Some Humor, Much Sorrow, Lies, and Deceit

With all the seriousness that is currently swirling around this election, and the fact that the annual Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation dinner/humorous roast is happening tonight, I thought that I would first share some of the funny comments and photos that I have encountered on blogs and websites where people are sharing their opinions about last night’s debate.

BobM001 at WND:

She looked like a “WHITE WHALE” in that outfit.  “Moby Dork” TRUMP “harpooned” her sorry backside tonight.

I think the whale is much cuter….


Warren at WND:

If Hillary was Pinocchio, she would not get within two and a half feet of the microphone.  Lies, lies, and more bold faced lies!  Hillary is a living breathing Medusa!

Phillip in Tx  reply to Warren:

You misspelled “miles.” 🙂


Derald Hamilton to 4Him:

But she looks great in a pants suit.

Phillip in Tx reply to Derald:

Inspired by Chairman Mao



Mike at WND:

She dumped more pooh in Las Vegas than she did in Laurenceville, Ga.

Phillip in Tx to Mike:

“Democrat Perfume!”  No wonder “the fly” landed on her face in the second debate!



Phillip in TX:

Well, Witchary “won’t be late to any appointments!”  Trump CLEANED HER CLOCK!



I will search for more when I have time.  Sometimes we need humor to get us through this highly stressful election season.  However, it has been difficult to find funny quips about this election.  Why?  Because of the very serious issues and the positive vs. negative philosophies of the candidates.  Hillary’s views are very vile!  One huge example (and there are many!) causes me to be a NEVER HILLARY voter!  Her belief shared last night that partial birth abortion is necessary to “save the life of the mother” is not only murderous, horrid and despicable, but is totally evil and deceitful!  If the baby is killed at the back of the neck in the womb when the rest of the baby’s body is out, THAT’S INFANTICIDE!

When she used the term “mother,” it showed the egregiously evil and total hypocrisy of her beliefs!  If that baby is being killed while partially in the birth canal, then the women ends up being the “mother???” of a dead baby!!!

The pro-life view makes moral sense.  Choose LIFE – YOUR MOTHER DID!

Killary is the polar opposite of Trump on the life-for-babies issue, as well as most of the important and pressing issues of our time.  Our nation hangs in the balance until election day.  I continue to hope and pray that God will grant us mercy and save the soul of our nation!

~ Christine


There are many political “cartoons” (more accurately, deeply ‘sad-tunes’!) that highlight exactly why HiLIARy is NOT FIT TO BE PRESIDENT!

Hat tip: for these:

Hillary?  The Human Rights Champion?


Hillary’s Wiki-Leak

Sniff!  Hack!  Cough…



6 Responses to “Some Humor, Much Sorrow, Lies, and Deceit”

  1. insanitybytes22 Says:

    I’m glad you’re still laughing 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. GMpilot Says:

    Gearing up for the next four years, are we?


    • christinewjc Says:

      Certainly hope not! The last 7+ years have been totally awful and torturous enough under 0bammy. Another 4 years under HiLIARy would be excruciatingly painful, dangerous and evil.


  3. christinewjc Says:

    And…for those readers who do not think I’m being “fair” to Hillary because I did not share anything mocking Trump, let me remind you all of this post!

    Biff Tannen = Donald Trump.

    It STILL makes me laugh! 🙂


  4. GMpilot Says:

    And…for those readers who do not think I’m being “fair” to Hillary because I did not share anything mocking Trump, let me remind you all of this post!…

    You mean you actually care what other people think?!
    Well, better buy another barrel of poison ink, because I expect you’ll be using it every day over the next 4.3 years, no matter who wins. The Old Lady is just a bigger target than Agent Orange, that’s all.


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