Repuppycans and Dogocrats

Have you ever felt like this election has gone to the dogs?  Not only that, but we could add on the viciousness of coyote behavior, too!

On my block, most of my friendly neighborhood acquaintances happen to be dog owners like myself.  We often run into each other while walking our dogs.  It’s a bit strange that during our chats, none of us have brought up anything about the current political circus going on. Actually, I’m glad about this.  Once the election is over, I don’t even want to know who voted for whom.  It will allow me to escape any rip-roaring “debates” about it in the future.

I’m able to walk along with those neighbors who have dogs that are friendly towards mine.  I lament that a wonderful neighbor of mine unfortunately owns a larger dog that my little Dachshund-Pekinese viciously barks at whenever they come down the street.  I’m guessing that he might think the dog is a coyote?  The dog does resemble the look of a coyote.  In our neighborhood, we all do need to be careful to watch our dogs any time we let them out into the yard – especially at night.  A neighbor that lives behind our back yard had her dog viciously attacked by a coyote!  She had to bat the coyote away in order to rescue her little dog from the jaws of the animal.   Several years ago, the same thing happened to a neighbor’s dog up the street.  She pulled her dog out of the mouth of the coyote.  The poor thing needed many stitches at the animal hospital.

The coyotes often travel in packs.  I can often hear them in the distance because they make a lot of noise when they have captured and killed their next meal.  Occasionally I have spotted a lone coyote in our front yard, so I yell at my dogs to get in the house immediately!

I was thinking today that this current election season is similar to the friendly vs. vicious dog encounters, as well as the bloody, almost deadly coyote encounters.

It can be difficult to ever have a friendly conversation between voters.  It is even more difficult to keep the peace between a friendly person voting for one side, vs. a rabid supporter for the other side.

When a #Never Hillary voter is confronted by a #Never Trump voter, the media shows the vicious  (and sometimes bloody) results.

In this horrible political climate, it is often quite necessary to proceed with caution when discussing this election, as well as politics in general.  So many people that I talk with just want it to be over!!

Yes.  I have stated on this blog that I am a Never Hillary voter.  There are multitudes of reasons for this and they have been presented and discussed here at this blog. However, I have also written that it is difficult for me to vote for Trump. So…what is a voter like me to do?

My friend L and I know that our votes here in California won’t even count due to the liberal leftist tsunami of voters who will automatically vote for Hillary. We discussed writing in Mike Pence’s name for president! After all, he is a Christian, conservative, and successful governor for the state of Indiana and I personally think that he has a bright political future ahead of him! I may not live long enough to see it, but I would be proud to tell my adult children and my granddaughter that he is a man that I could support in the 2016 election.

There are Christians who write reasons for being willing to waste their vote. There are Christians (and huge Christian organizations) that share information that can lead us and encourage us to vote for the Republican platform and candidate Trump.

Today, I received an email from a Christian conservative woman who is active in politics here in my town.  Each election season, she sends out her picks citing that based on biblical principles and conservative values, these are the “best” choices.

This is what she wrote regarding the 2016 presidential choices:

Donald Trump – Do I have reservations?  Yes.  But we only have two options, and Trump has chosen an excellent running mate in Gov. Pence.  We must consider the Supreme Court and the hundreds of other judicial and federal appointments that will impact the future of this nation for decades to come.  Read this article by Dr. Jim Garlow entitled: “If You’re On the Fence About Your Vote, This Pastor Clarifies How the Very Future of America Is At Stake” for more reasons to support Trump.

She certainly makes a good point!

In the end, each individual Christian needs to pray about it and will have to make that decision for themselves.

This morning, I saw a video over at The Last Refuge blog (very pro-Trump site) entitled Second Message From Citizens of Brussels to American Voters… and I must say that it brought me to tears!

It is very true that:

The eyes of many nations are watching this election.

Hat tips to all links.


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