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Ever since posting Brad Thor’s commentary in the previous post, I have gone back to read it more than three times.

Prior to reading his essay, I couldn’t really decide what it is about Trump that bothers me most. Now I know what it is. It is the fact that despite all of Trump’s resounding rhetoric, the subject of liberty is non-existent within his campaign.

Everything that Thor wrote hit a nerve with me. It condensed into one, all of the reasons why alarm bells have been going off in my mind as I have listened and watched Trump’s answers in the debates and speeches on the stump. The adoring crowds want to ignore all of the faults of Trump. Granted, there is no perfect person living on this planet. But the specific concern that I have about him is precisely what Brad Thor wrote in his essay.

Thor wrote:

As an American, my greatest allegiance is to liberty. As long as there is liberty, no task is insurmountable, no challenge too overwhelming. As long as there is liberty, anything is possible.

The true north of my compass has been, and always will be, liberty. I owe it to those who have come before me and those who will come after. I will act to safeguard liberty no matter what personal price I may be forced to bear.

Liberty is my litmus test. I weigh all actions of my government and those who seek office, against it. The ledger of freedom is incorruptible; its pages open for anyone to examine, and most importantly – to learn from.

The current BADministration has been all about granting liberty to some, but stifling it for others. From the BADministration’s pitiful approval of the “black lives matter” movement, to the unconscionable condemnation towards those who believe in upholding traditional marriage and want sane bathroom policies; all the way up to the false pretense of “Islamo-phobia” vs. the real danger of radical Islamic terrorism (threatening us here in America as well as all around the world) the concept of LIBERTY has been sorely and gravely missing.

Thor writes:

And so I come to my explanation. When I apply my litmus test of liberty to Donald Trump, he fails – completely.

In fact, he has not only failed to ever stand for liberty, he has repeatedly worked to undermine it. From supporting an assault weapons ban, the seizure of private property via eminent domain, the restructuring of libel laws, and socialized medicine (just to name a few) – throughout his entire adult life, Donald Trump has repeatedly championed the power of the state.

Regardless of what he says now, Donald Trump has a history. That history is the clearest indication of how he would govern as president. No matter how badly Americans want to “blow up” Washington, they absolutely must consider who, and what, arises from the embers of that destruction.

If you are reading here and you haven’t read the entire essay, please READ IT ALL!

I am pointing out the parts that helped me to determine what is the greatest concern regarding a Trump presidency.

Thor writes:

Herein lies my greatest concern. What will become of liberty under a Trump administration? Will it grow? Will it recede? Will it vanish altogether?

Our Founders realized that the normal course of history is despotism – the control of the many by the few. That is why the Founding documents sought to constrain government. They also counted on Americans to choose wisely those whom we sought to install in office. Too often we have failed in selecting the best among us.

Donald Trump is not the best among us, nor is Hillary Clinton. They are both incredibly flawed human beings whom we should be equally ashamed of.

Neither would advance the cause of freedom. Both would take us – not to that shining city on a hill of which President Reagan spoke – but into the murky valley below. Never have I seen America faced with having two such poor choices for president.

With the lessons of history as my guide, I see in Donald Trump the character flaws that are the hallmarks of despotism. In Hillary Clinton, I also see multiple character flaws, but I see them as belonging not to a potential despot, but rather to a conniving, self-serving, progressive politician who believes in lining her own pockets and enlarging/increasing the state and its power.

The two are reprehensible – but completely different. One threatens to further enlarge the state, the other, potentially (a la Napoleon), to become it.

In the following excerpt, Thor mentions the fact that strength, compassion and humility are all necessary in any leader and the absence of them has done much damage to our nation over the last seven years.

Thor writes:

Strength, compassion, and humility are necessary in any leader – but especially so in the person who would occupy the highest and most powerful office in the world. Just look at what the absence of those qualities has done over the last seven years.

My greatest concern about Donald Trump, though, isn’t a trait he lacks, but a dangerous one he possesses – in spades. Authoritarianism.

Confident people do not bully and demean others. That is the realm of the weak and insecure. Confident people also do not threaten others, especially not their fellow citizens.

He goes on to cite that authoritarianism is as dangerous a trait as the current BADministration’s unholy alliance to Marxism/secular humanism/Islamo-fascism mindset that has been wreaking havoc upon us over the past seven years.

Thor writes:

In other words, Donald Trump has clearly told all of us that he will use the power of the presidency to force people to bend to his will. This is not liberty.

In fact, Donald Trump has never even spoken about liberty. Neither has he spoken about the Constitution and the Founding documents. This is an absolute first in the history of the United States.

Instead, Donald Trump talks about hiring the “best people” and making the “best deals.” This, though, isn’t what made America great, and it certainly isn’t what will return America to its prominence.

The blueprint for America’s success is the ideas of the Framers – limited, Constitutional governance – an area in which Donald Trump is criminally ignorant.

Thor goes on to say that neither Trump or HilLIARy are fit for the job of the presidency. Like me, he is not afraid to say that they are both terrible for our future. His preference is to write-in or vote third-party. Of course, that is up to each and every individual who enters the voting booth come this November.

He summarizes the awful choice between Trump or HilLIARy:

But between a big government progressive and a potential despot – every American must ask themselves where liberty has the greatest chance to survive over the next four years.

As a Constitutional conservative, I take solace in, and guidance from the words of Alexander Hamilton, who in the election of 1800 said, “If we must have an enemy at the head of government, let it be one whom we can oppose, and for whom we are not responsible.”

I would add the concern about the next Supreme Court nominees!  There is nothing about Trump that makes me confident that he would select a Constitutional Conservative as a nominee to the Supreme Court.

I will conclude with Thor’s words:

None of us knows the future. But I ask that all of us look to the past. Only by doing so can we safeguard liberty and chart the most well-reasoned course forward.

Hat tip: Brad Thor on Facebook

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