The War Against America’s Safety: Soros Pays His “New Bolsheviks” to Stage Phony Airport Demonstrations

GeorgEVIL Soros is one nefarious, sick, cruel and demon-led billionaire who takes pride in using his money and influence to cause havoc here in America and around the world. When will our nation’s leaders finally expose him for what he is and ban him (like some other nations have already intelligently done) from influencing our elections, political ideology and endeavors? The leftists here are either ignorant, greedy, or just as evil as he is! I guess that too many politicians love the money they get from him more than sharing in what NORMAL Americans want! Those of us who love our nation and our people see the poison this man has spread and IT NEEDS TO STOP, NOW! I hope and pray that President Donald J. Trump will do what no politician has ever been willing to do! Expose, reject, and banish SoroSATAN from our beloved nation!

~ Christine
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The year is 1903, The Russian Social Democratic Party is meeting in London. All the intellectuals in their party have been arguing since the end of the 1800’s as to the direction the party should take. One year earlier, in 1902, a man named Lenin, living in exile, wrote a paper entitled, “What Is To Be Done”.

The work was smuggled into Russia and spelled out his views regarding what the Social Democrats should be doing as a party. Lenin attacked party members who “were content to wait while history took its predetermined course.” Rather than wait, Lenin wanted to kick-start the issue he believed in to get things done rather than wait on intellectuals sitting around refuting each other’s ideas. The meeting resulted in a Party split creating the Mentsheviks and the Bolsheviks. The two factions reunited under Lenin in April 1905. Lenin went on to organize the November…

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