The Trump Wars Part 2

John McNaughton artist:  The Forgotten Man

Today I decided to visit the TEA Party Community board.  There, I found a copy and link to a post written by author Brad Thor.  Here it is in its entirety:


Dear friends:

I have taken a stance, which I know is unpopular with some of you, and which I feel I owe it to you to fully explain.

Throughout history, charismatic figures have appeared at critical moments in time. Some of these figures have advanced their nations. Some have set them back. Only with the benefit of hindsight is mankind able to make the final judgment.

I have long been a fan of the saying – History doesn’t repeat, but it does rhyme. In other words, history leaves clues; lessons that we can all benefit from.

We are stewards of our Republic and as such, our greatest responsibility is not to ourselves, or any political party, but to the next generation of Americans. We must work tirelessly to see to it that they inherit a freer, stronger, safer, more prosperous nation than was handed to us.

To truly fulfill that obligation we must be selfless, and above all, we must be informed. We must understand the mechanics of politics, economics, and the framework that has allowed the United States to be the greatest nation in the history of the world.

As an American, my greatest allegiance is to liberty. As long as there is liberty, no task is insurmountable, no challenge too overwhelming. As long as there is liberty, anything is possible.

The true north of my compass has been, and always will be, liberty. I owe it to those who have come before me and those who will come after. I will act to safeguard liberty no matter what personal price I may be forced to bear.

Liberty is my litmus test. I weigh all actions of my government and those who seek office, against it. The ledger of freedom is incorruptible; its pages open for anyone to examine, and most importantly – to learn from.

At great personal and professional expense, I have grown more vocal over the years about the need to reduce the size of government and place in office fellow citizens guided strictly by the Founding documents.

I have spoken on television, radio, and in front of civic organizations. I have campaigned for candidates, marched in Tea Party rallies, and was the man who drove Andrew Breitbart to Madison, Wisconsin to speak alongside him on the capitol steps in defense of Governor Scott walker.

From taking back the United States House in 2010, to taking back the Senate in 2014, we have won battle after battle for liberty. In so doing, we have placed principled, limited government Americans in office. We knew the war wouldn’t be won overnight, but rather that it would be won over time. We have been steadfast, resolute, and successful.

But in the opinion of some of our fellow Americans, we have not been quick enough. Rather than continue to fight, a plurality of voters in the Republican primary has decided to drop an atom bomb on Washington, D.C. That atom bomb is Donald Trump.

And so I come to my explanation. When I apply my litmus test of liberty to Donald Trump, he fails – completely.

In fact, he has not only failed to ever stand for liberty, he has repeatedly worked to undermine it. From supporting an assault weapons ban, the seizure of private property via eminent domain, the restructuring of libel laws, and socialized medicine (just to name a few) – throughout his entire adult life, Donald Trump has repeatedly championed the power of the state.

Regardless of what he says now, Donald Trump has a history. That history is the clearest indication of how he would govern as president. No matter how badly Americans want to “blow up” Washington, they absolutely must consider who, and what, arises from the embers of that destruction.

After voters drop that atom bomb, what happens next?

Herein lies my greatest concern. What will become of liberty under a Trump administration? Will it grow? Will it recede? Will it vanish altogether?

Our Founders realized that the normal course of history is despotism – the control of the many by the few. That is why the Founding documents sought to constrain government. They also counted on Americans to choose wisely those whom we sought to install in office. Too often we have failed in selecting the best among us.

Donald Trump is not the best among us, nor is Hillary Clinton. They are both incredibly flawed human beings whom we should be equally ashamed of.

Neither would advance the cause of freedom. Both would take us – not to that shining city on a hill of which President Reagan spoke – but into the murky valley below. Never have I seen America faced with having two such poor choices for president.

With the lessons of history as my guide, I see in Donald Trump the character flaws that are the hallmarks of despotism. In Hillary Clinton, I also see multiple character flaws, but I see them as belonging not to a potential despot, but rather to a conniving, self-serving, progressive politician who believes in lining her own pockets and enlarging/increasing the state and its power.

The two are reprehensible – but completely different. One threatens to further enlarge the state, the other, potentially (a la Napoleon), to become it.

Growing up, a wonderful nun repeatedly told me that kindness could only be expected from the strong. When Donald Trump mocked the disability of New York Times reporter Serge Kovaleski – he showed himself to be not only weak, but also lacking in compassion.

