academy Sewer-awards in years. It would have been a big waste of my time. Besides, there were good movies on the Hallmark channel last night.

Kingsjester’s Blog has a good analysis of “the Oscars turned into a lecturing the deplorables” post up today.

This morning, I heard on a news report about the screw-up re: La La Land “accidentally” being named as best picture; then finding out that Moonlight actually won. Is that the one that Denzel Washington starred in? I do like him as an actor and maybe he won best actor for his role. However, I don’t know his political leanings but will guess that he wanted HilLIARy to win.

Within the news report I watched, there was one commentator that shared the thought of exactly why La La Land didn’t win. He said something like, “was it because the Moonlight movie had many black actors in it?” I recall (from news reports and someone in Hollyweird actually complaining about it) that the Oscars apparently didn’t have enough African-Americans nominated last year.  So…was this done to appease them and avoid such harsh rhetoric yet again? Who knows… Perhaps the movie that won this year outrightly deserved to be chosen over La La Land.

It is ironic, however, to note that “la-la land” is defined:

noun, Slang.

a state of being out of touch with reality.

(usually initial capital letters) Los Angeles.

British Dictionary definitions for la-la land
(not capitals) a place that is remote from reality

Yep…very fitting for describing Hollyweird in LA.

Anyway, that flub last night with the wrong movie being announced as best picture reminds us of when HiLIARy’s “Madam” photo was already printed on the Newsweek magazine cover! They got that wrong, too! Ha ha!

Hat tip:

Kingsjester’s Blog


2 Responses to “Hollyweird Flub Last Night”

  1. insanitybytes22 Says:

    “Hollyweird,” I love it! I never really watch, there’s just something about an industry engaging in self admiration and giving itself awards that strikes me as ridiculous. If it were about the movies people actually liked the most or the acting, it might mean something, but it’s very political, approval by committee, by what is deemed socially correct. There are thousands of movies and actors that will never be allowed into the cool kid’s club,even though they are far more talented.

    I make an exception for the dresses however. You have caught me,I have a weakness for the red carpet and all those ball gowns 🙂

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    • christinewjc Says:

      Well said! It is too political and no matter how much money these people earn, they often have huge problems in their lives.

      A few years ago, my husband convinced me to watch that “Birdman” movie (which won for best picture that year) and I thought it was terribly sad…but honest! It depicted the other side of the “glamour” and fame being shown on the screen on Oscar night, which is often clothed and concealed by the truth of deeply bitter and troubled lives of despair. Drug abuse, depression, failed relationships…one could go on and on with all the reasons such a lifestyle harms a person’s soul and spirit. When such is revealed for all the world to see, it’s even more difficult for people to recover. Plus, those that they label as “deplorables” which they can’t resist mocking and hating (like me, a Bible based Christian, conservative, straight white female who has been married for 33 years); if given a chance, might just have the true answer to their suffering problems.

      As Jesus told us, “they hated Him before they hated” us.


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