‘Til The World Comes Alive…

I have had texting conversations with people who are greatly disappointed and deeply concerned about the choices that are left for our next president.

Some have suggested writing in the candidate of one’s choice.  Others are suggesting having a third-party candidate run.  But, weren’t there rules and deadlines for registering in each state that needed to be completed many months ago in order for candidates to run in the first place?  How does one do such a thing now?  Does a brokered convention solve that problem?

From the start of this political campaign season, I have thought that no matter who is the next president, none of us are going to ever have our “dream” candidate.  It has been most difficult to get a conservative Christian elected ever since the current BADministration and the media sycophants have succeeded in pushing our nation towards a far leftist agenda.

In this particular political season, it did not seem like many people even cared about “voting the Bible.”  All probably have their own individual reasons (i.e. leftist indoctrination encouraging rejection of morals, values and ethics), I guess, but that’s a topic for another time.

I was recently reminded of a statement that read, “Actually, life DID come with an instruction manual. It’s called the Bible.”

How true! Trouble is, too many people these days either ignore it or flat-out reject it.  Attitudes today are very different from just ten years ago.


I think it might be because the limited knowledge of any secular, worldly-minded humanist, psychiatrist, psychologist, politician, teacher, college professor, business person, physician, nurse, scientist etc. is (unfortunately and foolishly), upheld and revered above the wisdom and knowledge of God contained within the Bible.

I have been thinking about how chaotic our world continues to be. It is only growing worse. The confidence that we once had in our government here in the United States has been shattered. We see so much corruption going unpunished that it could be easy for us to lose heart.

But…Jesus tells us to “take heart!”  Why?  Because “He has overcome the world.”

I have been listening to a song called “Come Alive” by Jeremy Camp.

The following portion of lyrics comes to mind right now:

“As I watch the world being held captive by dreams that will never be fulfilled in this life,

Chasing the darkness and everything that surrounds

All the emptiness buried inside.”

Before I continue on to the next portion of the lyrics, I’d like to interject the following quote:

In his book Trusting God, Jerry Bridges had this to say about troubled times:

“The moral will of God-given to us in the Bible is rational and reasonable. The circumstances in which we must trust God often appear irrational and inexplicable…It is only from the Scriptures, applied to our hearts by the Holy Spirit, that we receive grace to trust God in adversity…The faith to trust God in adversity comes through the Word of God alone.”

This is what it means to set our minds on God through His Word. As Bridges affirms, the Scriptures often turn worldly logic on its head. People may think we are unreasonable. The truth is that only those with their minds set on God know what reason really is; only God’s course is the course that will ultimately prevail.

Beautifully stated…isn’t it?

Now, let’s look at the next portion of lyrics in the “Come Alive” song:

Well I won’t stop showing the hope that is holding

 The passion so deep in my heart.

To tell all the world of your love and affection

And the plan that You’ve had from the start.


Don’t let ANYONE stop you from celebrating and sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ!


Lyrics continue:

So I will continue the fight

‘Til the world comes alive

‘Til the world comes alive

Cause You have restored us

And You have redeemed us

And we have been given new life

Cause You are alive

No matter what happens, as believers in Jesus Christ and his eternal promises, we are given the grace (through the power of the indwelling Holy Spirit) to trust God in adversity.

Lyrics continue:

There is a freedom that begins by receiving

The forgiveness that cleanses us all

All the broken and bleeding just start by believing

His love has conquered death’s call

So I will continue to fight…

How long?

‘Til the world comes alive

‘Til the world comes alive

Cause You have restored us

And You have redeemed us

And we have been given new life

Cause You are alive

Watch and listen!

Note: If video does not play on this site, go to Youtube:

Youtube: Come Alive by Jeremy Camp.


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