Trump’s position that he is a Christian, but has never asked for forgiveness – coupled with his incessant bragging – not only further shows that he is weak, but that he also lacks humility.

Strength, compassion, and humility are necessary in any leader – but especially so in the person who would occupy the highest and most powerful office in the world. Just look at what the absence of those qualities has done over the last seven years.

My greatest concern about Donald Trump, though, isn’t a trait he lacks, but a dangerous one he possesses – in spades. Authoritarianism.

Confident people do not bully and demean others. That is the realm of the weak and insecure. Confident people also do not threaten others, especially not their fellow citizens.

Donald Trump has told us to just wait and see what he does to Jeff Bezos once he gets into the White House. He has told us the American military will do whatever he tells them to do no matter what their reservations. He has promised to prevent American companies from moving outside the United States, regardless of what they believe is best for their businesses.

In other words, Donald Trump has clearly told all of us that he will use the power of the presidency to force people to bend to his will. This is not liberty.

In fact, Donald Trump has never even spoken about liberty. Neither has he spoken about the Constitution and the Founding documents. This is an absolute first in the history of the United States.

Instead, Donald Trump talks about hiring the “best people” and making the “best deals.” This, though, isn’t what made America great, and it certainly isn’t what will return America to its prominence.

The blueprint for America’s success is the ideas of the Framers – limited, Constitutional governance – an area in which Donald Trump is criminally ignorant.

Let me be clear that I don’t want to vote for Hillary Clinton. I also don’t want to vote for Donald Trump. My preference is to write-in or vote third party. I think they are both terrible for our future.

But between a big government progressive and a potential despot – every American must ask themselves where liberty has the greatest chance to survive over the next four years.

As a Constitutional conservative, I take solace in, and guidance from the words of Alexander Hamilton, who in the election of 1800 said, “If we must have an enemy at the head of government, let it be one whom we can oppose, and for whom we are not responsible.”

I value all of you as friends, readers, and fellow patriots. There is much at stake for our Republic. Be informed, be selfless, and vote your conscience. I will not hold your decisions against you.

None of us knows the future. But I ask that all of us look to the past. Only by doing so can we safeguard liberty and chart the most well-reasoned course forward.

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20 Responses to “The Trump Wars Part 2”

  1. Cry and Howl Says:

    I disagree with Mr. Thor. We can know the future if Hillary Clinton wins the White House.
    You’re welcome to click on the link and read what a Constitutional Conservative has to say about Donald Trump and his attackers.
    I find it astonishing that you’ll dismiss our friendship so easily Christine. “Such is life!!??”
    I think you’ve simply replaced one with another. No loss according to your words.
    Just so you know, I apologized to Joe and I realized I was out of line. My pride got in. He’s a quality gentleman and I’m honored to have met him.
    Take good care.


    • christinewjc Says:


      I have been reading both sides of the issue concerning Trump. In fact, I posted a positive piece that was written by David Kupelian at WND. I have said many times that if Trump gets in that I hope that all of his supporters are correct to have trusted and supported him.

      In my case, I do not think that he can be trusted. Brad Thor hit the nail on the head when he wrote that Trump does not ever talk about liberty! In fact, many of his previous business dealings where he used eminent domain to bully and try to take away a lady’s home, as well as disparage a guy in Scotland whose generationally owned family farm was “in the way” of his desire to build a golf course; showed his bad character.

      “Donald Trump called Mr. Forbes’ property, “disgusting”, “slum-like”, and that Mr. Forbes lived like a “pig.” – See more at:

      In both cases, Trump was guilty of attempting to take away the property and liberty of these people; while disparaging them too. These are just two examples.

      I did the research and he is a bully, unrepentant fake “Christian” filled with narcissism who once said something like, ‘he’d like to bed his own daughter!’ His history shows that he is a womanizing adulterer (who admits bedding other men’s wives) and who donated to Dem campaigns over the years (including HiLIARy’s!).

      If people want to ignore such sin – so be it.

      But perhaps they should apologize to Bill Clinton for his escapes? /sarc off

      For that, as well as a boatload of other examples that I have shared – I don’t trust him!

      That being said, I just don’t see how he would be any different from Hillary. I worry that he might even be worse! Now, don’t take that to mean that I want HilLIARy in the WH. She belongs IN JAIL!

      I’m glad that you and Joe have sorted some things out between the two of you.

