Biff Tannen = Donald Trump?

I must admit that when I heard this theory I laughed so hard!  It’s a really funny story,  when you think about it.  Turns out that it’s true! (Yeah…I’m late to the party…)

With all of the seriousness surrounding this election season, it is nice to get the chance to laugh! Will we be seeing some Saturday Night Live parodies of Biff = Donald?

Here is what started it all for me.  A friend sent a long email encouraging her voting friends here in CA to vote for Cruz in both the primary and general election.  She included a lot of information about Trump (including links) encouraging people to look things up about him and to “vote for your soul, and from your heart.”

Well, I wouldn’t put it quite the same way, but I get that she wants “a clear conscience.”   Her “never Trump” beliefs are resolute and she says that once people see the truth about him, they “cannot say they didn’t know.”

With that said, here is the portion that added some humor to the email.

She wrote:

Did you know the creators of the 2nd Back to the Future film formed one of the main characters, Biff, after Donald Trump?  Watch the movie again, and you will notice the similarities.  Biff even looks like Trump, with the weird hairdo.

Obviously, many people were on board with this comparison between Biff and Trump long before I had been made aware of it.

Before starting this post, I went to Startpage and typed in “Biff Tannen Donald Trump,” clicked on “images” and hoped that I would find at least one composite photo of the two of them. I was surprised to see that there were dozens of them!

There is even a Biff/Trump bully photo! (above)

Found this via Twitter:

However, even though the following photo isn’t one of the two of them together, it was one of the funniest of the bunch!

Then there is this:



Oh wait…on a related note…I realized that I left one other political candidate out of the mix.  Saw this and had to share it here!

Source:  Freedom is Just Another Word and Speak of the Devil.

2 Responses to “Biff Tannen = Donald Trump?”

  1. GMpilot Says:

    It seems as if you’re trying to get your sense of humor back. I hope you succeed, because you were much more fun to correspond with when you still had it.
    You’re also gong to need it over the next few months…and maybe the next few years.


    • christinewjc Says:

      My sense of humor has never left me. Laughter, joy, love and fun fills our home…especially when our married adult children and our 5 month old granddaughter are here!

      It’s just that the last 7+ years with the worst resident in the WH since Jimmy Carter hasn’t given me much to laugh about, politically speaking, on this blog.


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