Trump May Want to Rethink Snubbing the Base

I’m not quite sure just whom David Limbaugh is referring to (or considers) to be the Republican base.  Is it the GOPe (establishment) or  Christians and  conservatives?

Anyway, this is an interesting article. Trump Might Want to Rethink Snubbing the Base


[quote]Trump said on ABC’s “This Week” that he’s very different from everyone else who’s ever run for office, so perhaps the party doesn’t need to be unified in the traditional sense. He thinks he’s going to get millions of Democrat voters.

“I’m going to get Bernie people to vote because they like me on trade. I have to stay true to my principles, also, and I’m a conservative, but don’t forget this is called the Republican Party. It’s not called the Conservative Party.”

None of this bothers Trump’s supporters, who say he’s electable despite his negative approval ratings because he’ll put blue states in play.

But if true, which I doubt, at what price — being liberal on many issues, including trade?

And what does Trump mean that he’ll have to be true to his principles? How can we possibly know what those principles are, as they don’t appear to be moored in any coherent philosophy of governance?

Is Trump firm on any position, other than the wall and tariffs? Those may be all that matters to some voters, but forgive me for not being so narrow in focus.

Putting aside his secret interview with The New York Times in which he allegedly confessed that even his positions on immigration would be negotiable, he’s already hinted that he supports “touchback” amnesty.

Plus, last week he also said he was going to tax the rich — not just hedge funders, but all high-income earners. Never mind that he put out a written tax plan promising to reduce the highest income tax rate from 39.6 percent to 25 percent. That was just his opening gambit, you see. To him, everything is a negotiation. He shamelessly admitted on “This Week” that his plan shows those taxes going down, “but by the time it’s negotiated, they’ll go up.”

I pointed this out to Trump supporters on Twitter and they cynically said he had to say what he needed to say to win. Just like they defended him as a buyer of political influence because he had to protect his empire. Just as they’ll doubtlessly defend his ludicrous statement that he’ll reduce the national debt by negotiating with our creditors, full faith and credit of the United States be damned.

I then asked them how they know he isn’t just saying what he needs to say now to win the general. Ah, but who cares? A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little Lyin’ Ted Cruzers.

Trump has also reneged on his pledge not to raise the minimum wage, and he’s rationalizing his flip like he did his transgender bathroom support — it’s a states’ rights issue. Oh, yes, he’s now a 10th Amendment crusader.

Trump’s boast that he would finance his own campaign to be free of political influence has also gone by the wayside, but don’t expect his supporters to object, though it was one of their main stated reasons for supporting him.

Though it is the Trump supporters’ prerogative to be blindly forgiving on his brazen flip-flops and his behavior, how can they be surprised that the rest of us won’t fall in line?

His campaign manager, Paul Manafort, arrogantly proclaimed that the people have endorsed Trump’s agenda, so the onus is on Republicans to move toward Trump and not the other way around. May we at least ask, “Just what is that agenda? What Trump statements can we rely on? Are any non-negotiable?”

Conservatives are more nervous than they’ve ever been about a GOP presidential nominee. We’ve always understood the threat Obama represents to the nation, but we could fight him like blazes because he’s on the other team. Now we have a guy, ostensibly on our own team, who is problematic in too many ways to count, and is all over the board and mostly moving left — as we predicted.

Despite his supporters’ blithe dismissal of Trump’s unlikability, FiveThirtyEight reports, “Trump’s average ‘strongly unfavorable’ rating, 53 percent, is 20 percentage points higher than every candidate’s rating besides Clinton’s.” Even if Trump continues moving left, it’s doubtful Democrats will trust him any more than conservatives do.

As such, Team Trump better reconsider its apparent decision to continue to snub and insult the conservative base. Constitutional conservatives are not about to go down without a fight — not because of sour grapes or ego, but because they know the country can’t survive the destruction of the conservative movement, as the nation can’t turn itself around without reaffirming its founding principles. To win their support, Trump will have to prove to them he’ll mostly govern like a conservative, not like a liberal or a guy who constantly flips a coin.[unquote]

Hat tips:  Freedom is Just Another Word and


D. Limbaugh raises many of the questions that I have had on my mind regarding Trump.




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8 Responses to “Trump May Want to Rethink Snubbing the Base”

  1. Black3Actual Says:


    Trump IS drawing heavily from Democrats. No one is paying attention to the numbers, but they are there. In fact, exit polling shows that, had the early primaries been closed, Trump would have lost and we would most likely have Cruz. This is because the open primaries pushed Trump over the top with Democrat cross-over votes. The polls indicated it was a sizeable number, too.

    Now Trump is openly courting Democrats — just like he said he would during the campaign. Again, no one bothered to listen. If they had, they would have heard Trump tell people he was playing a role and, once he had the nomination, he would change. He has also said he looks forward to “making deals” with the Democrats and that he will probably even have Democrats in his cabinet — maybe even as his VP.

    No one is listening!

