Christians Must Pray and Act

I’m reminded of that old metaphorical statement “praise the Lord and pass the ammunition.” We have to do both—pray and act. We have to pray like crazy for God to intervene in this country and break us. Incidentally, I also think if we’re going to see a spiritual change in this country, I believe it will happen through our young people.

I was with a bunch of young people yesterday and I was reminding them that all of the Great Awakenings, including the beginning of the modern mission movement, started among young people. One girl said, “I told God the answer is ‘yes.’ I don’t even know what the questions are, but whatever You want me to do, the answer is ‘yes.’” So I believe we need to pray with all of our hearts that God will do a work in our churches and especially in our youth. And while we’re all doing that, we don’t want to sit on our hands and not do the other things that we can do, such as vote, and try to have an informed vote based upon the issues that we know will really matter. So we have to praise the Lord and pass the ammunition.

– Dr. David Jeremiah in BGEA Decision Magazine’s 2016 Electoral Guide

Readers may recall that in my former post entitled, Stuck In The Middle With You I had encouraged voters to order the free Decision magazine issue that presents 2016 Election information when considering our choice this November regarding, “Two Visions, Two Americas.”

If you didn’t order the magazine yet, the good news is that the Electoral guide with complete articles are now online!

This morning, I finally finished reading all of the articles. They are very informative and I think they will help readers make the best decisions regarding this upcoming election.

I suggest reading all of the articles at Billy Graham’s website. Each reader can decide which article to read first. I chose to read The Party Platforms and then the Where The Candidates Stand report. As I saw the striking differences between the Democratic vs. Republican platforms, I thought to myself that as a Christian first, wife, mother and grandmother second, Conservative third, and registered Republican last, that if I were in a swing state I would vote for Donald Trump for President.   Why?  Because it would be a vote against crooked HiLIARy!

The stark differences between these two candidates (especially the egregious corruption in the Democrat party that has been revealed by Wikileaks each day)  makes me a Never Hillary voter. The criminal activity that she has been involved in (especially Benghazi), the mountain of lies she has piled up over the years, the legitimate concern about her obviously failing health (and the huge cover-up about this), and the media- of-mass-deception that is doing all that they can to avoid reporting her crimes (while so obviously backing her campaign), places an absolute conclusion in my mind that she should NEVER become president!

Being in the state of California in which the electoral college hasn’t given a victory to a Republican since Ronald Reagan in the ’80s tells me that even if I were to vote for Trump here, technically it wouldn’t really count anyway.  However, would I be neglecting my Christian duty to leave my ballot choice for president blank?

Dr. David Jeremiah’s question and answer portion in the magazine  was very informative; as were so many of the other articles so please take the time to read it all.  I especially took to heart these portions:

Q: How should a Christian voter prioritize the issues?

A: One of the most important questions going forward is, will our people be able to live their lives and worship God in freedom, or will the Supreme Court and its decisions continue to squeeze evangelicals, so that we are forced to violate the law or violate our conscience toward God? I think that’s the biggest issue—whether we can live and worship the Lord and live according to the dictates of our conscience, or get forced into a corner of political correctness and have to make a decision of whether to go to jail or follow our faith.

Q: Living in California as you do, you’ve seen firsthand a lot of the social progressivism before the rest of the country has experienced it. What do you foresee for Gospel-minded Christians in the next four to eight years?

A: There’s both good and bad. The church has always flourished when it was under pressure. Prosperity has never been good for the church. Adversity has consistently been good for the church. The New Testament was written in a time when Rome was running rampant over Christianity and you knew who the real Christians were. They stood up and were counted. I think one of two things is going to happen: Either we’re going to see a revival of some sort, and with that a renewal of the principles upon which this country was built, or we’re going to fall into a time of great pressure on Christians.

I think this current election may have a great deal to do with which direction that goes. And I believe that apart from a spiritual renewal, a Great Awakening like the ones we’ve had in the past—during which we would return to our roots spiritually—what we’re going to face is more and more the church under the pressure of the government, more and more being pressured to conduct weddings that we will never conduct, more and more being told to say things that we can’t say.

I don’t think that means we should be discouraged as believers. The Gospel has never been more necessary than it is now. All of these things that we talk about don’t in any way impact the fact that Jesus Christ is still the answer and that salvation is still the main business of the church.