      Recall that you were the one who wrote “I’m outta here” in a previous thread. If that didn’t mean that you are abandoning this site because of your disagreements with Joe and I, then can you please explain what you did mean by that?


  2. christinewjc Says:

    Went back to the link and read an important comment:

    John Doe > XMagma1 • 14 days ago

    The other issue is this. Trump is praised for his business acumen, his “Art of the Deal”, his “get things done” drive. Though these may serve well in a business climate, they’re antithetical to governance. I’ll explain why.

    Business, in part, is about being willing to take an asset and liquidate it for a profit. You buy something yesterday at a certain price, wait it out through today, and sell it tomorrow at a higher price (buy low, sell high). To be effective at business, there can be no emotional connection to an asset. You can’t, for example, buy a home, become attached to it, and then refuse to sell it when it appreciates because you’ve built too many fond memories in that house. Nope; buy it today, sell it tomorrow if the price is right, and move on to the next investment. Cold, calculating, indifferent, and efficient with no room for sentimentality. There’s no commitment to people, property, or principles other than the principle of how fast can you turn them over to make a profit.

    Government, by contrast, is all about remaining committed to principles. Founding principles such as life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, property rights, etc. You don’t throw them out because they become inconvenient or cut into the profit margins. They are what make a nation a nation; they are the values of the people and the rules of governance for a country. They define who we are. Without them, we are unmoored, devolving into petty self-interest and disdain for the rule of law.

    A good business man, therefore, does not necessarily make for a good president. And Trump is being a good businessman; he’s “buying” voter confidence by giving voice to their populist frustrations and anger. A vote for Trump is a commodity he’s willing to purchase by saying exactly what some want to hear. And why wouldn’t he? He’s not a career politician who can be called to the mat for failing to honor a campaign pledge. If he doesn’t get elected, it’s not like he’s out in the cold without money or a job. He’s not put in check by the threat of accountability. Therefore, he can say whatever he wants to get a vote because there’s no consequence for him should he fail to honor his promises.

    Beware though; once he has that vote it becomes his asset. As a good businessman, he will then sell off that asset (voter confidence) the very second it will benefit him. As the buyer (candidate), he’s no longer beholden to the seller (voters) once the sales transaction (election) is complete. He’s then free to wheel-and-deal with a whole new group of buyers and sellers in the congress, while completely ignoring the previous seller (the voters).

    If he becomes president, he will feel absolutely zero compunction to address any of the grievances of the electorate who vote him into office. To his businessman’s mind, he already paid for the product that was being sold (a vote in return for his rhetoric). He’ll then move on to the next deal and not give the voters a second thought.

    It bears repeating because it keeps being forgotten: there’s a sucker born every minute.


    • christinewjc Says:

      Same guy (John Doe), part of a different comment.

      But I’ll concede I painted with too broad a brush; so I revise it. I assert that a person possessed of Trump’s self-serving narcissism, long history of unethical business practices, bankruptcies, extensive use of H-1B1 foreign labor, support for touch-back amnesty, decades of donations to and close ties with liberal politicians, lack of any kind of cohesive domestic or foreign policy, record of racist and misogynist gaffes, inability to articulate what conservatism is or stands for, constant flip flopping on issues that are at the core of the Republican party, non-existent impulse control, absence of decorum, bereft of tact and diplomacy, and – yes – a demonstrated lack of commitment to any principle other than his own profits would make for a disastrous president.

