Khizr Khan: Hillary Clinton’s Islamic Terror Trafficker

In this time of Democrat lies, deceit, treachery, pro-Islamic terrorism crime and unmitigated smears and insults against everyday Americans who KNOW what they are doing;  the typical media of mass deception continues to ignore what patriot online bloggers are discovering and reporting about the nefarious Muslim Brotherhood connections (specifically, to the Clinton campaign and so-called “Foundation”) of Khizr Khan, HiLIARy Clinton, and the terrorist supporting Muslim Brotherhood illegal immigration schemes.

Well, this post is for the five or so people who may be following what has already been reported here.  I certainly hope that these links and details will be spread far and wide so that voters will be equipped with such information before going into the voting booth in November!

Pamela Geller: Khizr Khan DELETES Law Firm Website that Specializes in Muslim Immigration Accused of Selling US Citizenships

Breitbart has the story and a screen shot of the now deleted website: Panic Mode: Khizr Khan Deletes Law Firm Website that Specialized in Muslim Immigration

My question…if this Muslim lawyer has nothing to hide, then why did he have his website deleted?

Apparently, the media of mass deception WON’T TOUCH THIS in their broadcasts, but Lame Cherry doesn’t hold back ANYTHING!

Lame Cherry BlogSpot: Khizr Khan: Hillary Clinton’s Islamic Terror Trafficker

If the lamestream media wasn’t so far into HiLIARy Clinton’s campaign, we would be reading about and hearing about this Lame Cherry excerpt:

Such is the world of Khizr Khan, a world of the more one stops being blinded by tears salted by deception of the Clinton campaign, one begins to notice such things as how well-connected this Muslim immigrant is, how well paid he is, and oddly how he seems to have many spots which seem to change leopard colors depending upon the venue.

One day the spot is Hillary Clinton performer.

One day it is importer of Muslim slave traffic.

One day it is Muslim voter registration to overthrow the US elections.

….and those are the spots we know, and it begins to explain why Khizr Khan is now begging for the peace and serenity, after his jihadi attack on American Donald Trump hide in the shadows and ply his trade and craft.

We find in Khizr Khan a reality of his being a front man, for now we knows Muslim terror oil money in the Mideast of OPEC, littering America with mosques, and now the image Obama Islamic invasion of the West.

We find that Khizr Khan is linked to the Islamic politicization of America.
We find that Khizr Khan is linked to Huma Abedin in the Muslim Brotherhood.
But what we have not yet found is who is paying for MADISON AVENUE addresses, as they do not give those away. Apartments in this vicinity are almost 4000 dollars a month.
 What no one is questioning now, except the Lame Cherry is the reality that Khizr Khan is one of those Obama voters responsible for keeping 95 million Americans unemployed. Khizr Khan is one of those responsible for bringing in foreigners so Disney can fire Americans after the foreigners have been trained.
What we have not yet discovered is how many of Khizr Khan’s Muslim wretches who have purchased United States Citizenship, are agents of Islamic terrorism, carriers of TB diseases, rapists and murderers…….besides keeping 95 million Americans from being employed, but receiving 20,000 Obama bonuses for being smuggled into America.
How much money is Hillary Clinton’s slave trader, Khizr Khan, making off of the image Obama displaced from the Obama Clinton wars against Islam? Yes Hillary Clinton has made the questionable world of the Khan family as their poster children. Let there become now a call for the FBI, INS and IRS begin an investigation into how another very interesting businessman has become an associate of the Clintons.
One day it is someone donating to the Clinton Foundation and the next it is LaVoy Finicum murdered.
One day it is Chris Stevens sent to Benghazi over Clinton Obama weapons deals and the next he is dead.
One day it is Khizr Khan on the Democratic National Convention smearing Donald Trump with the blood of a dead Muslim son, who had his men exposed to a suicide bomber in Iraq, and the next it is Khizr Khan running for cover as more and more of this criminal enterprise is literally selling American citizenship for profit to Obama imported Muslims.
Once again another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.
Hat tips to all links.

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4 Responses to “Khizr Khan: Hillary Clinton’s Islamic Terror Trafficker”

  1. Black3Actual Says:

    The entire Democrat Party has been in bed with Islamic radicals since before 2004. The book, Unholy Alliance, detailed all the connections using public sources. It’s just that no one cares — at least, none but the True Remnant.

    Liked by 1 person

    • christinewjc Says:

      Not surprised one bit! When it was revealed that Beelzebub Clinton had the chance to take out Bin Laden and didn’t do it, THAT is when I suspected either complacency about Islamism or downright collusion with Islamic terrorism.

      Mr. Khan must be concerned that all of this formerly “secret” information about him is becoming widespread knowledge! That’s why he took down the website.

      The Islamic tenet of taqiyya prevents me from EVER TRUSTING any Muslim… radical jihadist or otherwise!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Black3Actual Says:

        The problem is that the Left wants the Islamic money, and they are arrogant enough to think they can take it to put down the remnant of Americans, then “deal” with the “backward ragheads.” Problem is, the Left does not understand who they have gotten into bed with — but they will, soon!

        Liked by 1 person

      • christinewjc Says:

        I don’t recall whether or not I ever showed this photo to you. It was taken at an anti-Israel, “the world can’t wait” protest back during the G.W. Bush years.

        I found it on a website called “Zombietime,” which was known for it’s pictorial journalism of San Fransicko protests.

        At first, it puzzled me. Now, after the awful ObaMARXIST/Islamist years, it makes sense how the Commie/Muslim alliance would form and how the “liberals” who cheered these goons on would end up on the list of destruction.

        How ANYONE could possibly support either group is beyond any semblance of reason! Liberals are being USED by both! Yet they are either complicit in either ideology or just too damn ignorant to realize it!

        I think you are correct…it must be the Islamic money.


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