Delusional Kerry Attempts to Defend the Outrageous U.N. Vote!

When I heard that John Kerry’s speech lasted 1 hour and 13? minutes, I was glad that I didn’t waste my time listening to it.  The excerpts were enough to turn my stomach!  Much of what he said was outrageous!!!  And, the analysts at the Fox News Channel did a good job sharing and countering the danger of this U.N. resolution and the utter nonsense that Kerry spewed about Israel during his speech.

The fact that Kerry took most of the time to blame Israel for the Palestinian’s “plight,” mentioning the settlements over 23? times while not even addressing the terrorism of Hamas in its various forms that have been aimed at Israel for decades, shows that the man’s ideology is so blatantly skewed that it makes me shudder with horror at his absolute stupidity!

I can recall the conversations that my husband and I had with other men and women during one of his business conferences back in 2004 when Kerry ran against Bush for the presidency.  Almost everything about the man creeped me out – including the odd behavior of his wife – and I prayed that he wouldn’t EVER be elected president.  With a sigh of relief, Bush won re-election.

But then, when Obama ran for president, I feared that he would be even worse than Kerry would have been.  It appears that they are two sides of the same coin – members of the lunatic liberal/leftist/socialist/pro-Islamist/anti-Israel fringe of the Democrat party, whose hatred for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu raised its ugly head many times over the past 8 years of the 0bamanasty Badministration!

One of the most unbelievable sentences that came from Kerry’s speech was:

[…] “if the choice is one state, Israel is going to have to be Jewish or Democratic, it cannot be both.”

That statement should go down in history as one of the most ignorant, stupid, mentally deranged, insane, lunatic, deluded, AND DANGEROUS utterings from a United States Secretary of State that has ever been stated!!!

Others have written far more eloquently about this situation, so I am providing links to their work.

It is time to defund the U.N.!  It is really time to dismantle it, too!  Without the U.S. financial support (which is a huge amount of money!), I don’t think that it will survive for very long.  Kick them out of N.Y. city, too!

~  Christine


Must read!  Kingsjester’s blog:  Secretary of State “Schmuck” Tries to Defend the Indefensible UN Vote. Bibi Netanyahu (and Americans) Respond.


Petulant President Pantywaist, who was, and, still is, desperately sucking up to the Rogue, Muslim Terrorist Nation of Iran and the rest of the Muslim Nations in the Middle East, who would rather kill us infidels than look at us, blatantly worked overtly to kick out of office, Bibi Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of one of our closest allies.

Obama’s petulance knows no bounds.

Every time they have met, Netanyahu has schooled Obama, making him look like the petulant little lightweight that he is.

In order for Obama’s plan for a nuclear Iran to succeed, Netanyahu’s strong and forthright leadership of Israel must somehow be neutralized.

Evidently, Obama believed at the time of the election, and still does, that if he could get rid of Netanyahu, then the “Arab Spring”, which began under his presidency, would reach its apocalyptic zenith, with a nuclear Iran and an Israel cleaved in half, like Solomon almost did that baby, in order to make room for the fictional “country of Palestine”.

Who exactly are “The Palestinians”?

Continue reading HERE.


The Last Refuge: Benjamin Netanyahu Responds – Directly Calls President Obama and Secretary Kerry Liars…

Excerpt of Benjamin Netanyahu’s response:

(05:30) […]  We have it on absolute uncontestable evidence that the United States organized, advanced and brought this resolution to the United Nations Security Council.  We will share that information with the incoming administration; some of it is sensitive, it’s all true; you saw some of it in the protocol released in the Egyptian paper – there’s plenty more, that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Why am I not surprised by this?!!

More will be added as I find great blog posts about this very important issue!

Additional links to read:

Trevor Loudon’s New Zeal Blog

Now The End Begins


Take a look at the size of the original land grant of Israel by God to Abraham:

How much of Israel belongs to the Jews? All of it, and then some. God’s land grant to Abraham is in perpetuity, and will not only last through the Millennial Reign, it will last throughout all eternity as well.



“And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed.” Genesis 12:3 (KJV)

Hat tips to all links.

More links:

American Thinker

Obama and Israel: Why Are People Surprised? Democrats programmed to kiss the ring of the emperor for the past eight years are now up in arms over Obama’s duplicity toward Israel.

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Israel National News: There is no such thing as Israel’s “pre-1967 borders”
The “pre-1967 borders” do not exist and never did. They are simply 1949 ceasefire lines and post Six Day War UN Resolution 242 made it clear that Israel was not expected to move back to those 1949 armistice lines. Read the truth here.

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One Response to “Delusional Kerry Attempts to Defend the Outrageous U.N. Vote!”

  1. adam kautz Says:

    Actually christine that promise refers both to israel and the arab nation as they are both descendants of Abraham. So the truth should be said that the arabs and the jews should share the land as both have equal claim to the land.


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