      Said it better than I could…


  3. Cry and Howl Says:

    I like Brad Thor. I’ve read nearly all his books. The Scot Harvath novels are some of my favorites. However I put no more confidence in a fiction writer’s opinion than I would an actor’s, like Jeff Daniels or a comedian like Bill Maher. Actually Bill Maher’s take on Muslims is far, far to the right of nearly all Republicans. Go figure. Common sense can actually be had by liberals at times.
    Here is my take on the issue and this is where I stand until something changes my mind. I voted for Ted Cruz. Now I’m completely soured towards him because of his vice presidential choice. (see my latest post) Also, I don’t appreciate him and Glenn Beck giving out teddy bears and goods to illegal aliens at the border. I also don’t appreciate his vote to give Obama “fast track” for TPP. Because of his choice for a running mate I don’t trust Mr. Cruz. Anyone who can praise the religion of death, in my view makes Trump look like an angel from heaven.
    Now, as far as Trump is concerned. I don’t care if he’s arrogant. I don’t care that he’s not a conservative, a Christian, or articulate, or has bankruptcies in his past. I don’t care who he insults. I don’t care about anything negative you or any other anti-NEVER Trump person has to write. Trump didn’t say he wanted to “bed his daughter” but i”m not getting into that ridiculous stuff.
    This election, and this is the only one that has been this way for me, is about two things that are clear and present dangers to the United States. Those two things are: the flooding of illegals into America and the flooding of Muslims from hostile Middle Eastern nations who will surely bring darkness, death, misery and fear into this great nation.
    In my view those issues are it for right now. I don’t care how he does it. To me it’s that important and that’s it for me for now.
    I don’t get it dear lady. Our nation is being invaded. Our nation is under direct attack and we’re worried about the guy who has been consistent with his determination to stop it because he’s arrogant!
    It’s like proclaiming all our military personnel have to be Christians in order to defend America!
    If someone breaks into your home are you going to request only Christian cops to come to the rescue?
    I tell you this dear friend, if someone breaks into my home and I’m there I’m not going to worry about winning the guy’s soul at that moment. The perpetrator will find me very un-Christian like, especially in defending my Rina.
    And finally;
    When I said “I’m outta here,” I simply meant for the day. I was at work and had to wrap it up. But I wasn’t happy and had to re-examine myself. Fair enough?
    I still love you like a sister.


  4. christinewjc Says:

    Brad Thor appeared on The Kelly File. Watch video Here

    Author Brad Thor says Trump fails his liberty ‘litmus test’

    May. 11, 2016 – 4:56 – ‘Never Trump’ novelist debates with a Trump supporter on ‘The Kelly File’


  5. christinewjc Says:

    I found the following debate answer one of the most alarming in history! Trump doesn’t have the slightest idea what America’s Nuclear Triad is!

    The Worst Answer in Debate History.

    Oh…and Steve…my little ole’ vote won’t make one difference here in CA. Besides, the media of mass deception has been claiming that Bernie supporters will vote for Trump if HiLIARy is the Dem nominee. I think it’s a safe bet that your choice will win in November.


  6. Liberty | Talk Wisdom Says:

    […] Talk Wisdom's goal is to defend the tenets and values of Biblical Christian faith. We defend our Constitutional Republic and Charters of Freedom, especially when speaking out against destructive social and political issues. As followers of our Savior and Lord, we should boldly stand up for Jesus Christ in our present circumstances. He is our Savior, Lord, and King, and His love needs to be shed abroad in our hearts and in our world – now. « The Trump Wars Part 2 […]


  7. Cry and Howl Says:

    I think Brad Thor is an excellent writer. He’s eloquent, descriptive and able to use words to stir emotions, even patriotism.
    Let’s check out, if you will, just a small part of Mr. Thor’s “litmus test” in developing his opinions of Mr. Trump …l
    “Growing up, a wonderful nun repeatedly told me that kindness could only be expected from the strong. When Donald Trump mocked the disability of New York Times reporter Serge Kovaleski – he showed himself to be not only weak, but also lacking in compassion.”
    Now the following could be pure “propaganda” but here’s a little something that at least in my mind shows Mr. Thor isn’t completely honest in his assessment of Trump …

    I”m wondering how much help Brad offered Sergeant Andrew Tahmooressi, the marine held in a Mexican prison for 6 months or so when he was released … or even while incarcerated?

    Anyway like I said, for me this election is about the invasion of the United States which is happening right now and finding someone who will stop it.
    I will go a step further … If Mr. Thor thinks Hillary will appoint “fair” Constitutional Supreme Court Justices in the next five years then he is a complete fraud and all this “liberty” and “freedom” coming from his is certified b.s.
    Trump will be putting out a list of the kinds of justices he will appoint.
    I guess you missed the article over at Think Progress. They are in a panic … here’s something to consider Christine:


    • christinewjc Says:


      I wrote a new post that excerpts some of what Thor had written and then included my take on the issues. It is entitled, “Liberty.”

      Thor does not promote Hillary. Did you read the entire article that was posted?

      In fact, he asks several questions concerning a Trump presidency:

      Herein lies my greatest concern. What will become of liberty under a Trump administration? Will it grow? Will it recede? Will it vanish altogether?

      This indicates to me that he knows that his position on Trump isn’t going to sway the huge electorate that wants The Donald. This is reminiscent of 0bama in 2008. No matter how many warnings people put out there about him, they went ignored…and we got what the people who put him into office deserved.

