Bombarded With “Peas?”

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What steals your attention these days?  I find myself in discussions with people (in person and online) who are deeply concerned, fretting and absolutely going ballistic over the upcoming election.  Can’t blame them!   Politics is more ugly and distasteful these days than ever before!  I can certainly relate to those who have had sleepless nights about this upcoming election.

There will never be the “perfect candidate.”  But some candidates are far worse than others!  I know of people who are die-hard Trump fans (and get angry at those who find him questionable).  Others, who will be dutiful Dems for HiLIARy Clinton (no matter what crimes are exposed).   And there are others who are considering voting for a hasn’t-got-a-chance-to win Libertarian like Gary Johnson.   Saw him on The Five a few days back and many of his ideas are downright loony!

Everyone can have their own opinions about the candidates.  But the lies and vitriol that are continually and  purposely being spewed by the media of mass deception is very disturbing.  Sometimes I think it’s just best to shut off the TV and enjoy our own personal lives!

Now that I’m a grandmother to a beautiful, sweet, and happy (well…most of the time!  Ha!) little 9 month old girl, I find myself enjoying the videos and photos of the times spent with her.  I especially love the one where my daughter caught her saying “mama!”  When visiting with them, I find myself singing silly rhymes and sweet songs, playing with her toys with her, and reading books to her during quiet times.  Since she enjoys the short little picture books that have different fabrics and shiny objects and mirrors to feel, that is what I like to read to her.  Soon, I will be sharing famous fairy tales with her.  I thought about this while reading a devotional from June 30th which shares a bit of the story of The Princess and the Pea.

The devotional:

A Sleepless Night

Despite the twenty mattresses, she could not forget the single pea causing her discomfort.  It kept her awake throughout the night.  She barely noticed the luxury of her surroundings.  The Princess and the Pea fairy tale reminds us that even very small things can steal our attention.

Well, one might argue that there are very important issues and consequences when deciding who becomes our next president.  No doubt, this is true.  However, should we continually allow it to consume us with fear, loathing and discontent?

The devotional continues:

In our world of social media, pictures, and email, it sometimes feels as though we are being bombarded with peas.  They try to demand our attention and tempt us to compare our lives to others.  When we build a wish list based on what others have or who they are, it leads to discontent.  We feel stuck in our own lives, longing to live the life of another.

Even though I grew up before the computer-in-every-home age and at a time when the idea of hand held cell phones was considered science fiction, I can still recall having feelings of discontent.   Most people go through this at one time or another.  If we didn’t,  why would we even bother to grow?

Today?  For me?  Not so much.  But yes!  It would be nice to be young again, not have aches and pains and to be able to eat the foods I used to eat!   But that’s not going to happen!

What sustains me in contentment most these days? Seeing our two adult children in happy marriages and successful careers is certainly a blessing!   Spending time with our granddaughter is a joy that I treasure!

The devotional concludes:

Comparison leads to overlooking and wastefulness. We squander our time and gifts by treating them with disdain. Jesus came to free us from the poison of comparison. As we release our concerns and worries to Christ, we create space to receive His gifts. Gratitude can fortify our souls and root us in the reality of what is. What will you thank Him for today?

Dear Jesus,

I am so thankful that my mom of 92 years came through her health scare crisis two months ago and is still with us. Thank you!

I am so thankful that my son found his beautiful wife and they are grounded in their love for you, Lord Jesus! Thank you!

I am so thankful that my daughter and her husband have a beautiful, healthy little girl and that my daughter is able to devote herself to her as a stay at home mom! Thank you!

I am so thankful that my husband’s back pain is subsiding and pray that he continues to heal! Thank you!

I am so thankful that I have a family that loves one another…and that we are close to You, Lord Jesus, and close to each other! Thank you!

With love,



Giving thanks always and for everything to God the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Ephesians 5:20 ESV


The Christian who walks with the Lord and keeps constant communion with Him will see many reasons for rejoicing and thanksgiving all day long.

Warren W. Wiersbe


H/T:  Today’s Turning Point with David Jeremiah, June 30, 2016;




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