Hat tip:

Billy Decision Magazine 2016 Electoral Guide

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7 Responses to “Christians Must Pray and Act”

  1. christinewjc Says:

    Gateway Pundit is an excellent blog to help everyone keep up with all the Wikileaks exposure of the HiLIARy email scandal, as well as the debunking of several of the Donald Trump sexual harassment accusers.

    Most of the media of mass deception will not cover what Fox News Channel’s Jeanine Piro shared on her show last night. Please see this post at Gateway Pundit:

    Judge Jeanine speaks with witnesses Who TOTALLY DEBUNK Trump Groper Accusers (VIDEO)


  2. christinewjc Says:

    This is REALLY eye opening! Reveals Hillary’s treasonous activity!


    Just more reasons to be a NEVER HILLARY voter!!!


  3. christinewjc Says:

    This is terrible!

    True Pundit: Hillary Clinton Supplied Cash, Weapons, Tanks, Training to Al-Qaeda to Kill Gaddafi & Weaponize “ISIS” in Syria


  4. GMpilot Says:


    Since you’ve spent so much time recently bemoaning the state of the Republic in print, perhaps you might consider why so many of your godly brethren have chosen Trump. Do you hate Hillary Clinton more than you love the nation? Do you really believe that she could embarrass and ruin the country faster and more thoroughly than he could? Have you abandoned those principles and that Word which, you boast, “stands forever”?

    Consider this:

    Eyeless Asimovian crustaceans scuttling beneath the ice of Jupiter’s frozen Europa can see Donald Trump for what he really is. The real question, the one that will certainly puzzle political academics for many years to come, is why a vast swath of the United States’ evangelical Christian community doesn’t seem to see it at all … and if they do, which at least some of them must, why do they continue to cling to the man like remora on the underbelly of a rogue shark?

    This mystery runs deep. Much of the evangelical community has spent the last four decades making sure we all know how important “family values” are to them by trying to ram-feed their perception of morality down our collective throat. We must have the Ten Commandments posted in stone outside the courthouse. We must deny women control over their own bodies. We must shun the LGBTQ community because of a line in the Bible right next to the other lines favoring slavery and condemning to death anyone wearing clothes made from two different threads. The cotton-poly blend you’re wearing? God sees the tag on your collar. That’s your ass, my friend.

    Full piece here.

    Rules which apply always and forever means they also apply here and now, and are not to be abandoned for the sake of defeating a political foe. Some people, it seems, don’t realize that.


  5. L Says:

    In many ways I agree with you. I will not be voting for Trump or Hillary.

    I don’t expect a perfect candidate, that shares all of my values, but to me Trump is a phony in much the same way as Hillary is. In politics you cannot expect a saint. With Trump though he needs to show proof that he will follow through with being strong on the 2nd Amendment, the Supreme Court picks, the border, getting rid of Obama Care, and defunding Planned Parenthood. I don’t trust him on any of these, so I will be voting third party.

    I am guessing you are voting for Hillary, but how is she going to improve this nation in your eyes? How can you cast judgement on Christians, because they want to, “Hope” that Trump will be the President that he says he will be when Hillary is a Progressive Socialist? There is no hope with her at all.

    You know Socialism has never worked anywhere for very long, and normally is a stepping stone to Communism, which also is a terribly flawed system of government.


  6. L Says:

    Chris, It sounds like Dr. Jeremiah may be reading some of the same books I have read. The Millennials are very important right now, because they are the Heroes of this time.

    It is so important that we show the Millennials that we do stick to our principles, and we aren’t hypocritical. If they can’t trust the Church then they may lose faith in God.

    In World War II the Righteous did not suddenly become Righteous. They just refused to go over the cliff with the rest of the people.

    We are in a Crisis period right now. It was a Crisis period in WWII as well. There will be about five more years until it ends. After the Crisis period there is always an Awakening, which is what Dr. Jeremiah had mentioned.

    Read The Fourth Turning, and The Pendulum. Both are excellent books that tell about the seasons of time, and history.

    As the Bible says, “There is a time for everything”.

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    • christinewjc Says:

      Ultimately, people need to make up their own minds about who to vote for. For me, I could NEVER vote for someone like HilLIARy who approves of baby killing in the womb. That was the very first reason why I also opposed 0bama. Then the more I learned about him, the worse he turned out to be.
      The Democrat platform is way to evil, extreme, and anti- biblical that I can’t see any true Christian supporting it or any candidate that supports it.


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