      For Thor (personally), voting 3rd party or another candidate is HIS OPINION. He is entitled to it…isn’t he? You may not agree with his reasoning, but liberty allows him to express it.

      We could go back and forth citing pro and anti-Trump links, videos and articles.

      I will read your links a bit later when I have more time.

      If Trump does get into office, I sincerely hope that both Thor and I are wrong about his authoritarianism, narcissism, etc. that brings forth these concerns about liberty.


    • christinewjc Says:

      Thanks for sharing those links, Steve. It is nice to read that Trump has had his humanitarian moments. However, as you read at some previous links that I shared, he was guilty of utilizing Eminent Domain in order to harass a woman out of her home here in the U.S. for his own selfish business purposes, and he also continually harassed a generational family farmer out of his home in Scotland so that he could build a golf course there. Fortunately, the farmer held out and kept his farm. Trumps words about him were very nasty, BTW.

      The Supreme Court choices mentioned at the second link sound like good choices. Hopefully, if Trump gets in he will keep to his word on nominating conservative judges for the Supreme Court.

      As Donna had mentioned here, Trump seems to be backing off of banning Muslim refugees – claiming that it was “just a suggestion.” It worries me that he is already waffling on one of the most important issues that both you and I are concerned about.


  8. Donna Says:

    This is to Cry and Howl,

    You say you were a supporter of Cruz, but it doesn’t appear that way. The teddy bears being given at the border was way before the Presidential election, so how could that sour you on Cruz? Besides if you followed what Glenn Beck or Ted Cruz say, and do you would know that them giving teddy bears at the border was purely humanitarian. Are we supposed to ignore children that are being dumped here? Both men are very strong on the border, and our immigration laws. Obviously you have not looked into anything that Ted Cruz did as Solicitor General of Texas or the Amendment that he put forth to the bill in the Senate from the Gang of Eight. Ted Cruz’s Amendment killed the bill.

    If your main concern is about our border then you had better look long and hard at what Donald Trump has done not what he says he will do. He has hired illegal immigrants. He has met with the “Dreamers”, and said he agrees with their plight. He has said he will deport illegals, but he has said they can come right back in. He has said we have to put a hold on all Muslims coming into our country, but just today he said that was just a suggestion. These are just a few items of what Trump does as opposed to what he says. It seems to be a case of telling whatever group he is with at the time what they want to hear, but, and this is a big but he doesn’t back his words up with his action.

    That is the biggest difference between Ted Cruz, and Donald Trump. Ted Cruz does what he says he is going to do.

    I have freewill, and liberty to vote for whomever I choose. For me that person is still Ted Cruz. I don’t need the GOP’s permission.

    I am not voting for Hillary Clinton, and I never would, but the difference between Donald Trump, and Hillary Clinton is slim to none. Their beliefs, and who they have voted for is very similar. I would not be comfortable voting for either of them. They both have a terrible history of lies, and deceit. They have both done awful things, and ruined people’s lives. To me, it is similar to having a choice between Stalin or Hitler. I am not going to sell my soul for another kind of Hope, and Change……

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    • christinewjc Says:

      Welcome to Talk Wisdom Donna!

      Good points all around!

      It is an important distinction regarding the humanitarian efforts given towards the children at the border. It was their parents or “guardians or handlers” that brought them here…whatever the case may have been…that broke the law by illegally transporting such children across the border. Trouble is, the supposed “adults” in such a situation are never held accountable.

      This current BADministration purposely avoids upholding the immigration laws and has made a bad situation much, much worse over the past 7+ years.

      Thanks for sharing that important point about Ted Cruz’s amendment killing the “gang of eight” bill. The foolishness of Marco Rubio – who came in via help from the TEA Party – to join the other RINOs was what ended his presidential campaign. It was embarrassing to see him lose his home state.

      Thanks for commenting and sharing your deeply held beliefs on these issues! Greatly appreciate your input!