    Here is where Beck has — once again — demonstrated that he has his finger on the pulse of WORLDLY matters. Beck expressed a concern for all of this months before, and now we see it coming to pass. Beck is no prophet, he just knows to watch the numbers and take people at their word. This is why Beck — just today even — said that the ‘Conservative/Christian” vote has now been pushed into the same corner in the GOP as black voters have been pushed in the Democrat party. We are both being told to sit down, shut up and vote as we’re told because we have nowhere else to go and, if we do not obey, the other side will win.

    Well, last time I looked, when two bad choices are running, no matter what you pick, bad wins. This is all I have been telling people — this, and there IS another choice. We have a pen and a write-in blank on our ballots. USE THEM!

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  2. Black3Actual Says:

    Let me try to sum up why people are afraid of Trump with the words of Cicero:

    “A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear. The traitor is the plague.”

    Now, it is not that Trump is a traitor, but a Democrat inside a Party that MISTAKENLY believed it was ‘Conservative.’ With Trump — a self-admitted liberal — with Trump as the presumptive Republican nominee, the enemy is inside the gates.

    Now, what patriot that loves his nation (beliefs) would NOT sound an alarm when he noticed the enemy is inside the gate? Better yet, what patriot would see the enemy inside the gate and, rather than warn them, tell their fellow countrymen to ignore him and focus on the enemy still outside the walls?

    Tough as it may be, we are faced with having to defend in TWO directions. But then, the Lord likes to put you in impossible situations. If you turn to your own efforts to save yourself, you are doomed. But, no matter how bad it looks, if you turn to and trust in him, He will save you. It’s just that He likes to save us at the last possible second and in the most unlikely ways. But this is so, when he does save us, no one can question that it was God Who saved them!

    So, as for me and my house, we will trust in and rely on the Lord, knowing that, no matter what happens, He has a plan and that His will shall be done!

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    • christinewjc Says:

      Cicero’s words warn us to be cautious of fools and the ambitious, but an “enemy within” we cannot survive for long! That is exactly what we have had with 0bama and his various nefarious mentors (like Jarrett, Soros). I have no doubt that they have been actively trying to destroy America from within our gates, as well as outside our nation through allowing ISIS to grow and illegals to flood our borders. I don’t need to list all the ways of destruction because I’m sure you are already aware of most of them.

      I have often worried that Trump IS being a democrat inside the republican party, and thus is a Trojan horse coming in under lies he is telling to win voters over, but then when in office will turn on us all like a rabid dog. There are so many reasons not to trust him!

      Heard today that Cruz may come back into the race if he does well in Nebraska.

      He sent good wishes via email for Mother’s Day on Sunday and I had an inkling that even though he suspended his campaign after the Indiana loss, it doesn’t mean that he can’t come back into the race. It’s a long shot, of course, but it gives me some hope.

      I don’t know whether or not you clicked on the following link in the previous Trump post here.

      Donald Trump Creates Widespread Confusion Telling West Virginia Voters to “Stay Home”..

      Could that mistake have cost Trump West Virginia? We shall see tonight.

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      • Black3Actual Says:

        Yes, Obama is a Muslim traitor to this nation — probably even to the people who put him in office. I’ve been explaining this for a while.

        As for Trump: we do not know the heart of any person. So, we are left with their words and deeds. Now, it may just be the Marine in me, but I believe you honor the threat, and Trump has told us he will change into his ‘New York values’ once he wins. To me, he might as well have declared he will run as a male version of Hillary — because that is what his words mean.

        THIS is why I cannot trust him — because he has demonstrated he has no values or interests other than himself. To place any hope in such an unstable person… Well, we’ve already hashed over that ground.

        As for me, I am going to vote so that I can defend it before the Lord and then trust in Him to handle the rest — like I should have been doing my whole life 😦

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      • christinewjc Says:

        That was actually very insightful of you to claim that 0bama is a “Muslim traitor to this nation – probably even to the people who put him in office.”

        When you wrote that, did you mean the voters or the enablers like G. Soros? I heard that Soros has recently said that “HiLIARy would have been better than 0bama.” How ironic! Soros financed most of Hussein’s campaign through dozens of nefarious organizations and provided the money for all of the protesters in the various grievance groups (occupy wall street to black lives matter). Guess he wasn’t pleased about something Bammy did.

        Know something? Salvation happens in a moment but sanctification is a life-long process and we all learn as the years go by. I agree with your decision to vote so that you can defend it before the Lord and then trust in Him to handle the rest!

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      • Black3Actual Says:

        As a traitor to his nation, I meant all voters: those who voted for him as well as those who did not. But I believe he is also a traitor to his masters — like Soros. Those arrogant individuals do not recognize the Spirit world, so they dismiss all religion as ‘superstition.’ It is proof of how foolish they really are. They will not be able to control it as they believe. If given the chance, Islam will kill them and nothing can stop it — not even their power and wealth.

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      • Black3Actual Says:


        Have you read this yet?

        If not, you should. It is about the Left thinking they can “use” Islam for their money and political power, then “deal” with them after the Left seizes power. Unfortunately, the author does not know (or at least discuss) Islam. If he did, he would know that there is no way a Western political agenda can or will prevail against Islam.


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