Recommended: Objectified Trump Video

The media lies that were spewed about Donald Trump didn’t work this election season.  Thinking people were “on to them.”

There was a special broadcast entitled, “Objectified Trump” on the Fox News Channel.   It was really good to see more personal information being shared about Mr. President-Elect Trump! I learned a lot of new things about him.  It was videotaped several months before the election. It’s on Youtube for readers who want to view it!

YouTube: OBJECTified: Life of President-Elect Donald Trump FULL interview with Harvey Levin.

HilLIARy Clinton was offered the same type of interview and she turned Harvey Levin down. Not surprised. We know enough about her anyway. The woman has shown herself to be so evil and nasty!

In case I don’t have time tomorrow, I want to wish all readers and visitors to Talk Wisdom a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving Day celebration!

~  Christine

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