      ~ Christine


  9. Cry and Howl Says:

    I’m not trying to be a wise-guy here but you seem to be deficient in the reading comprehension department. First, I supported Ted Cruz and voted for him in the Texas primary. (mentioned in one of my comments) Next, if you read my comment, you’ll discover that I didn’t say my opinion of Cruz was soured because of the teddy bear incident. I wrote, ” I’m completely soured towards him because of his vice presidential choice.” I began my unwavering for support for Trump when Cruz bowed out.
    Using your argument, Trump used the Eminent Domain feature long before the presidential election. I don’t know the details of that particular incident but it’s doubtful those using it against him are reporting the facts accurately … but I digress.
    The hold on Muslim from entering the country was a suggestion, but one I think he takes seriously and will do. He’s been consistent with his “suggestion” so much that Muslims take him very seriously and are supporting Hillary. (read what the new Mayor of London said about it).
    It frustrates me when people made an argument and leave out key elements that will weaken their claim.
    Yes, Trump said many times he will deport all illegals and then open the door for them to return as long as it’s done LEGALLY. (key word)
    Finally, I’m not going to argue with anyone about this any more. Christine is my long-time blogging friend and I want to keep it that way. I made my point that illegal immigration and the Muslim situation are the reasons for my support for Trump. Second to those issues is the potential for Supreme Court nominees.
    I know what kind of Justices Hillary will fill the court with. One of my links above should demonstrate the kind Trump will appoint.
    That’s about it. To me all the other stuff, though important, goes to the back burner for me.
    I think the terrorists fear Trump much more than Hillary.


  10. Cry and Howl Says:

    I did have one more thing. It is ludicrous, yea lunacy to suggest that Trump and Hillary are the same. If half of the stuff Donna suggests is true about Trump, he can’t hold a candle to Hillary and Bill Clinton.


    • christinewjc Says:

      Hi Steve,

      Not to crash your conversation with Donna here, but I must point out that I don’t think that Thor stated that Trump and HilLIARy are the same. You can re-read that portion to see his description of each of them.

      When I first started blogging about my opposition to Trump as the nominee, I did write that even though he isn’t my choice for president, IMHO he would be light-years better than either HiLIARy or Commie Bernie. All that I could do is hope for the best concerning him. However, the more I learn about him, the less I think that my previous opinion was accurate.

      Recently, the media of mass deception (can’t trust them, of course!) has claimed that Trump stated that his plans for banning muslim immigrants “is a suggestion.” First he said he would ban them “until we know what is going on”…whatever that means. Next, he said that it would be a temporary ban. OK good – that brings some clarity to the issue. This morning I watched a brief segment of the news on CNN, and they had as the byline beneath the screen that Trump is now saying, “everything is a suggestion.” I shake my head in disbelief that he ever said that! Do you know if it’s true? I didn’t think that Trump would be so wishy-washy and it bothers me.

      Now, I hear that Mitt Romney wants to draft Mark Cuban to run as a third party candidate.

      I have tried to wrap my mind around all of the possible scenarios regarding this election and at this point, I can’t even imagine what is going to happen.

      I fear that God still places America under judgment because of her sins. Such sins run rampant like never before and until the people in this nation repent and turn back to the Lord Jesus Christ, we will continue to deserve such judgment.


  11. Is America Under Judgment? | Talk Wisdom Says:

    […] asked that question of a Christian friend in a previous comment thread who happens to support Donald Trump for […]


  12. Cry and Howl Says:

    Good morning Christine.

    Yes ma’am I see where Mr. Thor referred to Hillary as “a big government progressive,” and Trump as a “potential despot.” Beyond the word “potential” one is as bad as the other. Yet in my humble opinion we absolutely are assured that a Hillary presidency is a third term for Obama … on steroids.
    If you get time go to my latest post and I think you’ll understand where I’m coming from with my support for Trump.
    It wasn’t Trump who said his bans were suggestions. It was some guy on his campaign team during an interview. Trump did say a “temporary” Muslim ban … until we (the United States) could figure out a way to separate terrorists from innocents. (paraphrasing) Illegal Mexican immigrants here would be deported but would be allowed to return if they choose to do it legally. That’s it. You know how the media will leave stuff out and add other stuff. That’s whats been happening. Anyway, here’s a link to my latest post …


    • christinewjc Says:

      I’m certainly onboard with the #NeverHillary as well as the #NeverBernie memes!

      One of the nagging worries that I have about Trump is my fear that he, (like 0bama) will NEVER listen to the military commanders when it comes to fighting ISIS and keeping our nation safe. Of course, we won’t know what he will do until he gets into office.

      Ultimately, it’s all in the hands of God anyway.

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      • Cry and Howl Says:

        Amen sister. I think Trump, who has no military experience would be inclined to listen to his advisors. I just think he is the kind of person who will “hire” advisors with more expertise in areas he’s not familiar in. Maybe it’s wishful thinking. But we for sure know what Hillary will do.


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